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3 Easy Ways to Clean a Chalkboard

Chalkboards hold an essential place in our daily lives. They are used in schools for teaching, restaurants for displaying menus and in the kids’ room for creativity, and at many other places. 

Who doesn’t like chalkboards to be clean? But if you thought you need expensive products to clean your chalkboard on a daily basis. We’ll correct you there.

We’ve come to you with some of the best and quick ideas to clean a chalkboard efficiently without spending unnecessarily. 

But before we move on, you’ll need to understand that, like everything else in life, maintenance and routine cleaning is super essential for chalkboards too. 

Routine Cleaning Of The Chalkboard

Make it a habit of cleaning your chalkboard each time you use it. This will help to prevent any dust accumulation and also enhance the durability of the board. Clean the board from one corner to another to remove as much dust and dirt as you can. 

You can use water for effective cleaning, but you can have greyish marks of chalk powder on the board. Hence, it is recommended to use very little water and clean the board with a sponge and wipe it off after the wash to ensure no water is left on the board. This will prevent possible marks and stains. 

Don’t use a wet board as it will accumulate more dust, and you have to sweat again to clean your board.

3 Simple And Quick Ways To Clean Chalkboard 

#1 Case With Crayons

You may have to struggle more in the case of crayon pencils and inks—but no need to worry. You can use a mild household cleaner to clean your board. You would need a bucket, water, and one microfiber cloth. Ensure that the bucket and cloth are clean and do not have any dust or dirt on them. 

#2 Cleaning Your Board Without Eraser

If you don’t have an eraser, you can use a dry cloth to clean your chalkboard. Clean your board in the same manner as you do with an eraser. For better results, you can use dusting products.

#3 Making Your Old Chalkboard Shine With Natural Products

Can you clean a chalkboard using natural products? Yes, we can. We use many natural products in our daily lives which you can use to get our old chalkboard back to life and shine again. Begin by cleaning the dust with an eraser or cloth, as you learned previously. 

You can either use lemon oil, coca-cola, or vinegar for this. 

After cleaning the board with an eraser:


  1. Add half a cup of vinegar to a bucket of water.
  2. Only use the required quantity of the mixture to avoid those extra stains.
  3. Try to get white vinegar as it is free from any coloring component. 

Lemon Oil

Get a cloth prepared with two teaspoons of lemon in an air-tight bag and allow it to absorb the acid. After 2-3 hours, clean your board to make it shine with no residue.


First, fill a bottle with coca-cola and wet a clean sponge in it. Now, squeeze the sponge and let out the excess drink from it. Ensure it’s not wet or soggy; it shouldn’t drip the drink. 

Separate the chalkboard into two or three sections and wipe the sponge one section at a time. Once you’re done with one section, clean the sponge in water and repeat the process for the next section.

Tips And Tricks

  • Try to get a chalkboard cleaning cloth as they are specially designed to clean the boards. This will help you to clean maximum residues.
  • Don’t write on a wet board or with wet chalk as it will be difficult to remove.
  • You can use many cleaning products to clean chalkboards. You have to choose the appropriate product or else they will damage your chalkboard and will reduce its life.
  • Avoid using water as much as possible because this is not good for the health of the board. Instead of that, try to remove the dust and residues with a cloth or duster.
  • You can use sprays like Endust to get your board cleaned without stains.


Though there are many options to clean a chalkboard, I will recommend using a simple and easy method, and that is by using a dry cloth or eraser. Clean your board with a wet cloth once a week, and to get the extra shine, you can use lemon oil in the manner described above.