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Benefits of Double Wick Candles [2022]

It’s a fact that double wick candles are no longer man’s primary source of light. Candles now symbolize celebration, represent romance and soothe the senses. 

Double wick candles bring brightness and radiance to any room without the harshness of a bright electric lamp. They immediately change the ambiance of any indoor or outdoor environment. 

The gentle lighting of double wick candles induces a soothing environment and adds warmth. We will discuss some of the advantages of double-wick candles in this article.


Cleaner Burn 

Since two wick candles flame on both ends, the flame is more even. The dual wicks make both sides of the candle melt, resulting in a more even flame. This results in a cleaner-looking candle that is much more likely to be used. 

When compared to standard single-wick candles, increased use means that more wax is burnt. There is much less wax and residue at the bottom of the candle due to the double wick style. 

Two wick candles are worth the extra money because of their performance. In contrast to a one-wick candle, it also means there is a lot less soot around the candle.

Good Fragrance 

The two wicks increase the candle’s scent compared to a single wick candle. A conventional one-wick candle emits twice as much fragrance as a candle of two wicks. Two wick candles are an excellent choice for a candle that lights up a room.

Great Ambiance 

No matter what the occasion, the glow of a two-wick candle provides a beautiful ambiance. Since there are two wicks, there is twice as much light, but it is not overpowering. 

A two-wick candle emits even more concentrated light while also being calm. Making it ideal for a romantic night for two, a holiday get-together, or simply a candle to match the aesthetics of a room.

Aesthetic Benefits 

There are a few practical arguments for using double wicks in candles, besides the aesthetic value. Soot will not form, it will not form mushroom wick, and the candle fragrance will not fade if you use double wicks. 

One Wick Vs. Two Wick Candles: Which Is Best?

Although single-wick candles are more readily available in the marketplace, a double-wick candle can have a more effective flame in some circumstances. The below are some of the reasons why a double-wick candle may be a better choice:

Based on the manufacturer’s instructions, candles can usually burn for around 4 hours at a stretch. If the container’s diameter is 4 inches or greater, you will not be able to get a full liquid coating over the top in this time frame with only one wick.

A larger rectangle, square, or oval, rather than a smaller circular shape, can use several wicks. A double-wick candle will flame more thoroughly, using all of the wax. However, the wicks must be equally spaced and not too close to the container’s sides.

The essential thing is to remember when making a candle that burns safely and efficiently is that using two wicks will result in a stronger flame. With this in mind, you’ll need to do multiple burn checks to get the safe and accurate outcomes you’re looking for.

In a large diameter candle canister, if a single wick is used over a double wick, it can be offset by choosing a single larger wick. And then, the volume of wax would typically overwhelm the wick’s flame, resulting in a carbon ball at the tip of your wick.

This carbon ball eventually induces higher burn temperatures, resulting in soot and smoke. This causes wick mushrooming, which reduces the candle’s ability to disperse its smell. The consistency of your burn time suffers when the wick’s wax distribution is uneven. Overall, using a single wick over a double wick reduces the value of your candle dramatically.


While two wick candles vary in price, I have found that paying a little more for a decent two-wick candle is well worth it. You are opting for better as you spend the extra cents.

The two wick candles I purchased for a lower price, not only did I notice that they didn’t smell as good, but they also gave me headaches. This may be due to the candle being made from poor quality materials and scents. The two-wick candle is the easy choice for anyone looking for a great candle that performs admirably and is well worth the money.

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