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20 Best Button and Pin Makers

20 Best Button and Pin Makers

We are pleased to present the 20 best button and pin makers in this article. There are several brands of pin-making machines on the market, and not all of them will meet your needs. As a result, this post has been compiled based on extensive research and user feedback to assist you in choosing a high-quality button-maker machine that would ideally suit your needs. 

What could be better than creating customized buttons and badges to show off your favorite idea or a social cause you support, aside from making a fashion statement? Buttons can also be a great way for a small business or even a large corporation to promote and advertise its brand and offerings. 

With the best button maker on hand, you could even turn your hobby into an excellent small business as well as your large corporation into a one-of-a-kind enterprise. 

There are several brands of pin-making machines on the market, and not all of them will meet your needs. As a result, this post has been compiled based on extensive research and user feedback to assist you in choosing a high-quality button maker machine that would ideally suit your needs. 

What Is A Button Maker? 

A button maker is a computer designed primarily to produce keys, badges, and other related items. They can make individual full buttons out of various parts such as pinbacks, mylars, and other materials.

These units are available in both manual and electric versions. The first is the most popular button-making unit, which can be used in online and offline stores. They are also the more cost-effective alternative, allowing you to stay within the budget.

Electric button makers are only used when you need optimum productivity to manufacture products in large quantities. Button-making machines usually come with a complete package that includes a cutter and various button bits. 

These kits often also provide the best papers for printing your chosen style. It comes with all of the equipment and materials you’ll need to make buttons.

20 Best Button & Pin Makers – Our List

#1 Mophorn Button Maker  

A multipurpose machine can genuinely make our lives easier, primarily if we work in a field where quick turnaround times are critical to client retention. This eye-catching red photo button maker machine is an essential tool for keeping your customers happy by meeting their deadlines. 

It can quickly produce a batch of 500 buttons at a speed of 200 to 300 pieces per hour. You can make many types of buttons made with a 3-inch (75-millimeter) diameter.

Its die-cast aluminum structure is solid, ensuring long-term use. Since the handle is made of steel, it can withstand rust and corrosion for a long time, providing you with dependable support. The metal base makes it simple to adjust the molds, increasing performance.

The top mold is placed first, followed by the two lower molds, after the foundation has been mounted. The final move is to turn the handle inside the fuselage and mount it. The handle is easy to use and has a pleasant appearance. Its ergonomic style provides a secure grip and makes work easier.

Other merchandising materials that you can make with this gadget include key chains, bottle openers, incense packets, rope ties, and badges. Its broad scope offers you more options for expanding your hobby or company.

The machine’s lightweight nature makes it small and simple to store because it takes up little room. The device’s height with the handle is 19 inches, while the base is 11.5 inches long and 6.3 inches wide.

The button maker is included in the kit, as well as a selection of 75-millimeter dies. It has 500 button sets with translucent covers made of plastic and metal pieces. It also comes with a cutter for cutting the plastic film and computer attachments and a user manual.


  • Die-cast aluminum structure
  • High-quality button maker
  • Ergonomic style
  • Die-cast aluminum 


  • It is not hassle-free

#2 Orange Button Maker 

Make customized pinback badges and buttons to show your love for a good cause! This machine’s 25-millimeter or 1-inch button scale provides you with limitless artistic possibilities. With the same tool, you can make key chains, rope links, and bottle openers.

Christmas cards, personalized giveaways, souvenirs, and celebration pins are some of the other possibilities. The machine’s metal body and plastic base make it easy to transport and stack in a corner. 

Furthermore, it is long-lasting and will provide you with several hours of simple pin-making. This gadget will allow you to add embellishments to your stitched fabrics or home decor.

The base measures 11.33 inches in length and 6.22 inches in width. 20.27 inches is the total height. This gadget comes with a 500-piece button quantity. It can press between 200 and 300 buttons every hour. The cushioned handle has a tight yet relaxed grip. The handle measures 11.81 inches (30 centimeters) in length.

The installation and operation are pretty straightforward, mainly because the positive stop function ensures that the top and bottom molds are perfectly aligned. Using a laser printer to print photographs, labels, and texts will be more vibrant and precise on badges and pins. 

