6 Best Stock Market & Day Trading Certification Courses


Unlike times in the past stock trading is no longer strictly regulated by professionals in the industry. The platforms available now make it so much easier for the everyday person to jump into stock trading.

However, that does not negate the fact that there is an important learning curve that needs to be made for any trader to experience success. Thankfully, there are stock trading courses that leave beginners with knowledge and skill to accelerate their path to success.

In this post, we seek to give you some trading learning options to look into.


Udemy is one of the top platforms to scope out some stock trading courses. This platform is like an online gallery or directory full of classes in any industry.

You will be able to find some options for beginning stock traders and up to more advanced options. One of the best ones to start with on that platform is called “The Stock Market from Scratch for Complete Beginners”. It is only $95, but Udemy always has really great sales where you can see the price drop pretty low. At any rate, this course is 7 hours long with 59 lectures, and six sections.

A great thing about Udemy is that the professionals teaching the courses give you plenty of access to them to ask questions whether it’s within the course, or elsewhere. They often update their content with new things that will be helpful for their learners.


Ameritrade has been all around for a long time and is a trusted platform and resource. They are known for their trading and investment library which is amply available and helpful for seasoned stock traders and those who are just starting out. At this point all of their trading courses are free.

To be able to access all the information you will need to create an account. From there you will be able to retrieve various trading guides, tutorials, vocabulary dictionary, animations, videos, and tutorials. They also go the extra mile and provide online events like educational webcasts, and live-streaming from their professionals.

The range of course selection includes all the basic needs to know to create a retirement portfolio, advanced knowledge, and ways to navigate volatility with options trading. Another really cool benefit is that they do have an education coach that helps you to understand the process better. They do not advise you on your trading strategies, but they do help you to make what you’re learning more concrete.

Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is for newbies who mean business and desire to take their skills to a level that they couldn’t do on their own. They offer high-level comprehensive course training. Not only does it provide top-notch training, but it also is a great educational and investment research platform where pretty much every kind of trading need is answered.

It has a trustworthy reputation as it has a rating from the BBB. You can expect to have access to stock market simulators, chat rooms, webinars, well-planned online courses, webinars, and group trading.

To get started you will have to pay $997 and $197 per month. What you will get access to is what was listed above. One of the great benefits is that you will have one month’s access to the live trading rooms and see everything happening in real-time. This allows you to accelerate your learning process, and become more confident in your skills. You will also receive a course that has 15 chapters to give you all the building blocks needed to have a strong trading career.

When you are ready for the next level there is the warrior pro package. If you can believe it even goes into more extensive information that is for any trader at any level. It does include the foundational learning package in the beginner’s package. Of course, then it dives into all the advanced training that includes options trading, cryptocurrency, day trading, and swing trading. You will also be able to sign up for live group mentoring sessions.

Bear Bull Traders

What was mentioned above is quite pricey, and if you feel that is out of your league no worries. There are a plethora of options in a lower ballpark that more people can afford. With Bear Bull Traders, you get different options to customize your experience. The higher you want to go you will have to pay more, but at least you can be more choosy about how you plan to spend your money.

They have a vast variety of professional, high level and extensive videos and downloadable resources. They have fantastic support and member meetups to allow traders to connect with one another. There are different types of subscription levels including lifetime members that have special access to a professional simulator. This allows you to get real-time experience trading paper money before you fork up your real money.

You will get to have learning experiences around swing trading, options trading, day trading, trading psychology, and Forex trading.

The beneficial thing to take note of is that they do allow a 7-Day trial membership for $34. That gives you plenty of time to roam through all they have to offer before upgrading into any one of the official memberships.

Bull Run Wall Street

This is the best option for live trading. This stock trading company has been around since 2008. They have extremely established stock trading courses. You can enroll in their acclaimed live 60-day boot camp. This is the most popular option in one of the best ways to get started.

The boot camp is pretty extensive for that 60-day period; you will need to be available four nights of the week during the first four weeks of the program. He will be given individual assignments as well as group exercises that demonstrate the strategies and techniques that have been taught in real-time.

Within the boot camp structure, you all get to interact with other members and use the real-time simulator for training practices. There are mentors on board that will monitor and give feedback on the trades that you make. There’s so much more that comes with this particular option and the fee is only $199 a month. If you want to stick with this program for the long run they do have an annual $1,499 offer which reduces the overall cost and comes with a personal strategic account executive, a dynamic trading toolkit manual and live event access.


For $129 you can have the option to be taught by instructor Matt Crabtree who is a Yale alum, or you can opt for a self-paced course where you can take your time. This course spreads through 6 weeks of content, and you will have the opportunity to learn how to save for retirement or other big goals. And of course, still, there will be very practical lessons on other types of investing, stocks and bonds.

Be mindful that because of the price you will not get a lot of frills like some opportunities mentioned above. However, this does not mean there is a lack in the quality of training being presented. There are just simply no-frills, but the content is solid.

Wrapping Up

We hope this post has presented helpful information, making it that much easier to decide the tribe of training on stock training that you need. Remember, to always do your own research and think of questions that have not been answered through your own research. And see whether the platform of interest can answer those questions for you before you sign up.

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