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10 Best Read-Alouds for Back to School (Upper Elemntary Level)

If you plan to make the first week of your Upper Elementary students a little more fun and interesting, then Read Alouds can be one thing you can include in your bucket.

With Read Alouds, you can teach your students good values while enjoying listening to a story. Thus, here we are with 10 read aloud ideal for Upper Elementary Students.

#1 Our Class is a Family

For back to school students, Our Class is a Family can be the best read-aloud that can encourage kids to make a bond with their classmates and enjoy every day in the classroom.

After reading this book, kids will get to know more about school. The sense of safety and coordination they will get from their teachers or schoolmates. The read-aloud ends with learning that it is okay if you make a mistake, but it is not fine to learn with those mistakes. In the classroom, make new friends and enjoy with them instead of worry about errors.

#2 The Name Jar

What happens when you attend your school’s first day in an entirely different country with different cultures. The Name Jar is a story about a girl who has recently shifted to America with her family from North Korea. It is the first day of her school.

In the initial few days, her classmates teased her because of her culture. Eventually, she started talking with her classmates and getting to know that her classmates are good-hearted and kind. At the end of the story, she becomes friends with everyone and starts spending her days like a normal student.

#3 How to Write a Story: (Read-Aloud Book, Learn to Read and Write)

Not everyone is a good writer. But if you want to improve your writing skills, then, How to Write a Story is going to help you a lot. Before starting to write the story, you just need to decide on a story, keep everything clear, avoid mixing up things, choose a hero or heroine, and you are good to go.

Whether you are a librarian, a teacher, a parent, or a kid itself, this book will help a lot in teaching your kid the fundamentals of writing a story.

#4 The Ramped-Up Read Aloud: What to Notice as You Turn the Page

The most impressive fact about The Ramped-Up Read aloud is guaranteeing that your kids are going to learn a lot each time he turns a page of this book. It contains 101 different pictures that kids can notice and express their experience with their teachers or parents.

In the 101 books, it includes new words, images related to science, and maths. Thus, each time your kid turns the page, he will get a unique experience of learning. All-in-all, it is a perfect read-aloud for those who want to build institutional interest among kids in a strategic way.

#5 The Juice Box Bully: Empowering Kids to Stand Up for Others

Have you ever noticed someone bullying? Or have you ever experienced bullying and don’t speak up against it?

In The Juice Box Bully, you will read about a bully boy named Pete. When Pete starts misbehaving at his new school, all his classmate’s bystanders against him and teaches him regarding ‘The Promise.’

In my opinion, it is the one read-aloud that every teacher should read in their classroom. It teaches to stand up against wrong and try to correct it always. 

#6 Room on the Broom 

Another valuable book that you can read to your students is Room on the Broom. The classic tale about a witch who was roaming around the city on her broom. But with a flow of wind, she lost her bow, hat, and wand. 

She followed the wind but was not able to figure out where her stuff falls. Then three animals helped her to find her stuff back. This story teaches the value of being kind and helpful. Also, kids are going to enjoy the hilarious witch flying on her broom.

#7 Paddington Collector’s Quintet: 5 Fun-Filled Stories in 1 Box!

If your students love Paddington’s bear, then you are going to find a collection of five Paddington bears stories in this one book. You are going to get Paddington’s Play on, Paddington’s Set sail, Paddington and the Magic trick, Paddington’s day off, and Prize picture of Paddington’s.

All these books contain a hilarious part along with good values. Paddington’s bear has a collection of 12 novels, which students love since 1958. Paddington bear lives happily with mama bear and papa bear. You will love how he will resolve all his problems with his wisdom, and students will learn good values from Paddington bear.

#8 The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary

The office is the classic tale about Michael Scott, a line leader at Dunder Mifflin Elementary. All Michael wants the title of ‘World’s Best Line Leader’ printed on his water bottle. Will Michael be able to get the title of World’s Best Line Leader? 

Although Michael has no idea about how he will achieve this? Full of thrill and humor, your students are going to love this fantastic story. And not just they will enjoy this story; at the end, they will get to know that everyone, including the best Line Leader, needs the help of someone at one point or another.

#9 Fractions in Disguise: A Math Adventure (Charlesbridge Math Adventures)

Dr. Charlesbridge Brok is in search of the missing fraction. Simultaneously, working on the numbers, one of the most valuable fractions that are 5/9 runs away. And now, Dr. Brok has taken a vow to get that fraction again. Will Dr. Brok will be able to find 5/9?

Come with him in his hilarious adventure of searching for the fraction. He explores it everywhere in his laboratory, in the city, and where not. Not just will you find a new point of view about maths after reading this fantastic book, but in the end, every student will be full-filled with joy and laughter.

#10 The Bad Seed

The story of this book revolves around an angry and bad seed. Because of the bad seed’s nature, mothers of the infant seeds try to keep their children away from the Bad Seed. But then he realizes that what is the point of being a bad seed? Eventually, he started bringing change in his nature, and thus, everyone becomes kind and humble to him.

The story teaches kids to stay cheerful, kind, and humble all the time. There is no point in lying or make fun of others. 

Wrapping Up 

Read aloud are one of the best ways to teach good habits to students in a fun manner. Every kid’s essential nature is that they try to follow their favorite hero from the storybook. Good read Aloud will help them to follow the right path and do the right thing,

We hope that the above ten read Alouds are going to help you entertain your students and building good habits in them.

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