16 Clean Songs for Elementary School Dances


School dances are a really exciting event in every school calendar. Students love them, as they provide an opportunity to relax, express themselves, socialise and get their dance on! 

But for teachers planning a school dance can be difficult. With so many songs containing unsuitable lyrics or inappropriate connotations, creating a playlist can seem like an impossible task.

So to speed things up and help you out, we have selected 16 clean songs for elementary school dances.

Happy – Pharrel Williams

The ultimate song to get the party started and set the mood. It’s cheerful tunes and uplifting lyrics are perfect for a bunch of excited elementary students.

I Like to Move It  – Will.i.am

Will.i.am and the film Madagascar have made this classic party tune popular with kids around the world. The reworked lyrics, made especially for the Dreamworks animation, make it suitable and fun for children. 

Frozen – Let it Go – Disney

Have your earplugs at the ready for this one! Guaranteed to get the students singing along at the top of their voices.

Waka Waka (This Time of Africa) – Shakeria 

This was the official song of the FIFA World Cup 2010 but for good reason it has stood the test of time. Kids love it! The happy rhythm and well known dance will get your student moving.  

Roar – Katy Perry

Popular with young students as the lyrics are easy to sing along to. The empowering message is also a winning feature. 

Macarena – Los Del Rio

Are kids born knowing the moves to this song? It seems so! A playlist must for any school dance. Watch as your students fall in line and instinctively follow the moves.

Baby Shark 

Sorry! We know most adults have a very strong opinion when it comes to this song. But we can’t deny that the kids love it.

We Will Rock You – Queen

It’s a classic and despite its age, students will love stomping their feet along to this tune. 

Everything is Awesome – Lego Film

The techno sounds of this song will be a guaranteed hit. Your students may recognize it from the popular lego movie. 

I Gotta a Feeling – Black Eyed Peas 

An essential on the playlist of any party. This feel good tune will be sure to set the mood. Play it early on in the evening to get the party buzzing. 

I’m a Gummy Bear

We have no idea why or how this song became so popular with elementary kids. But with safe lyrics and a party beat, we will accept it onto the playlist. 

Crazy Frog  – Axel F

Annoyingly fun! Students will be racing around the room and adults will be covering their ears to this one. It’s great fun, despite being a little grating on the ears. 

Astronoma – Vicetone and Tony Ig

You will have heard this song everywhere recently and your students will enjoy dancing along to the beat. And, its lack of words mean you teachers don’t need to worry. 

Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justine Timberlake

A hit with elementary kids due to the film Trolls and sung by JT himself. It will get both students and teachers to the dancefloor. 

Dance Monkey

This song invites everyone to dance. It is a great choice as a way to encourage students to express themselves and showcase their best moves. Dance-off time!

Shake it Off – Taylor Swift

Similar to the song above, this one encourages dancers to let loose, have fun and express themselves.

Watermelon Sugar High by Harry Styles

It is an unwarned song released by Harry Styles right before one of his concerts. He recalls the summer evening, berries, and one of his former love in this song.

Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

It is one of the most famous solo songs across 34 countries. The song is about the relationships and the importance of a partner, how can one rekindle with their partners or even best friends.

Adore You, Harry Styles

Adore you is a classic dance song. The beats can easily have anyone hit the dance floor. The moments and the music are ideal for dance ranging from basic moves to high-fi performance.

Twist and Shout by James Brown

Shouting is a crucial part of the dance parties, and so is Twist and shout. The tempo, the drama is perfect for kids who want some noise and enjoy the party.

Final Thoughts

Well, these were our favourite 16 Clean Songs for Elementary School Dances. We hope that the songs listed have provided you with some inspiration when it comes to creating your school dance playlist. 

Most importantly, have fun and as with all school dances… don’t forget your earplugs!

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