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DIY Foil Balloons

Want an eye-popping, fun, different project to spice up your classroom?  Try foil balloons!

Items to Gather:

  • heavy duty foil (the wider the better)
  • laminator 
  • PERMANENT markers (I prefer the thick ones)
  • clear packing tape
  • thread or fishing line


Step 1:  Roll out a piece of foil twice as long as you will need.  Fold it in half.

Step 2:  With a pencil, draw the outline of the shape you will be using.  I like to use a stencil, but you don’t have to.  BE SURE to make one end of the shape touch the folded end of the foil.

Step 3:  With a pencil, draw the inside design on one side of your folded foil.  This will automatically imprint onto the second side due to the nature of tinfoil.


Step 4: Using PERMANENT markers, color in your design.  The more color you use (meaning, the less tin foil showing through), the better the final product looks.  Once the first side is completed, turn the project over and color the second side.

I do the next steps in this process.  I have found it comes out better, with no breaks, if I do it.

Step 5:  Cut out the shape.  Then laminate. BE SURE TO LAMINATE ON SLOW.  The slower the better.


Step 6:  Cut the balloon out of the lamination, leaving about a half-inch border around the perimeter.  This will ensure that when you blow it up, the seal remains intact.

Step 7: Cut a small notch at the top of the balloon.  Stick a straw inside and blow.  This will blow the balloon up. 

Step 8:  Pull out the straw, and seal the hole up with clear packing tape.  You will need a few pieces to fully create an airtight seal.


Step 9:  If you are hanging these from the ceiling, use more packing tape to attach a piece of string or fishing wire.


Other Tips/Suggestions:

These can be created in ANY shape.  The ones pictured were flags we made to go with our study on the American Revolution.  I have done fish, swallows, piggy banks, USA maps, and hot air balloons.  Whatever you are teaching, a balloon can be made for it.  Really, the sky’s the limit on these!

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