12 Awesome Business Courses on Udemy [2021]


As a business owner, you have probably considered looking for cost-conscious ways to enhance your skills through different options such as online courses that can be effectively utilized to learn new methods. Upon your search, you have most likely come across Udemy and the wide range of courses that they have available on offer. With approximately over 100000 courses in topics that cover everything from an entire MBA to learning other business fundamentals such as creating software for your company. Udemy also offers conveniently accessible learning tools such as video tutorials, various articles, lifetime access to downloadable content material, and certification upon completion of your course. But with so many exceptional choices, you are probably not certain about which one to go for, this is why this article will summarize a list of business courses that you can choose from with a varied selection from the most popular courses and the highest-rated ones.

6 Top Rated Courses

Business Basics for Professional Entrepreneurs

If you are having trouble with setting up your income goals and understanding concepts such as credit scores and what affects them, then this course will teach you all you need to know about managing your business especially the financial aspects of it. You will have the opportunity to cover the basics such as finance, accounting, legal structures, credit scores, and much more. If you do not have any business training, yet you are looking for ways to become a boss then this course offers you the right kind of guidance by giving you one on one talks with renowned accountants and bankers who are highly experienced in their respective fields. The best part is that you can do it in less than an hour and get your certification immediately after completing the four sections that are covered.

Internet Business Models: The Ultimate Guide

There has never been a more opportune time to make money off the internet than today. If you are interested in creating and maintaining a prosperous online business but lack the knowledge of making your dreams a reality, then this is the ultimate guide to ensure that you can execute your vision. You will learn everything: from how to select a favorable product that will remain on demand, setting up a store that reaches maximum conversion rates, advertising your business for efficient and optimum customer engagement, setting up varied business models to find the one that suits your business ownership needs, to learning how to boost sales by utilizing tried and tested methods. With less than two hours to complete and only four sections to master, this course is suitable for anyone who would like to have a fully functional online business.

Who The Boss?!: Beginners Guide to Starting a Business

When you lack prior training and experience, starting a business can seem like a near-impossible task to attain. This can make it an overwhelming and illogical dream to have, but learning the fundamental principles of creating a business from just an idea to the execution process can make it seem effortless. This is why this guide was developed by AROV Education, to help people who are struggling with implementing their extraordinary ideas and to give them the confidence that they need by instructing them towards the right direction. All that you need is a steady internet connection to stream the course content and a willingness to learn new skills and alter your perspective so that you can easily adapt and learn new ways to improve your vision.

CPA 2021 Business Environment & Concepts (BEC) Practice Test

If you are a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and you are considering taking your BEC exam in 2021, then this course will provide you with different practice tests to ensure that you are well-prepared. There are six practice tests in total, with each consisting of more than 500 MCQs. Additionally, you can practice as many times as you would like and if you are unfortunate to not pass you have access to the course for a lifetime, however, the course is rated five out of five stars with outstanding reviews from qualified CPAs for delivering on its promise of ensuring that you pass your exams well after the first try.

Fundamentals of International Business Management

We live in a world that has made International trade a significant part of global economic development, so expanding your knowledge of international business trade and concepts has become imperative to explore International markets. As a result, learning about International Business from a qualified professional is important if you are a business owner who wishes to spread their wings to international business waters. This course will teach you effective ways to transform your local business into an international success by explaining the different business strategies and practices that you will require to follow your international business dominance. It covers all the multidimensional aspects of International Business by introducing students to a crucial understanding of the intersection of the socio-economic, cultural, political, and linguistic dynamics that are prevalent in the operation of international businesses. Even though it is important to have a background in business and management studies, it is still open to anyone who would appreciate developing International Business Management skills. Topics that are covered include the World Trade Organization, Global Portfolio Management, Ethical Issues, the International Business Ecosphere, Conflict Management, and other related topics. In less than three hours, you can learn all the valuable ways to become the next leading multinational corporation.

What Mistakes You Must Avoid to Succeed in Business?

As much as experience is supposedly the best teacher, some things must always be avoided by business owners to ensure that they achieve their business goals. Businesses, no matter how big or small face the possibility of closing down. This course needs you to have the desire to create or rebuild a business while avoiding making numerous mistakes that could lead to massive failures and losses in the future. Some entrepreneurs are fortunate to have an undeniable lucky streak that sees them maneuvering challenging phases and surpassing expectations once the worst is over, however, many do not have the same fate and require following specific criteria to ensure that they meet their future projections and elevate to unimaginable heights. This fundamental business course will teach you what you should not do in your venture, it will help you to understand what you should not do and what you should do, it will teach you the significance of building a substantial and lasting foundation that will assist you in shaping the business model that is suitable for your needs and if you have an existing business that is going through difficulties, you will learn ways to reinvent and rebuild your business as well as avoiding prospective crises in the future.

Career Accelerator — From Student to Professional to Brand

Having a steady income to maintain your lifestyle is a challenge when you are a Business graduate who has not been able to secure a well-paying job to cover your expenses. However, if you are looking for what you can do with your life after graduating such as developing your career goals and ensuring long-lasting success then this course will teach you all that you need to accelerate your career and to expeditiously progress positively to more permanent roles. With a combination of entrepreneurial principles and life foundations, you will be able to have the confidence that you need to build your brand and maintain its success.

