5 Best Toshiba Laptops for College Students [2021]


Looking for a quality laptop, from a reliable big name brand, that falls within budget for the average college student? 

This article will give you just that, the 5 Best Toshiba Laptops for College Students. 

Before we start: What we are about to tell you may put you off from buying a Toshiba but stick with us and we will explain how you could really benefit from choosing a Toshiba machine and we will outline the best options on the market.  

Once up there with other leading brands in laptops, Toshiba gradually found themselves muscled out. Finally, in August 2020 they officially ended their production of laptops and this is where you college students can benefit! Let us explain.

Despite Toshiba ending production, many stockists and independent sellers still have their laptops for sale. And, the drop in demand has meant sellers have reduced their prices considerably. 

For college students on a budget this great news! You can get your hands on a powerful machine at a discounted rate. A real win! 

If you are in a rush and reading the whole article is too much, we have summarised our favourites and later in the article we go into more details regarding their specific features. 

Most Portable Toshiba Laptop 

Hands down the Toshiba Satellite Radius 11 is the winner. The smaller screen (11 inches) makes slipping it into your backpack much easier. It is also lighter than most of the other Toshiba models so it won’t weigh you down. The fold back touch screen is also a great feature that will be of benefit when using it in class. 

Best all-rounder in Toshiba Laptops

The Toshiba Dynabook Tecra is our choice for the best all-rounder. Not as powerful as others with the Intel iCore 5 processor, but enough to get the day-to-day basics covered. It is also one of the lighter models on our list, making portability easier. 

So now let us run through the 5 Best Toshiba Laptops for College Students [2021]. 

1) Toshiba Satellite S55-B5280 High Performance Laptop

A solid and reliable model from 2015. Despite the age, these models can still be bought in ‘nearly new’ conditions. 

It has a large 15’6 inch screen that makes watching videos comfortable and provides you with a wide view of your working documents. It has a HD display which most models of that age were lacking. 

We like the fact that it has a backlit keyboard. As it makes working in places with dim lighting much easier. 

The powerful Intel Core i7 processor will enable you to use the laptop for more advanced purposes. If you plan on video editing, or design software you should consider nothing less than a Core i7.

A final benefit is that it has a HDMI port. So if you need to present to a class or connect to a TV/Screen, you can do this easily without the need for a USB adaptor. 

2) Toshiba Satellite 15.6″ 1366×768 High Performance Laptop

The benefits of buying an older model laptop is that they are still compatible with older tech. This saves you from buying expensive adaptors and converters

This version of the Toshiba Satellite actually comes with a built-in DVD player, something many new laptops have done away with in order to save on space and weight. So yes, the laptop is a little on the heavy side and rather clunky looking, but if you want to revisit your retro DVD/CD collection then you have this option. 

The memory card reader is yet another feature that many modern laptops are now missing. So, if you are looking for a device that includes this old luxury then here you have it. It is particularly useful if you are trying to transfer large image files, something that photography students may benefit from. 

3) Toshiba Dynabook Tecra A40-G1420 14″ Full HD Notebook Computer

The Toshiba Dynabook does not pack as much punch when it comes to processing speed as it holds the Intel Core i5. However, if you are expecting to use your laptop for the basics then the Core i5 should be more than sufficient. 

The Dynabook has a built in webcam and microphone, allowing you to connect and be active in webinars and online classes. It also comes with Windows 10 Pro installed as its operating systems which is an advancement when comparing it with the two models mentioned previously.

Furthermore, if you find yourself studying in the library or in dorms with patchy wifi, the integrated ethernet port will enable you to establish a more stable and speedier internet connection.

This laptop lacks a DVD drive but as a result, it is much lighter and consequently more portable.

4) Toshiba Satellite Radius 11

This Toshiba model is a versatile one thanks to the touchscreen which folds back on itself. You can choose to fold it completely flat and the laptop becomes a tablet. Or fold it part-way so that the keyboard functions as a stand for the touchscreen. 

It has a large trackpad for easy navigation but if you prefer to control your device using touch technology then you can do this also. 

With an 11 inch screen the Satellite Radius is the smallest on our list and therefore one of the most portabile. This is something important to consider if you are planning on moving around with your computer.

Now for two downsides to this laptop: 

First, it is powered by an Intel Pentium processor which is not as powerful as the newer iCore processors. This could impact the speed at which programmes run and also what you are able to achieve using your laptop. It is likely that large creative or design programs will struggle to run as smoothly. 

Another negative is the fact that with 500GB of storage, it is below par compared with the previous laptops mentioned above, which all have a giant 1TB of storage. So, if you have a lot to store or plan on keeping hold of this laptop for a long time you might run into problems later on with storage.

5) Dynabook Portege X30-F1331 Laptop Computer (Formerly Toshiba)

When Toshiba decided to end their production of laptops they handed over the Dynabook entity to manufacturers Sharp, who continued to produce them. Because of this, Dynabooks are more widely available than the previous models mentioned above.

The Dynabook Portege has a slimmer, more modern and stylish design than the other computers in this list. So, despite it no longer being Toshiba, we can justify its place on our list. 

More portabile due to it being lighter in weight and thinner, it is much easier to throw in your bag and carry to lectures.

With all the essentials such as a webcam and microphone, backlit keyboard, and Windows 10 Pro operating system, you can’t go too wrong. Surprisingly for an older laptop, it also has a fingerprint reader for security and this will stop your college roommates from hacking into your pc to pull those age-old pranks. 

Final Thoughts

Having now read about some of the options out there when it comes to Toshiba laptops, we hope you feel better placed in deciding which model to go for. 

But before we leave you we would like to give you a few more pieces of advice in relation to purchasing a brand of laptop that is no longer being manufactured.

Yes, buying a discontinued Toshiba laptop may allow you to pick-up a great laptop at a reduced price but you should ask the stockist about the warranty period. Most new electricals have a minimum of 1-year warranty. Check whether this warranty is covered by Toshiba or the seller themselves. And, if there is no warranty included, then weigh-up whether this is a risk you are willing to take.   

Also, if you are a clumsy college student prone to laptop accidents, remember that finding spare parts might be more difficult and expensive. Replacing broken keys, or fixing cracked screens may prove more of a challenge if you buy an older model. Plus replacing charging leads if they are lost or broken could also be problematic.  

Finally, be aware of what condition the laptop is being sold in. The laptops mentioned in this article can all be found on Amazon, however not everything on Amazon is sold as new. Check carefully as some models may be sold as new, refurbished or used. Of course, the price will reflect this but it is still an important consideration when it comes to making a purchase.  

In all honesty, unless you are a diehard Toshiba fan or want to look a little retro, then the Toshiba laptops are probably not the best purchase you could make. Compared with other brands on the market, you could get a newer laptop with a higher spec, one that weighs less and is more portable plus looks more stylish, all for a very similar price. It’s definitely worth looking around for some other options. 

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