Users also lauded this device for its lightweight and ease of use, noting that it does not require you to be a solid person to operate it. Interestingly, even the elderly can use it with ease and comfort.


  • Good installation 
  • Stainless-steel badge mold
  • Good durability 
  • Robustness


  • Bad packaging 

#3 Kunhewuhua Badge Button Maker 

The implementation of unique innovations necessitates the use of similarly unique but simple-to-use instruments. This badge creator, for example, can create pins and buttons to reflect your creative ideas. 

It has a 58-millimeter button scale and comes with 300 buttons, a stainless-steel badge mold, one circle cutter, and 20 high-quality circular art papers for printing plain text, images, or logos.

The machine’s body is made of aluminum alloy casting, which guarantees top quality, robustness, and longevity. The rust-resistant stainless-steel mold ensures long-term use.

Furthermore, the ergonomically built handle has a solid and relaxed grip, preventing you from struggling and stressing over making buttons, being exhausted, or wasting time in the process. It’s long and made of stainless steel with a silicone coating, so it’ll last a long time without rusting.

The total number of button sets available in this product is 300. Punching is made smoother and more secure with the circle cutter’s spring action lever. It also saves time and provides accuracy since it eliminates the need to cut by hand. Overall, the computer is simple to set up and use.

The computer is small enough to fit on any workbench and store away after use without taking up too much space. The foundation measures 29 centimeters (11-3/8 inch) in length and 17 centimeters (6-3/4 inch) in width. The overall height, including the handle, is 20 inches. 

For this unit, it’s best to use photographic paper that’s no heavier than 41 pounds and multipurpose paper that’s no heavier than 20 pounds.


  • Longevity
  • Silicone coating
  • Ergonomically built handle
  • Top-quality


  • Low durability 

#4 Beamnova Button Maker  

Do you have an upcoming occurrence and need hundreds of buttons in a limited amount of time? Don’t be concerned! This button maker is a dependable tool! This unit will perfect 32-millimeter badges and pins for you with 1,000 button pieces and a circle cutter!

It’s not only simple to set up, but it’s also simple to use. When placed on a flat surface, the device’s fiberglass frame, combined with the cast iron body, makes it rugged, solid, and stable. 

The tool’s quick operation is due to its long and ergonomically built handle, which reduces tension and improves efficiency by allowing you to produce more buttons at once.

The aluminum railings give the machine a bright and gleaming appearance. Furthermore, they are rust and corrosion resistant, ensuring long life and continuous badge-making hours. 

A paperweight of 100 grams per square meter to 157 grams per square meter is recommended for your pin-making project. To get the best results, use either color inkjet paper or coated paper.

The machine’s low failure rate can be due to its precise metal side layer, which can monitor the process quickly. Adjusting the dies would be a breeze thanks to the elevated portion, which prevents them from falling away from the unit when holding the badge in the proper orientation.

If you have a digital paper camera and a decent printer, you can make any number of buttons you want. For friends and relatives, you should make customized presents. To get your company off the ground, take small orders or just make buttons for a good cause. For this unit, it’s best to use buttons and other components from the same manufacturer.


  • 32-millimeter badges
  • Fiberglass frame
  • Customized
  • Digital paper camera


  • Low-Quality Button 

#5 Neil Enterprises 2-1/4 Inch Neil Button Machine

If you’re looking for a low-cost button maker to start your hobby of making pins and badges for family presents and souvenirs, this is the tool to get you started!

It can make buttons with a diameter of 2-1/4 inches. Mylar, pinbacks, caps, and a circle cutter are all included in the kit. With simple installation and service, you can create a plethora of personalized keys, and with 100 buttons included, getting started is a breeze.

To avoid it crashing, treat the circle cutter’s glass base with caution and keep it away from the bench of your work table. Simply follow the enclosed user guidelines, and you’ll be able to create professional-looking buttons in no time.

You will use this gadget to create badges to support any social cause you care for, election campaigns, charitable and fundraiser activities, companies, and product and service promotional promotions. You should get to working on it right away because it’s sold as a single piece. The structure is sturdy, allowing you to spend countless hours making badges and pins.

