DIY Roll Out Center


Have you ever been in the restaurants where they place paper on the tables?  I have noticed at those places that kids are busy drawing, playing games, and enjoying learning!  Bring that fun into your classroom with the same idea!  

Items to Gather:

  • Any color tension rod (mine was black because I have a black table)
  • Any color roll of paper – white or even brown butcher paper works great!


Step 1:  Place your roll of paper over the tension rod and make sure that to paper is coming out under and away from the table/countertop.

Step 2:  Put the tension rod under the table or countertop.  Make sure it is very tight or the kids will be pulling it off when they are working on the paper.

Step 3:  Pull the paper up onto the table and secure with a piece of tape or paperweight and let the learning begin!

Other tips/suggestions:

You can use the center for any of the following:

  • Have students draw a retelling of the story of the week.
  • Students can write out “ways to say ____ number.”
  • Write a collaborative story.  One student starts with one color marker, colored pencil, or crayon – and then as students come through the center, they add to what is already there in a different color.
  • Have cooperative learning teams read a chapter for  science or social studies, and then draw a mind map with the information and explain to the class.
  • Star Student:  Write one student’s name in the middle of the page, and as students get time in the morning, they stop by and write a positive word or draw a picture that describes the student of the week.  At the end of the week, give the star student their paper to take home and display.

The possibilities are endless!  What would you use this super fun and simple center for in your classroom?

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