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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Custom Diamond Painting Photo

Transform a treasured memory into a sparkly masterpiece with a custom diamond art kit. 

That’s right, with custom diamond painting kits, you can turn one of your very own photos into a dazzling design for all to see. 

All you need to do is choose a photo and a diamond painting supplier that deals in custom kits and away you go. 

But, before you dive straight in we are going to give you 5 top tips for picking the perfect custom diamond painting photo. There are a few factors you should consider before making your choice. So, hold tight and read on. 

1) Choose a great supplier 

As with all products, finding from a reputable supplier is really important. This is certainly no different when looking for the best custom diamond painting kits. 

But, you might be thinking; how does this help me choose a photo to use for my custom kit?

Well, if you choose a good company they will actually guide you in choosing a suitable photo.

A good company will also be able to offer photo enhancements to ensure the colors and details are spot on. And, their designers can help you to crop and size your photo for optimum results.

Our top tip for finding a supplier you trust is to do your research by looking at reviews. Google is a good place to start, but there are others ways too. 

Crafting forums are full of enthusiastic experts who love sharing their experiences. Either browse the past discussion boards or pose a new question to a forum. You’re bound to be inundated with keen hobbyists willing to share their thoughts.

Facebook pages are also another great place to find reviews and recommendations. Just reach out and post a comment. It’s likely someone will respond with some sound advice. However, do watch out and think about where you are posting, as you could find yourself on a marketing page of a supplier themselves. You’re probably going to find some rather biased reviews there. 

2) The larger the photo, the better.

We’re not talking about physical size here. More digital size. The higher the quality (larger the file size) of your photograph the better quality canvas you’ll get. 

Most modern smartphones do have fantastic cameras that rival a professional camera. However, some older smartphones just won’t cut it. The picture quality will be low and this will result in a grainy, pixelated photo when it’s enlarged onto a diamond canvas

3) If your picture contains people.

Leading on from the point above, if your image contains people then you need to listen up.  Really! The bigger, the better.

The small details of a person’s facial features in a photo are hard to replicate while painting with diamonds. So, unless you want the face of your loved ones to resemble nothing more than blurry blobs, then we suggest you go large. 

This also applies to the canvas you choose. Many retailers suggest that if you paint a photo with 2 or more people in, then you should also opt for the larger canvas sizes. By doing this, it will hold on to as much detail as possible. 

4) Colors are important.

It is advised that you choose photos with vivid colors and colors that contrast each other. This will help the shades in your image stand out better. 

While most good suppliers will be able to enhance the colors in your photos, you have to give them something to work with in the first place. Choose a photo with striking colors and try  to avoid ones with lots of shadow. 

Images where the colors blend and fade gradually are probably not going to yield the best results and should be avoided.  

5) Simplicity will harvest the best results. 

As we learnt above, fine details can be difficult to achieve when painting with diamonds. 

Therefore, another tip to create the best custom diamond painting kits, is to keep them simple. 

Scenery and landscapes look great. So why not consider using a photo of a meaningful place, or a favourite holiday destination? A special sunset would also make a lovely canvas.  

6) Make it special.

The last tip on our list but actually the most important: Choose a photo that is truly special. 

After all, you will be spending money and a lot of time completing this masterpiece. So, it should be something you feel warmly about. 

Not only this, once it’s finished, you might like to display it in your home. For this reason, you’ll definitely want something meaningful and something you’ll want to look at every day. 

Wrapping Up

Personalized kits are a real novelty and to find the best custom diamond painting kits you really need to do your research. Explore the web, take your time and listen to what the experts and the reviews have to say. 

But guaranteed once you’ve found the right supplier and chosen the perfect photo, you’ll have great fun painting your very own sparkly memory. 

Before we end, we’d like to share with you one last pearl of crafting wisdom. Light pads are a great accessory when you’re diamond painting. They help with precision and can make your crafting experience a whole lot more comfortable. If you are considering investing in a light pad, then we have reviewed a bunch of them to save you time. Head over to our blog titled 15 best light pads for diamond painting. 

Happy crafting!

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