DIY Christmas Ornament


Need a beautiful ornament for your students to take home this year? This is it and it’s so easy to make!!

Items to Gather:  

1) Clear Ornaments

2) Holidays Napkins

3) Mod Podge

4) Paintbrush

5) Ribbon (optional)

6) Glitter


1. Have your students separate the napkins, going all the way to the last layer (the one with the print on it)

2. Next have them tear the one layer of the napkin into small pieces (a little larger than a quarter), if they tear them too small then it will take a very long time for them to cover the ornament. 

3. Have them paint Mod Podge on the ornament (small area), then place a piece of napkin on that area, once placed on that area use Mod Podge to cover the napkin as well.  

4. Once the ornament is completely covered with napkin have the students put one last coat of Mod Podge all over the ornament, and then sprinkle with glitter (I use the crystal glitter for a more translucent look, but with all the shine!). Finally make a bow from ribbon and hot glue it to the top! 

Other Tips/Suggestions:

1. Prior to coating the ornament in glitter I had my students use vinyl numbers to put the date on it (for a great keepsake). They then Mod Podged over the number and lastly glittered it up! 

Best of Luck!


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Christina Amerson has an English degree from the University of Austin, Texas. And she's obsessed with all things arts & crafts.

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