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10 Best Teacher Backpacks of 2021

Being a teacher comes with moving several things from your home to the class. It could be papers, your devices, or even textbooks. 

Having the perfect backpack like a Matein Travel Laptop Backpack will make these daily tasks stress free and easy. We have reviewed the best teacher backpacks of 2021. This review provides all relevant details you need to know about the products.

1) Matein Travel Laptop Backpack 

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The anti-theft backpack is a quality backpack with a USB charging point. It is available in over nine colors, giving you a wide variety of options to pick from. It has several pockets, including a laptop pocket, front side pocket, rear padded pocket, stretchy pockets to help you keep your items organized. The handle is quite comfortable, and it possesses adjustable straps. The best part is, it has an anti-theft back pocket where you can keep your valuable item away from pickpockets. 


  • It is comfortable and breathable.
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable.
  • It is water-resistant and long-lasting. 
  • The top handle is covered with foam to make it easy for you to carry on for a long while. 
  • It has a concealed theft-proof pocket designed on the back part that sits against the wearer’s body so no one can steal from you without you feeling it. 


  • It uses an external USB charging port. 
  • A 15.6-inch laptop and Chromebook may not fit into it. 
  • It does not feature a chest strap and waist strap, only luggage straps. 
  • The charging port can get damaged if soaked. 

2) USB Charging Port Canada Style Laptop Backpack 

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Most developed countries have adopted technology in every aspect of life, including learning and teaching in schools. With USB Charging Port Canada Style Laptop Backpack, you can charge your devices as you move from one place to another to keep afloat in the digital world. It is available in a variety of colors and uses an external USB port. Made of one of the finest quality polyesters, it is heat resistant and super strong. The best part is, it has two mesh pockets for your use. 


  • It comes with waterproof materials. 
  • It has a side pocket and a cup bag. 
  • It is breathable and ventilation friendly. 
  • It saves you the stress of carrying a backpack and reduces the burdens on your back during walking. 
  • It has a charge port and easy access to charge your phone on the go. 
  • It has a suitcase strap that holds the laptop firmly to the suitcase. 


  • It does not come with a battery pack. 
  • It is a little heavy because of its sturdy state. 
  • The USB port requires assembling. 

3) Waterproof Anti Theft Laptop Backpack Travel Backpacks 

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The durable waterproof anti-theft laptop backpack has a USB port design with a built-in USB charger outside. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, and the backside offers a breathable mesh design to reduce the stress and load on the shoulder. Made with nylon fabric, it is perfect for traveling, work, and outdoor activities generally. 


  • It is comfortable and breathable. 
  • You can adjust the shoulder straps to your preference. 
  • It comes with a luggage strap that enables the backpack to fit on luggage bags. 
  • It has an anti-theft pocket to keep your valuables safe and secured.
  • Possess an internal belt for holding your laptop to prevent them from bumping. 
  • It is spacious and compatible with your everyday necessities. 


  • It is not a waterproof backpack. 
  • You cannot wash it in the machine. 
  • The charging port cable may not be durable.

4) Bopai Slim Laptop Backpack 

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Bopai ultra-thin laptop backpack features a special compartment for up to a 15-inch laptop. It has a unique hidden double zipper to enhance the security of your valuables. It comes with luggage straps to make your backpack slide over the luggage handle for easy movement. 


  • It is a unisex backpack, and both men and women use it.
  • It has a concealed anti-theft design to keep your valuables safe.
  • The luggage straps save you the stress of carrying the backpack separately while traveling.
  • Its sleek and slim design makes it easy and convenient to carry.
  • There are a variety of colors to pick from 
  • It has multi-functional pockets to fit and coordinate daily necessities. 
  • It is very soft and breathable.
  • It is eco friendly. 


  • The interior is not soft. 
  • It has no pocket for a water bottle. 

5) Augur Vintage Canvas Unisex Laptop Backpack

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Vintage Canvas backpack size is about 18.1*12.6*7.8 inches. It has a large capacity and big enough to accommodate your daily essentials or other devices and pieces of equipment you may need. It comprises fine quality material with an adjustable shoulder strap, which can be tightened and loosened easily as you please. Furthermore, it has compartments, including two side pockets, one front pocket, a large compartment with two tiny compartments inside. The backpack is multipurpose. It can serve other purposes like hiking, camping, or traveling. The Vintage Canvas Unisex Laptop Backpack is the ideal backpack for both men and women. 


  • It has a quality buckle and can quickly close the backpack. 
  • The drawstring design makes opening the bag easy.
  • It is a multipurpose bag. 
  • It is very spacious 
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable.


  • It can’t be used on rainy days, since it is not a waterproof bag. 
  • It is sturdy and heavy. 

6) ProEtrade Backpack Bookbag 

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This product is a high-quality backpack designed with anti-scratch fabric. Also, it has a water-resistant zipper design. It is thick and tear-resistant, which can effectively make your bag durable and long-lasting. It is ideal for several occasions and quite fashionable. 


  • It comes with a reliable buckle and a strong zipper. 
  • It can prevent your belongings from getting soaked in the rain because it is water-resistant.
  • It saves you the cost of buying bags shortly because it is durable and long-lasting. 
  • It has a USB charging port to charge your device on the go.


