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About Me

Why Arts & Crafts and DIY Projects

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Hi, I am Jenna, and I am a 2nd-grade teacher and mother. I began this site years ago as a place to share my experiences and adventures in arts, crafts, books, reading, origami, beading & jewelry, painting, and DIY. As a busy mom of three, I wanted to find projects to be creative as an outlet but also perhaps create something useful and save money with DIY effort.

When I first started, I did not feel creative, although I was excited to try, learn and get better, and share my experiences. I loved creating. And I loved crafting and DIYing. I would look for projects to replicate, whether it was a display at the craft store or a girl’s night where someone taught me.

My point in sharing this is to show that we all need to start somewhere. If you’re at that place where I was, if you need ideas to replicate, if you’re not confident in your creativity, then I want to help you! You will find a wide variety of projects, each with step-by-step instructions so that you can replicate them. Or use them as a starting point and make it all your own.

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A few years back, my friend Kristin was interested in helping me, so she comes up with projects of her own that she writes about. Between the two of us, we hope that you enjoy what we share and you find it inspiring, helpful, or just creative.

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Best Painting Tips

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Weekly Inspiration

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Cool Project Ideas

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My Story

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