The tool’s small size makes it convenient to cart around and store while not in operation. The grooves in the handle allow you to conveniently and securely position your fingers for a firm grip. You won’t have to deal with this handle or put too much pressure on it.

This machine fits well with standard 20-pound paper. Since the translucent films are too small, make sure you just use one per button, or the computer can jam.


  • Strong grip
  • Sturdy
  • User guidelines
  • Professional-looking buttons


  • Low durability 

#6 Kktek Button Maker 

Presenting a high-capacity button creator can create 1.25-inch buttons and pins, allowing you to add glitz and glitter to everyday fabrics or turn a drab wall into a work of art.

The machine’s structure is made of materials that ensure long-term reliability and easy running. With a slide base that makes for easy slide track action, you can confidently place the badges with greater precision.

The correct orientation of the molds means that your perfect image is printed smoothly where you like it on the pins. When you adjust the dies, the elevated portion stops them from going away.

You won’t need to apply undue effort to finish the printing because the secure handle has a safe and sure grip. As a result, it’s quick on the hands and means that the tasks are completed quicker.

You will have a lower failure rate due to the ergonomic handle nature, which will still direct you to make flawless pins. These pins and badges make beautiful presents for friends and family. You may also use them as advertising items for goods and services or some festival or social cause.

The machine’s measurements are 20.4 inches tall at the handle, 6.3 inches wide at the base, and 11.4 inches long at the base, make it easy to place somewhere and store while not in operation. It’s also lightweight and compact, allowing you to work from anywhere.


  • Correct orientation
  • Printed precisely
  • Reliability
  • Glitter


  • No user guidelines 

#7 Badge-A-Mint 2 1/4″ Kit Button Press 

It is the tiniest and most practical button builder you’ll ever see! With ten sets of everything you need to make buttons and ten ready-to-use templates, this package is sure to pique your interest in being creative and designing personalized pins in no time!

This mobile device’s speed of 50 clicks per hour is commendable. This 2-1/4-inch gadget is so small that you can place it in your pocket and take it around without noticing its weight. This device will produce buttons that are 2-1/4 inches in diameter, large enough to have text, pictures, or logos on them.

It’s an excellent gift for beginners, and if you have a printer and a digital camera, you can make custom buttons in minutes. It’s a perfect way to start a small company because it doesn’t need much capital to help you make a nice profit in a short period.

The primary mechanism does not necessitate any installation. Children will find the operation safe and straightforward to use. The lever is simple to press down and needs no additional effort, making it easier on your fingers. 

This pocket-size button-making kit is made of sturdy plastic and is both sturdy and lightweight. It will bring children to the world of exciting badges featuring images from their beloved cartoons.

You can render bottle openers, keychains, magnets, mirrors, and other merchandising products in addition to buttons. There’s no better way for both kids and adults to personalize their backpacks and portable accessories than with stickers.


  • Easy Installation 
  • Portable accessories
  • Personalize backpacks
  • Pocket-size button-making kit


  • Low Durability 

#8 MK. Beak Button Badge Maker  

With this picture button builder unit, you can make pins and badges in any form or size you want – hearts, squares, circles, triangles, and more!

Your buttons are the ultimate mark of personalization, with a wide range of exclusive shapes and sizes that can transform any art, fabric, or home decor from basic to absolutely fabulous! It is a prominent button manufacturer that can make buttons up to 25 millimeters in diameter.

The product’s exclusive swivel mount technology is responsible for the high degree of precision and proper orientation and placement. It aids in precise positioning and imprinting, ensuring that the logo, text, or photograph is smooth where it should be on the pin.

The computer saves you time by increasing your production and performance, resulting in increased income for your business. It’s aimed at both experienced pros and novices looking to launch a new passion.

The magnetic lower die makes adjusting molds hassle-free and straightforward, which speeds up the process. It also ensures that the button positioning is safe, ensuring that each one has a perfectly matched picture.

The one-piece handle is simple to use and has extra thick spring bearings so you don’t have to sweat with it and can drive it without tiring your hands. It’s also made of titanium, which is both sturdy and rust-resistant.

