Is an Emergency Kit on Your Back-to-School List?


When planning your back to school list for your little one, does it include an emergency kit? It should. An emergency kit should be one of the essential items on your back-to-school list. You never know when disaster may strike and if your child is away and at school, you want them to have the items they need. So, what’s an emergency kit, and what’s in it? Read on to find out.

What’s an Emergency Kit?

Emergency situations come when we least expect them. For this reason, it’s crucial youre is prepared to face any crisis with an emergency kit. What is an emergency kit? It’s a box or bag of essentials like food, medicine, and other supplies that will help your school-aged toddler if there happens to be a crisis. An emergency kit is essential on the Back-to-school list. But don’t pack it down with too much stuff. You want your toddler to be able to easily carry it by themselves.

Why Do Students Need an Emergency Bag?

There is no one reason to prepare an emergency bag for a student. Overall, an emergency bag can be pretty helpful in a situation when it comes to survival. Students can find everything they need for their survival in this kit. They won’t need an emergency bag regularly, but it is life-saving equipment, which will help a lot in disaster.

What to Include in an Emergency Kit?

There are some things that one must include in their Emergency kit for the ease and safety of your child during an emergency, some of which includes:

Personal Hygiene and Sanitation

During any emergency, proper sanitation and hygiene are still important. Therefore, keep clean, dry clothes, soaps, and sanitizers in your toddler’s emergency bag. Go over each item with your child and teach them what it’s for and how to use it.

Food and Water

During a disaster or other crisis, your toddler may not have access to food or clean drinking water. For this reason, pack their emergency kit with bottled water and non-perishable snacks. Crackers, canned fruit, and some of their favorites snacks are just some of what you can include in their emergency kit.

Light and Communications

Your city might face light cut-off during an emergency. Your toddler will feel much better if they can pull a handy torch out of their emergency kit while waiting for Mommy or Daddy to pick them up.

Also, pack pens, a pencil, and a notepad, along with batteries. An ID is another good idea. This ID should contain their picture, name, and a number to call in case of an emergency. This way, your child can easily be identified if they become separated from the group.

First Aid

Essential medicines and a first aid kit are also necessary for an emergency bag. Your child might encounter some injuries or health problems during an emergency. Therefore, packing an emergency First Aid kit is essential. In case they become separated from an adult, teach them what’s in the emergency kit, as well as what each item is used for and how to use it, such as band-aids. Furthermore, only put items in the kit that the child can use without adult supervision, just in case.

Stress Relief Items

An emergency is a stressful situation for anyone, but especially a young child. Therefore, add some stress relief items in the emergency bag. You can put an acupressure massager or some aromatic oils in their kit. Do this together. Explain what the emergency kit is and why you’re packing it.

Wrapping Up

A grab bag can become the ultimate helper in case of an emergency. Mentioned-above is a few things that one must include in the emergency kit on the back-to-school list. With these items, your child will have the necessary supplies they need to get through any emergency.

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