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Tips for Teaching Robotics to Elementary Students

Technology, no doubt, is ever-changing. And it is but necessary to acknowledge the importance of implementing the new technologies from initial academics. This is because teaching new methods and technology to the young minds intrigues them to learn more and helps develop future skills. 

And one of the best tools to urge curiosity among kids is Robotics. 

Robotics has been seen as one of the primary tools to help kids imbibe 21-century skills, and concepts, towards a more developed and refined way of thinking. It also provides them with the essential expression and growth while also encouraging their cognitive and creative potentials.

Here are some of the most useful suggestions that you can follow as an elementary school teacher

Define the Objective

The future is going to be all about robots. Even now, we see them in fiction movies, read about Robots in books, and even actually encounter them in various forms in our day to day life. But it requires some learning to get to know the reason behind their work. 

Nowadays, kids are showing interest in Robotics. Not just this, even small kids are nowadays building robots on their own. But how can this be possible without proper learning and information?

 Thus, it has become crucial to teach students about robotics from elementary classes to understand robots’ base understanding. They can incorporate their learning somewhere to develop robots with advanced technology.

1st & 2nd Graders


If you want to introduce the concept of robotics to the student, why not start it with their initial schooling. 1st and 2nd Grade can be the best time to develop a basic understanding of Robotics among kids, and Kidbots can do this.

Kidbots is a junior short-term course in which students can learn the basics of coding and can go deep into their imagination to create robots as per their needs. If Robotics interest your students, then elementary grades are the best time, and Kidbots is the best course to build a basic understanding among kids.

3rd – 5th Grade

Earthbot Engineers

To enhance their understanding of Robotics, you can further introduce some new courses to your students as they got upgraded to 3rd Grade till they get into 5th Grade.

Earthbot Engineers is based on LEGO ® Robotics, with which students can learn a lot about Earth. They can build robots that can put the right amount of friction to move in slippery snow or can withstand the heat of LAVA during a volcanic eruption, or can even tolerate the pressure of the Ocean even at its dark depths.

Developing your robots with such features can be exciting for students.

Robo Zoo – Anibots

Another exciting course where kids can learn the advanced topics among LEGO ® robotics is Robo Zoo, where kids can develop their favorite Animal bot. Apart from this, it will help students answer many other questions like why fishes can only survive in water? Or why did the lion need four legs? Or why does one animal vary in appearance from others?

Students will get to know about animals and how their bodies and body parts work. They will also get to know topics like friction, momentum, and velocities while studying this course.

6th – 8th Grade

Flying Spacebots

Space can be a topic of interest for many kids, especially the upper elementary students. Flying Spacebots is again a course based on LEGO ® robotics, where students can get to know about solar systems, gravity, stars, orbits in a bit more detail.

With this course, kids can understand that time, accuracy, momentum, and some other factors can be beneficial when trying to resolve the Sreal-world problem.

Extreme Robotic Engineering

Again, using LEGO ® robotics, what will be better than creating your robot and getting involved in a Robo fight?

With Extreme robotic engineering, students will develop a good understanding of various concepts of physics. What is the need for momentum and torque in a collision? What is the basis of the fundamental rules of physics?

Kids will get a chance to explore everything practically and build their concepts, helping them develop a Robo in the future.

Explore Online Robotic Course Opportunities

These are a few courses that, as a teacher, you can ask your students to complete. But if some of your students are keenly interested in the concept of robotics, then these courses are not just it. There are a lot more courses that they can explore online.

Students can enroll themselves in advanced certification Courser under Robotics or digital electronics and even electricity and electronics to learn about Robotics in detail. With online courses, apart from those mentioned above, students will get confidence and learn more and more in robotics and do some practice to achieve their dream.

Wrapping Up 

Not just one, there are a lot of benefits to studying robotics. Students will get to explore a completely different field, they will learn coding, and most importantly, a lot of opportunities will open up for them. The courses mentioned above are just to develop students’ base in robotics and provide them a stress-free and realistic environment in the class. But interested students can dig into this field even deeper.

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