This badge maker’s aluminum alloy structure makes it robust and long-lasting, ensuring high durability for many years. Furthermore, you can have a low failure rate for this method if you consistently produce excellent performance. You’re all set to create masterpieces with the circle cutter and 600 button packs!

When you’re running, the anti-slip pad keeps the unit from slipping and falling. The product’s measurements are 43 centimeters by 28 centimeters by 8 centimeters, counting the handle.


  • Aluminum alloy structure
  • Magnetic lower die
  • Performance
  • The high degree of precision


  • Low-quality Construction material used 

#9 Inex Life Button Maker 

To take your art to the next level, all you need is a multipurpose machine like this for making buttons and badges. Aside from standard pins, you can use this product to make keychains, bottle openers, advertising pins, rope links, gift tags, and greeting cards that the recipient may choose to carry and wrap presents in imaginative ways. This method will help you move your paper creations to the next level.

This product makes it easy to make pins and buttons smoothly. One 58-millimeter button mold, one-button manufacturer, and a very user-friendly circle cutter punch press are of industrial grade. The kit also has 1,000 circle button pieces that include a shell and pinback. So, you can get started right away.

The sturdy aluminum die-casting structure of this button-making kit ensures its high efficiency. It’s the best button maker unit you can have because of the cast iron and injection mix. Overall, the construction quality is dependable, robust, and suitable for heavy-duty use.

For this gadget, fabulous keys are just two moves apart. It’s quick to set up and run, and the long, ergonomic handle makes it much more manageable. Steel is used to make the handle, which makes it sturdy and rust-resistant. You can render keys easier and more efficiently if you have a comfortable grip.

The high pace of 200-300 parts per hour is incredible and speeds up the operation. You don’t have to physically cut the paper or film with the circle cutter with a spring-action lever; instead, use it to create complete circles. 

To make professional-looking buttons, use ordinary paper. The foundation is comprehensive and concrete to keep the unit from sliding away from the workbench and presenting a threat.


  • 58-millimeter button mold
  • Multipurpose machine
  • Sturdy aluminum die-casting
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Bad foundation 

#10 Vevor Button Maker 

If you’ve been putting off your hidden desire to start a button firmly, now’s your chance to do it! This full metal bodied machine is robust, stable, dependable, and durable, so you’ll be making a solid investment. Metal is used everywhere, including the frame, to ensure maximum stability and ease of use.

The base’s mechanism is rotatable, making it easier to interchange molds for greater accuracy, increasing productivity, and eliminating waste time. The base, too, is resistant to wear and tear, making it a long-lasting choice.

You can make buttons of the same size with a die size of 2.3 inches. Two hundred round button sets, a set of dies, one instruction manual, along with a set of computer parts, as well as one plastic paper cutter are included in the box.

The gadget has a long, ergonomically built handle that gives you a tight and relaxed grip, in addition to its ease of installation and user-friendliness. The handle is easy to push without exerting Herculean effort, so no extra pressure is needed.

Make badges, key chains, bottle openers, magnets, mirrors, rope links, and pins for use at any case, to support a social or political cause, to brighten up dark fabrics, and to highlight your handiwork such as embroidery and paper arts and crafts.

Installing this button maker is simple and only takes three stages. That means you’re just three steps away from launching your dream hobby and company. The heavy-duty unit can do all the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to.


  • Heavy-duty unit
  • spring-action lever
  • professional-looking buttons
  • Easy Installation 


  • The handle could have been better. 

#11 Yescom Button Badge Maker

Have some fun and clever drawings and graphics on paper but aren’t sure how to make them come to life? Here’s the ideal way to give your imagination a boost! Make buttons with your concept or duplicate to show the world your artistic genius! 

It is the best button machine, to begin with if you want to operate in small batches. You’re less likely to waste money because of the guaranteed low failure rate.

The device’s cast-iron structure makes it stable, robust, and sturdy, allowing it to function for long periods. The metal slide plates are there for easy sliding to ensure correct alignment and operation.

