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1st Grade Activities for the First Week of School

1st grade activities for the first week of school

Being first graders, kids will be experiencing a new class, a new school, and a completely different environment. To ease them, and make them comfortable in the class with other students. Here we present 1st Grade Activities for the First Week of School.

As you know, it is pretty crucial to organize their first week in such a way that they get to understand each other while also having fun. These activities can help ease the new students into the classroom environment.

1st Grade Activities for the First Week of School – Our Ideas

#1 Scavenger Hunt

If you are planning some fun activities for your first-grade students, then you must include a scavenger hunt in your list. Kids love to roam here and there, searching for new things and playing with them.

You can divide the class into teams or organize a scavenger hunt for students individually. Just prepare a list of items they need to collect, and whosoever contains all the things first, wins the game. Not only will kids get to know each other in their first week of school by playing scavenger hunts, but the little hunters will also enjoy the game so much.

#2 Trivia

Trivia is more commonly known as quizzes. You can arrange the basic quiz for your first-grade students in their initial week of classes.

Ask them questions related to basic manners, their routine, and the nearby things that they notice on a day-to-day basis. Divide the class into teams and then shoot questions to them, one at a time. 

Kids will not just interact with teachers and other students while playing quizzes; but also as a teacher, you will understand how much you need to focus on the kids. You will find a snapshot of kids’ understanding and areas to focus on after playing Trivia with kids.

#3 Share a Picture

Another enjoyable fun activity you can organize in your classroom is Share a Picture. In this activity, you can ask your students to bring a photograph, which shows their hobby or some exciting place they visited or even one with their family. 

Each kid will have to show their picture to other classmates and share the story behind bringing that photograph with them. Students will get to know each other with this activity. Also, you will get an understanding of your students.

#4 Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie, as its name sounds, is an exciting game. In this game, ask each student to write three things about them. But remember to ask them to write two truths and a lie about them. Each student will then come in the front, and read his sentence, and other students are supposed to guess one point, which is a lie about them.

I am sure you will get exciting lies in this game. Kids will enjoy this game and will get to understand each other in a better way as well.

#5 Classroom Rules

The most important thing to follow when sitting in a classroom is rules. There are a few rules and regulations that every kid should follow, whether it is sitting quietly in class or taking permission from the teacher before going out.

You can keep a session for students, where you can discuss the basic classroom rules with them in some fun way so that kids quickly start following those rules and, most importantly, remember them all the time.

#6 Pick a Super Power

Every kid has their favorite superhero, with some fantastic and unique superpowers. Who is your superhero? And what is the one superpower you want if you become a superhero?

Shoot these two questions in the classroom and wait for the funny reply you will get. These questions will take kids to a different world, their dream world where they can do all those things they want to do. You can ask them to share the answers to these questions with their class.

#7 My Favorite

Every kid has something they loved the most, which means their favorite. It can be a toy or a person, food, or drinks, or even some story. You can ask kids to share their favorite thing in front of the class and why they like it.

Also, you can ask about their favorite color, food, or dress, to boost their courage. This activity will encourage kids to speak up and share their thoughts with others without hesitating.

#8 When I’m Grown Up

As a kid, the most asked question from adults is what will you become when you grow up? I have encountered this question my whole childhood, and I am sure you have too. It is a good habit to keep kids active and have a goal they want to achieve in life.

You can ask your students to share their dream in front of their class. I am sure you are going to get hilarious and unique answers. But those answers will be enough to motivate kids and think of something big and impressive.

#9 Improve Something

Everyone has some bad habits. Another activity that you can organize in the first week of class is to share something with the class you want to improve yourself.

As a teacher, you can share one habit that you want to change in yourself and then ask other students about the one thing they want to change or improve themselves. In this way, you will become closer to your students and understand them better.

#10 Freeze

You can organize a freeze for kids. Play music and ask kids to enjoy the music and dance to it. But ask them to freeze as soon as the music stops. Not just kids, but you will find it fun the way kids will freeze while dancing as soon as the music goes off.

1st Grade Activities for the First Week of School – Wrapping Up 

Playing games or doing some fun activities can be the first step to making students comfortable in the classroom.  I hope you will make the first week of school for your students a happy memory to cherish forever.

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