  • It charges only Android devices. 
  • It does not possess a chest strap. 
  • It is heavy and falls over when set on the ground.

7) Lmeison Women’s Canvas Backpack with USB Charging Port Clutch Purse 

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Canvas Backpack has a large storage capacity featuring several compartments and distinct pockets to fit your devices, books, water bottle, and other essential materials needed for school. It comes with an external USB port and a built-in charging cable; though it can bear huge loads, it is lightweight. The adjustable shoulder strap has a pad to protect your back when carrying heavy things. It comes with a clutch pouch. 


  • It comes with durable and high-quality material. 
  • It is a useful backpack with a sprinkle of style and fashion. 
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable and breathable. 
  • The USB interface and cable design provide an easy and convenient way to charge your devices while walking or traveling. 
  • It has a laptop backpack, lunch bag, and pen case bag set. It eliminates the need for carrying an extra purse. 


  • No chargers included 
  • No battery included 

8) Himawari Travel School Backpack with a USB charging port 

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Himawari Backpack is a stylish backpack designed with eco-friendly waterproof canvas with an 11*16*6.3 inches dimension. It weighs 1.4 pounds and has a minimalist design. It has several pockets at different angles and has adjustable shoulder straps to offer comfort while carrying it. 


  • It has a waterproof canvas; your devices are safe on a rainy day.
  • It has a built-in removable USB cable design, which offers a convenient way of charging your devices. 
  • It is made with padded and adjustable straps to make you feel comfortable and reduce the shoulder burden. 
  • It is very spacious and can contain all your necessary items. 
  • It is ideal for men, women, teens, and adults. 
  • It can be carried by handle or as a backpack. 
  • It comes in a variety of colors. 


  • It has no leather in it. 

9) School Functional Travel Unisex Waterproof Backpack

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This stylish backpack is a Himawari brand. And it has a 15″ x 11″ x 6″ dimension. Moreover, this stylish backpack features high-quality eco-friendly, scratch-resistant Nylon with a leather decoration and smooth metal zipper. The primary compartments have a double zipper closure, while the other several minute pockets have just one. This product makes you feel comfortable due to the shoulder pad, and the straps are adjustable. Furthermore, you can carry it as a handbag with the top handle or as a backpack. 


  • You can carry the School Functional Travel Unisex Waterproof Backpack bag in several ways.
  • It is waterproof.
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable and breathable. 
  • The shoulder has a pad to give you comfort as the bag rest on your back.
  • It has a leather decoration and quite stylish. 
  • It comes with enough space to hold all your devices and luggage. 


  • It is not entirely waterproof.
  • It is not very big. 
  • The bag is uneven. The right side is broader than the left. 

10) Yorepex Laptop Backpack

The Yorepex Backpack is an excellent choice if you are looking for a bag with extra-large capacity. It comes in various colors and has over 20 unrelated pockets containing both large and small items, respectively. It is an 18.4-inch travel laptop backpack. It has a lay-flat design that enables you to go quickly through the airplane security while keeping your items tidy; it is the perfect fit for airplane travel. The backpack comprises polyester fabric, water-resistant, sturdy, and strong zippers, handy for heavy bag use. It is a unisex bag and comfortable for both men and women. 


  • It is quite spacious and gives excellent protection for your devices. 
  • It has several organized pockets where you can keep other essential things neatly.
  • Can be opened to 90-180 degree
  • The design is ventilation friendly. 
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable and breathable.
  • It can serve as a backpack and handbag if you don’t want to carry it on your back. 
  • It supports a 17-inch laptop.


  • It does not have a padded base to protect the laptop.
  • The backpack doesn’t charge your phone directly. You will need an external battery inside. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing A Backpack

Backpacks are needed for daily life and can be used in school, traveling, or any outdoor events. It has many functions and has become a trendy item because of this. With so many bags up for sale, it can be challenging to select the perfect one for you. The paragraphs below provide factors to consider while picking the fittest backpack for you. 

  • Purpose 

Nothing can defeat the purpose of a thing. This is the primary point you need to consider when choosing a backpack. Ask yourself these questions. Why do you want it, and what do you want to use it for? If you can answer these questions correctly, you will have the right guide on choosing a backpack. For instance, if you are a teacher in need of a bag, you will not be looking at bags meant for hiking. Instead, you will look for bags that are spacious and lightweight. 

  • Pockets 

One of the significant features of bags is pockets. However, the kind of pockets and how many you need varies. Choose a backpack with several pockets and a large space if you have plenty of items to carry every day. 

  • Mesh back panel 

A mesh back panel makes sure that your back has enough air flowing through to prevent sweating and irritation. This feature is not essential for everyone; however, if you continuously wear a bag or carry it for an extended period daily, you should look out for this. The back panel helps in preventing a sweaty back and keeps you comfortable while carrying it. 


These are some of the best backpacks for teachers available in the market for their comfort and ease. It is ideal to have a waterproof, padded, and spacious bag to make the most of your purchase. This way, you can carry plenty of items and enjoy the backpack even in the rainy season. 

The backpacks, as mentioned above, are also ideal for every outdoor event. From all the features outlined above, it should not be difficult to make a great choice. But we recommend the Matein Travel Laptop Backpack because it is most suitable and helpful to your daily needs as a teacher.

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