Acrylic is used for the foundation, which can last a long time. This material also keeps the machine’s weight to a minimum, allowing for simple portability. The tool’s measurements make it simple to store.

This package contains everything you’ll need to get started, including 1,000 button sets of translucent film, tops, and pinned backs. The button measures 2-1/4 inches in diameter. Since you can make buttons of different sizes with interchangeable molds, you have more variety.

It’s easy to set up and use. You will include specific directions in the enclosed manual. The package consists of installation tools such as 4 Allen buttons, eight screws, and two knives. A circle cutter is also included for accurate cutting and measurements.

The 15.8-centimeter handle is simple and straightforward to use, requiring no extra strain. Paper with a weight of 100 – 157 grams per square meter is recommended for use. Other merchandising products that you can create include rope ties, bottle openers, key chains, magnets, and even mirrors.


  • The guaranteed low failure rate
  • Non-slip foundation
  • 15.8-centimeter handle
  • Interchangeable molds


  • Low durability 

#12 ChiButtons Maker Kit 

This all-in-one button-making kit will keep you busy for hours while you get lost in the excitement of creating personalized buttons for your friends and family. The 25-millimeter round mold produces buttons of the same size. 

The circle cutter that comes with the kit is flexible, giving you more options. There’s no need to search for accessories elsewhere because picture paper and 500 button sets are included.

This device’s excellent combination of stainless steel and aluminum makes it sturdy, dependable, stable, and corrosion and rust-resistant. Around the same time, it’s light enough to hold without making your hands feel heavy. Furthermore, the button press is rust-resistant and long-lasting.

The system has a swivel mold base with slots for a faster and more precise operation, making changing molds smooth and hassle-free. The ergonomic handle provides the perfect combination between grip and comfort. As a result, you spend less time battling it and more time making it.

You can be sure of a stable workspace for the non-slip foundation, and there’s no risk of the unit slipping or rolling away from the bench and crashing. This machine can make various objects, including buttons, rope links, mirrors, key chains, magnets, and hanging badges.

Buttons are perfect for any event where products or causes need to be advertised, and with a gadget like this, the work hours transform into thrilling and entertaining times. This machine’s measurements are 15.7 inches in height, 5.5 inches in base length, and 3.4 inches in base width, making it simple to store while not in operation.


  • Good height
  • non-slip foundation
  • hassle-free
  • swivel mold 
  • rust-resistant 


  • It isn’t long-lasting.

#13 American Button Machines Button Maker 

It is a professional-grade button maker kit designed for both beginner and experienced button makers. The unit is made of American steel and is designed to last for several years of heavy use.

This computer can be quickly moved from one location to another due to its compact and lightweight size. Similarly, it is not difficult to store. On the other hand, it does not have any plastic components, so there is no risk of breakage during transportation.

With its two-step manufacturing process, the American button machine is simple to use. It’s also swift. The swivel-dies-to-stop function likewise ensures that the upper and lower die casts are aligned. It provides that the finished product is error-free.

There’s a slim possibility that it won’t adequately render it as a button for this machine; all buttons come out wholly finished. It is due to the function of optimistic complete stroke checking. It also ensures that the final product has a professional look and feel.

This button builder, on the other side, has a cushioned hand handle. The machine’s handle configuration reduces hand fatigue and wrist strains. It has a cam-on-roller option as well. 

This function ensures that only a tiny amount of physical power is needed to run the computer. Changeable dies are not included in this product. As a result, you’ll need to invest in a second rig if you need to make buttons of various types.


  • Professional-grade
  • Lightweight size
  • Slim possibility
  • Cushioned hand handle


  • Low durability 

#14 ChiButtons Pro Badge Button Maker 

This button maker should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a lightweight and portable button maker. It’s straightforward to transport. High-quality components are used in the construction of vehicles.

This machine has a swinging mold plate that rests on an acrylic frame that keeps the machine stable. As a result, you can use this equipment to make a button without fear of losing its balance.

Changeable molds are another appealing aspect of the ChiButtons Badge Maker. It enables you to produce badges in a variety of shapes and sizes with only one rig. You don’t need a different press; all you have to do is switch out the mold. And that’s what there is to it.

