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14 Fantastic Fall Books for Kids

14 Fantastic Fall Books for Kids

Not all kids are bookworms. But kids won’t deny reading exciting stories full of fun, humor, melodrama, and a happy ending. The fun drawing in the storybooks is only the cherry on the cake. To help you select the classic and right pick, here we are with 14 fantastic fall books for kids they can read or listen to while noticing the seasonal changes.

Kids can spend their Halloween vacation reading the classic tale, enjoying the fall.

14 Fantastic Fall Books for Kids – Our List

#1 Room on the Broom

If your kid is interested in hearing a story about a kind witch and her adventures, Room on the Broom is the perfect Fall book you can give them.

The story revolves around a kind witch who enjoyed a night ride with her kitten on her broom. Eventually, because of the wind, she lost her bow, wand, and hat. She followed her blown-away stuff. 

Ultimately, three animals who got her stuff helped her and returned it to the witch.

The story is a perfect lesson of kindness and friendship. Thus, not just kids will enjoy the fun of the witch’s adventure but also learn some good values.

#2 Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn is a story depicting the warm welcome to Autumn after the fresh and sunny summer.

In the story, a young girl with her scarf on goes around in the woods. She discusses the changes in the color of leaves, their shedding, and the cool breeze to the trees and flowers. She conversates with every creature or flower in the woods.

Then at the end, she says goodbye to the shiny summers and welcomes Autumn with fresh energy and warmth.

Beautiful drawings and a lovely story with a happy ending will fulfill the kids reading this story with joy.

#3 The Berenstain Bears’ Harvest Festival

If you want to take a ride to the Bear’s country, then The Berenstain Bears’ Harvest story is the perfect path to follow.

It is the story of a bear farmer Ben, who organizes a party at his house on the year’s first harvest. Mama Bear reminded everyone about the change in mother nature because of the arriving autumn and asked her to accept the change with warmth and energy.

It is an informative story, which shows the incredible bond among brothers, sisters, and neighbors. This story also tells a lot about the changes that kids can notice with the approaching falls.

#4 Too Many Pumpkins

A classic story and one of the kid’s favorites from the past 20 years, too many Pumpkins is a story that parents can share with their kids.

The book is about a girl Rebecca, who hated pumpkins. The reason behind her hatred is that pumpkin is the only food they have ever since she was a little girl.

One day, a giant pumpkin falls from a truck and rolls over to her yard. To avoid eating more pumpkins, she shovels some dirt on the pumpkin to hide it and forget about it.

The pumpkin blooms inside the dirt, and when Autumn appears, Rebecca finds her yard flooded with pumpkins.

With beautiful colors and humor at the end, kids are going to love this classic gardening tale.

#5 Pax

Pax is one of the most remarkable stories by the award-winning and bestseller author Sara Pennypacker. The classic tale is about a fox named Pax and a boy named Peter. Pax and Peter are best friends as Peter saved Pax as a kid.

But then, Peter’s father got enlisted in the military and asked Peter to return the fox to the wild.

Peter went to his grandfather’s 300 miles away from Pax, but in the end, they met, and loyalty, friendship, and love won over distance.

With a happy ending, this story will make everyone emotional and is perfect for your kids to read during fall, to teach them that always comes a happy summer after the sad Autumn.

#6 The Roll-Away Pumpkin

As the name of the tale suggests, you will encounter a giant rolling pumpkin in the story. Maria lost her giant pumpkin, which is now rolling in the path. Will she be able to catch the pumpkin?

Maria is a little girl who accidentally lost her giant pumpkin. As the pumpkin rolled, she kept walking behind it, yelling for help. Some people do come to help her with the way to stop the pumpkin. 

Kids can enjoy the story by reciting diddle-dee-doh, Oh, what should I do?

A fun story with various characters like the milkman, policeman, and vegetable vendors, all running behind the pumpkin makes the situation hilarious. Your kid is going to love this classic tale.

#7 Autumn in the Forest

Autumn can also be full of fun. Do you want to know how?

