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copic markers: review and buyer's guide

8 Copic Markers: Review and Buyer’s Guide

Here we present 8 Copic markers: review and buyer’s guide to picking the best one for your needs. Copic Markers are high-quality markers common with artists because of their simple application and wide variety of vivid colors.

woods for pyrography

Woods for Pyrography

Pyrography is the process of creating photographs by burning them on to a wood surface. It has existed as an art form since antiquity, and while instruments and materials have evolved, the fundamentals of Pyrography have not. Here, we discuss the best woods for pyrography.

Candle Making Kit Reviews

Candle Making Kit Reviews

The candle making kit not only satisfy your inner artist but also encourage you to enter the world of perfumery by creating your scents.  Our candle making kit reviews will help you find a good one