When making a pin for this, you can cut the paper a little larger than you think the completed badge would be. It ensures that the completed badge is neat and tidy at the end of the process.

This button maker is simple to use, with a handle that takes just a little force to press down. Note: applying too much force when pressing will result in a wrinkle at the edges of the finished product. 

Aside from that, the completed badge is neat and professional-looking. The computer is heavy-duty, despite its lightweight construction. It has the capability of being used as a professional button builder. It means you can make a lot of badges in a limited amount of time.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Lightweight construction
  • Professional-looking
  • Changeable molds


  • Not portable

#15 GOTOTOP Button And Badge Maker

This GOTOTOP button and badge maker machine are not as light as the previous alternative, but they have a portable version of the classic style. The majority of the traditional configuration of these machines has been retained, but the black foundation at the bottom and other redundant parts have been omitted.

In reality, by making the base ratable, they have improved the machine’s efficiency and ease of use! To improve accuracy and time, you can rotate this part while operating. Following the instructions in the given instruction manual, you can conveniently mount the whole setup on your own.

This button press machine is made of high-strength aluminum, which makes the body durable and long-lasting. Aluminum rails prevent rust at bay and prolong the life of the structure. It also adds to the overall sparkle of the button maker pack. The long handle is ergonomically built to have a secure and supportive grip in any press.

If you’re going to try your hand at button-making for the first time, this kit will help you out by offering you so much more than simply a machine. One thousand circle button bits, two hex keys, two dowels, two screws, two washers, and a circle cutter are included.

It comes in three sizes: 25mm (1 inch), 32mm (114 inches), and 58mm (214 inches). As a result, you will choose the best-suited one for your typical projects and specifications. It can also create rope ties, bottle openers, key chains, and other products.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Anti- Rust ability 
  • Conveniently
  • High-strength aluminum


  • Heavyweight 

#16 TalentButton Heart-Shaped Button Maker 

If you’re tired of the same old button shapes and want to try something different, this badge button builder is the one for you! It’s designed in such a way that it can handle a variety of shapes on its own, including the adorable heart figure.

The builder computer, which is the most critical component of this package, is lightweight. As a consequence, and though you have a little art corner, you can conveniently store it. It’s also very light, making it ideal for those looking for a portable badge button builder kit.

This kit includes molds in the form of a heart and also button pieces of the same shape. They form the perfect setting for pressing the first badges or the buttons in a hearty silhouette. Start by using the die mold provided with this package, which is built in the same form.

That isn’t to say that you have to limit your imagination to heart-shaped buttons. About the fact that the unit is fitted with dies that are prepared in a specific form, it can fit with any other standard number. You can use it to render round, square, rectangular, and oval buttons and badges.


  • Lightweight
  • Adorable heart figure
  • Conveniently storage 
  • Low durability 


  • Bad packaging 

#17 Dawei Button Maker

This Dawei button maker is made to last. It has a solid, die-cast aluminum body structure that can easily handle the button pressing operation. It has a steel handle that does not fold or compress as you turn it to punch the ball. 

The mold-holding sliding plate is often made of metal, which allows it to keep the molds securely in place. It’s robust and long-lasting thanks to its all-metal construction.

The metal sliding plate has two molds: one for rendering the badge (buttons, bottle openers, key holders, and so on) and the other for punishing the pin back into the badge. When punching the various sections of the buttons together, this plate is held loosely on the button maker’s frame, allowing it to slide from one mold to another.

This button builder also includes 1000 sets of 44mm badge pieces and a circle cutter in addition to the two molds. These add-ons have everything you’ll need to get started designing your buttons right away.

Furthermore, the computer is simple to use. Just in case things get rough, there’s a user manual included. It guarantees a gentle learning curve before moving on to the exciting part: creating personalized buttons.