6 Most Popular Courses

An Entire MBA in 1 Course: Award Winning Business School Prof

If you are trying to take your career to the next level or to launch a new company then this course offers you comprehensive learning about everything related to practical business concepts minus the theory. Taught by a renowned professor and reputable Venture Capitalist from Goldman Sachs, Chris Haroun, this is rated the most popular course for business fundamentals at Udemy that has more than 300 000 students worldwide. It will teach you valuable skills that are necessary for your growth and development as an employee or an employer. You will learn helpful techniques to increase your customer engagement, conversion rates, create your financial models and analysis of your company financials, ways to work with investment banking and management consulting firms, and much more. The best thing about this course is that you do not need to meet any minimum requirements nor do you need to have prior training and experience, all that you need is a positive attitude and motivation to learn.

MBA in a Box: Business Lessons from a CEO

If you are looking to acquire or advance your business acumen then this course will teach you the fundamental principles of not only starting a successful business but also ways to grow your venture and multifaceted skills by encompassing financial, managerial, and negotiating concepts. You will have access to the same case studies and useful information that other top-tier business schools offer their students. Moreover, this online course caters to beginners by offering basic principles and easy to grasp case studies that are supplemented by real-life examples to essentially and gradually increase knowledge for better understanding. What’s included in the outcomes of this comprehensive MBA offering are ways to apply game theory and understanding of competitive advantage principles that relate to real-life situations. You have the option to select a core strategy from Cost leadership, Differentiation, and Niche and learn the ways to effectively apply these strategies and other principles that are essential to successfully manage people. Additionally, you will learn useful concepts associated with being a competent negotiator in business settings. It will take less than twenty-four hours to master all that you need to compete with MBA students from other renowned universities.

101 Crucial Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Business School

There is nothing like learning new ways to reinvent yourself. Voted as a top-rated business book, this is a must-read for all entrepreneurs because it can take your career to unimaginable heights. Chris Haroun has combined all the business guidance from his outstanding career as one of the exceptional and award-winning business professors, venture capitalist, and author to compile a masterpiece that aims to not only teach theory and practice but to apply the integral business lessons that make one a prosperous and reputable entrepreneur. If you are looking for new ways to network, secure a new managerial position, or source new customers then this is the ideal course for you.

Business Coaching Certification FECBC Business Fundamentals

Sometimes you may feel as if you know more about business than the next person, and you want to create a platform to share your knowledge or to professionally coach someone who needs it the most. However, if you are having trouble with deciding on the business coaching niche to focus your energy on, then this course will provide you with the information as well as the skills to become one of the most prominent and promising business coaches in the industry. Ideally, if you are already in the profession, and you are having trouble with distinguishing your services from other business coaches then this is the course that can teach you ways to boost your confidence and aptitudes that will increase your competitive advantage. This 11 part FECBC Certification program is also offered as a stand-alone Business Coach Certification Program to help you niche into this ever-evolving area of expertise. It has been created to fit people who are looking for certification, business coaching professionals, and those that are new and are looking for guidance to better themselves. Whatever your needs are, you will gain comprehensive coaching principles and aspects such as psychology, the process, the people, how to phrase your questions and procedures while obtaining access to a professional coaching community. There are two different levels of accreditation and each comes with its cost-saving benefits, but they both have a standard fee that applies for the right of use.

How to Write a Professional Business Plan

Whether you are a first-time business owner or a veteran in the entrepreneurial world, at some point in your life you will need to draft and submit a clear and concise business plan that can help you to secure funding. This course will teach you all that you need to know about the fundamentals of creating a business plan that is essential for scaling your business. You do not require any prior knowledge or experience of the components that make up a plan and if you do not have access to Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you will have access to PDF file formats to reference the examples that you will be given. The PDF outline will guide you through the process of creating a plan and highlight the aspects of a successful plan to secure efficient funding to take your business to a new level of prosperity. With less than an hour of duration and only two sections to cover important aspects such as your introduction, executive summary, mission statement, and vision as well as coherent funding and exit strategies, there is no reason why you should not be able to draft a plan to propel your business forward.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Mindsets for Success 2.0

What can you do after working relentlessly for years and in the end your plans and goals do not come to fruition? This is one of the most challenging ordeals about being an entrepreneur. Fortunately, there are viable ways and proven ways that help to mitigate failures for business owners. This course is mainly ideal for small business owners who want to know the basics of building a successful business venture. If you have a decent computer or phone, you can learn innovative ways to improve your business, create a business mindset, improve personal productivity through effective and efficient time management for yourself and your team as well as other beneficial methods. Moreover, you will be exposed to solutions that are aimed at improving your cognitive functioning such as meditation and other techniques to train your mind to achieve adequate success. If you are looking for business strategies that work, then this is a course that you can do.

Start & Run an Art Teaching Business

If you are interested in art and would love to teach art in your community but are not certain of what to do to make it a success, this is the most ideal course for your needs. You will be taught about the basics of starting an art studio, the different types of classes that you can host, what is needed to run the business, methods you can use to grow and so much more. There are no prerequisites to start this course, but it is important to have an interest in art, teaching, and people if you want to succeed.

You would be surprised to know how many people use Udemy as a learning institution to improve their skills and knowledge. If you want more information visit www.udemy.com and find out what is the best course for you.

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