Is an Emergency Kit on Your Back-to-School List?


In the back-to-school list of your toddler, there are a lot of things that you should include, and the emergency kit is one of the essential items on the list. But what to include in an emergency kit?

Here we are with a complete guide about an emergency kit and the items that you must have in it.

What’s an Emergency Kit?

Emergency situations always come when we are least expecting it. But it is crucial to be prepared to face any crisis. For doing so, you can prepare an emergency kit. So, what exactly does an emergency kit mean?

An emergency kit is a box of a bag of essentials like food, medicine, and other supplies that will help you in some life-threatening situations. An emergency kit is essential on the Back-to-school list. An emergency kit is like a grab and goes bag. 

Thus, try to keep it lightweight and easier to carry so that kids can easily carry it and run for their lives in case of an emergency.

Why Students Need an Emergency Bag?

There is not just one reason to prepare an Emergency Bag for a student. Every life is precious. But when it comes to an Emergency, one can’t depend on others for their survival. They will have to step up for themselves to survive. An emergency bag can be pretty helpful in a situation when it comes to survival. 

Students can find everything they need for their survival in an emergency bag. I agree that they won’t need an emergency bag regularly, but it is life-saving equipment, which will help a lot in disaster.

What to Include in an Emergency Kit?

There are some things that one must include in their Emergency kit for the ease and safety of kids during an emergency. Some of which includes:

Personal Hygiene and Sanitation

During any emergency, people ignore sanitation and hygiene and try to save their life. But then, they might catch some severe health issues because of the lack of sanitation. Thus, it is better to keep dry clothes, soaps, and sanitizers in their emergency bag. 

You can also include seasonal clothes and personal toiletries to avail clean and dry clothes and proper sanitation facility during emergencies. Also, keep paper soap or liquid soap as well in the emergency kit of your toddler. And before keeping them in their portable go-bag, do teach them how to use all this stuff.

Food and Water

Most people lack disaster or emergency access to clean drinking water or food to eat. Although everyone runs for their life during a disaster, they will feel the need for energy at one point or another. Thus, food and clean water is one thing that you should include in their emergency bag.

Always prefer to put canned food in their pocket so that not just it lasts for longer. And keep a sealed water bottle in the container to avoid leakage. Clean water and food are going to help kids a lot during emergencies.

Light and Communications

Your city might face light cut-off during an emergency. Light is going to help them a lot when they are running for their life during darkness. Put a handy torch in their backpack. Also, put a pen, pencil, and an id proof in their bag pack, so that it becomes easier for others to recognize them.

Pen and a notepad will also be going to help them in an emergency. Don’t forget to put extra batteries in their emergency kit, which will help kids if the disaster went longer.

First Aid

Essential medicines and a first aid kit is necessary to be kept in an emergency bag. Your kid might encounter some injuries or some health problems while running out from a disaster. And not even him; people in his surroundings might also get injured.

Thus, keeping an emergency First Aid kit is pretty essential for them. Also, it might be the case that they will not have any adult near them while they use the first aid kit, thus inform them about which medicines to use for what health issue.

Stress Relief Items

Disaster can be a stressful condition. Thus, you can add some stress relief stuff in the emergency bag of your kids. You can put an acupressure massager or some aromatic oils in their kit. 

Stress Relief item furthermore varies from one kid to another. 

Wrapping Up 

A grab bag can become the ultimate helper in case of some disaster. Mentioned-above are a few things that one must include in the emergency kit on the back-to-school list. With these items, at least your kid will have the necessary items with him when some emergency arrives.

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