Read Autumn in the Forest, and you will get to know. An exciting tale, discussing the fall. 

The tale includes the blooming of pumpkins, chipmunks collecting walnuts, animals like buckeyes preparing for winter, apples and pears ready to pluck from the trees, and nuts all around the Forest.

If you want to teach your kids about how Forest looks at the time of fall, this book can be a perfect way to teach them fun with beautiful drawings.

#8 The Scarecrow

Everyone knows about scarecrows. Scarecrows, as their name suggests, are to scare birds and crows in the field. But what if a scarecrow started feeling alone there?

The Scarecrow is such a story where the scarecrow complains to the farmers and birds about his loneliness. Nobody wants to come to him and talk to him, as he is scary and weird. With the help of farmers, the birds make a plan to get rid of the scarecrow’s loneliness.

Will they be able to execute their plan?

The story is full of joy and intelligence. I bet all the kids are going to love this classic tale.

#9 Pete the Cat Falling for Autumn

Is your kid not aware of the changes he can encounter in the summer? Even Pete, the Cat doesn’t know anything about Autumn. Do you want to know how he discovers the approaching Autumn?

Pete went out and start noticing the branches loaded with apples and pears, corn mazes, and hayrides. He enjoyed Autumn and, in the end, thanked Autumn to let her enjoy and have fun.

Along with a great tale, the book contains stickers, thanksgiving cards, and a poster. It is a family book, which not just kids but adults can enjoy reading a lot.

#10 The Adventures of Geraldine Woolkins

The Adventures of Geraldine Woolkins is a series containing Mama, Papa, Button, and Geraldine’s adventures. It includes ten stories about all the creatures from October to December.

Geraldine always wants to become brave as the heroes are in the tales their papa told her and her brother each night. She wants to explore and adventure more. But being one of the smallest creatures, that is, a mouse, will she be able to become brave and achieve her dream, despite her small size?

You will read this classic and energetic tale to know the answer.

#11 Leaf Man

As soon as the falls arrive, you can find leaves moving here and there all around the field. Autumn comes to take all the dead leaves back and bloom new leaves to the trees.

Leaf Man is a story about such a leaf. Will he move towards the east on the marsh with ducks and geese in it? Or he will head towards the west with the winds, on the beautiful meadows and orchards?

It’s quite uncertain and depends on the direction of the wind. Well, you can read this fantastic story to experience the adventure of Leaf Man and move with him.

#12 There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!

You might have heard the tale about an old lady who swallowed some leaf. Well, with your kids, it is time to go back to your childhood memories.

An imaginative tale, where the old lady initially swallows some of the leaves falling from the sky. She keeps on swallowing different items, which surprisingly include a pumpkin, a shirt, a pole, a rope, and some hay.

She then starts sneezing and swallowing everything out of her mouth, which ultimately takes the shape of a scarecrow.

It is an out-of-the-box story filled with humor, which kids will enjoy a lot.

#13 Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever!

When Autumn arrives, it is almost time for Halloween and a long vacation, along with lots of fun. Corduroy is excited about the approaching Halloween. 

This year, Corduroy is throwing a party for his neighbors and friends. He is super ready for collecting candies, Trick-or-Treating, and enjoying the party. The only problem is that he won’t have a Halloween costume. Can you help him select the best outfit for Corduroy?

Read this fantastic story and get lost in the tale of Corduroy.

#14 Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Fletcher, the fox, is really concerned about his favorite tree. Do you know why?

Because his favorite tree is shedding, there is something wrong with the tree. But then, as soon as the winter arrives, Fletcher was left surprised. Are you willing to know about the surprise? Well, read the classic tale Fletcher and the falling tree to get to know about the surprise.

14 Fantastic Fall Books for Kids – Wrapping Up 

Kids can’t deny a story listening session ever. Classic stories are the best way to teach new values to kids while they enjoy the stories. Also, kids try to follow their favorite character from the story.

If your kid is confused with the changes that are happening in the surrounding during the fall. Then describing the fall by telling a story is the best way to teach them about the fall along with some of their entertainment.

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