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6 Useful Tech Gadgets for Teachers in 2021

With the emergence of technology, the life of people has now become more manageable. Whether it is household chores, professional pursuits, or even education, technology is slowly spreading in almost all the different sectors. And because of the COVID outbreak, people have now started trusting in technology more.

As a teacher, you can use technology in many ways to enhance the performance of your students. Using tech gadgets will only enhance learning, making it fun for your students and easy for you at the same time. 

Whether you want to teach a lecture online or want to assess your student more smartly, technology has all the solutions. Irrespective of the grade of students you are teaching, you can use technology to make the concept clearer quickly and effectively. 

Now, what are the best tech gadgets for a teacher in 2021? In this article, we cover the six best technologies you can employ to make your class more interactive and fun.

Best Tech Gadgets for Teachers in 2021

#1 Wireless Presenter

Students learn something more quickly when looking at it and listening to it, and there’s a lot of research that supports that statement.

It is the reason why there are diagrams in books. But books can be boring to read. What precisely is the best way to teach students is with some visualizations via presentations or video lectures. 

But then again, you can’t provide a laptop to each student. The better way is to use a wireless presenter instead. 

You might have heard the concept of smart classes. To enhance that similar concept, you can use projectors while teaching students. It will become way more comfortable for you to teach students with a presenter’s help. 

It will also be more interesting for your students since they don’t have to follow along in a text-filled textbook.

#2 Laptop/Tablet

Even though you have prepared a video lecture or a presentation to teach students via presenter, you will need some gadget to access the presentation or online lecture. 

A laptop or tablet is one of two things with the help of preparing your presentations or lectures and conveying it to students. The laptop will also help you in the quick access to content, provide website browsing, help you maintain grades of your student and a lot of other things, and is the one gadget every teacher must own.

#3 Inkling

Preparing proper notes for your students to give them an in-depth look at a complex topic is one of the best things you can do for them as a teacher. 

But preparing notes with the help of pen and paper has now become outdated. With the advancement of technology, you can now make notes within your system. Inkling is one such device, with the help of which you can draw, write and underline on a tablet in the same way you use pen or pencil in the book. 

It means you can leave the conventional methods now, moving forward with such advanced products.

#4 Colored Printer

Another gadget a teacher should own is a colored printer. Especially if you are dealing with toddlers, the colored printer will help you a lot, whether you want to assess your children with a test or want to give them some assignments. 

You might want to provide an interactive test or homework sheet to your students to build their interest in that subject at some point. Black and white sheets in such a case will turn an exciting assignment into a boring one. Thus, having a colored printer is a must in the classroom as a teacher.

#5 Podcast

Are you worried about taking leave because you will leave your lecture for a day? 

Well, there is a way to keep the learning going without finding an amazing substitute. With the emergence of technology, you can now record the lectures taught by your teacher in the classroom for future reference. 

The podcast is one such feature that a student can access through their mobile device and tune into what you were going to teach for the day. 

#6 Response Pad

All of your teachers might have asked you to raise your hand in the class if you have a question or know the answer to the current question. 

Raise hand is one feature that gives students this ability when using some online platforms. 

But within the classroom, with the help of technology, you can switch this conventional technique in some more accurate and quick way, with the help of response pads. 

Response pad is like a buzzer kept on the desk of your student. They will just need to touch the response pad if it has some doubt or know some answer. It is a sophisticated way to record multiple answers effectively.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have discussed a few of the tech gadgets that every teacher must-have in the classroom in 2021, you can start implementing them in your day-to-day life and observe the difference. 

There are many more gadgets that you can use like e-books, online grading, cameras to record your classes, and lots more. 

But our list comprises some of the devices that enhance the quality of learning and also capture your student’s attention.

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