  • Metal sliding plate
  • Mold-holding sliding plate
  • Die-cast aluminum
  • Long-lasting


  • Heavyweight 

#18 FASTTOBUY Red Button Maker Machine

The FASTTOBUY Button Maker Machine is a high-quality badge making kit. The kit includes: One Premium Button Badge Machine, One Stainless Steel Badge Mold, One Circle Cutter, 300 Set Circle Button Parts, 20 Round Photographic papers

Three Steps to Make a Badge, The Process is Simple & Easy to Learn & Operate. The Circle Cutter Features a Spring-action Lever, Making the Punch Press Easier. Save Yourself from the Trouble of Cutting by Hand.

FASTTOBUY Red Button Maker Machine is an Aluminum Alloy Casting Solid Body, Precise Stainless Steel Mold, and Long Ergonomic Designed Steel Handle that Offers a Comfortable Grip, Saving Energy & Time

Perfect for DIY Custom Pin Buttons, Especially Suitable for the Commemoration of Tourist Attractions, Various Conference Activities, Advertising Promotions, Government Organizations and Others.


  • Easy & intuitive process to make buttons. Get started right away.
  • Solid manufacturing & Extremely powerful
  • Circle cutter and plenty of material to make lots of buttons – great value!
  • Four different size machines to choose from


  • A bit pricey 

#19 Seeutek Button Maker 

More to come, and I’d be thrilled if you could show off a variety of your work? With Seeutek’s button maker computer, this is certainly feasible. This aids in the popularization of innovation and the personalization of badges. 

It allows you to give trendy ornaments and extraordinary gifts. Quality assurance entails providing the highest possible customer support 100 percent of the time.

Other than 500 for the inner, 500 for the outside, and 500 for the film, there are 500 button sections in 58 mm. Since the materials are cast in iron, they are very durable. Michael, this machine is a fantastic example of a button maker machine.

The badge pieces are made of aluminum frames with sturdy dies, and the molds are easily interchangeable. It’s swift and straightforward, with a low failure rate when it comes to assembly and operation. 

Metal side rails are critical in this button machine because they enable the process to be completed more efficiently and accurately. As a result, you’ll be able to produce an extensive range of badges in a limited amount of time. The best attempts to highlight the stunning producing skills would be by school groups, business conferences, and group events. The badge decorations are also incredible.


  • Metal side rails
  • Aluminum frames
  • Interchangeable
  • Quality assurance


  • Low durability 

#20 Happizaa Button Maker 

The Happizza button maker machine is merging at a robust marketplace thanks to the adoption of high-strength manufacturing plastics. The unit body and mold are integrated and have a long lifetime and are lightweight and straightforward to use. 

You will do this to improve your child’s physical abilities to create a variety of artwork. You can also have your photos printed on famous badges and have them customized.

You may also create one-of-a-kind patterns and trendy ornaments. You don’t even have to put it together, which is a huge plus. The product is already put together, which saves you time and effort. Furthermore, the production technology is so advanced the reliability is unquestionable, and there are no failures.

With lightweight features and stainless steel, the redesigned swivel mounts perform correctly in positioning. Compared to the first generation, the third-generation button presses improve in every way with an ergonomic feel. 

A 32 mm button maker unit, a plastic cutter, and a screw wrench are included in this DIY button package. Furthermore, 500 plastic films and 500 button pieces can assist you in creating eye-catching patterns.

You should give the package to your children or friends as a way to commemorate the services. We will put out more passion to make perfect buttons because of the excellent nature and high-grade environment. You will still have fun commemorating visitor attractions, conference associations, and colleges, among other things.


  • High-grade machine 
  • Production technology
  • Trendy ornaments
  • Lightweight


  • Less attractive 

20 Best Button and Pin Makers Things to Consider

Machine Material

The material that your button-making machine is made of will determine how long it will last. The majority of machines like this have a robust cast iron body that provides strong wear and tear protection. Cast iron is also suitable for machines because it can withstand heavy loads and resist corrosion.

The perfect button maker for you will be one made of aluminum or alloy castings if you’re looking for a lightweight setup. They’re still good options because these products offer good corrosion resistance.

Slide Plates

A button maker computer without metal slide plates is never a good option. As a result, you’ll have the usual sturdiness and longevity you need to finish the innovative process quickly. You can choose between ABS, silicone, and plastic for the frame.

Button Size

What size machine or dies you need for your button output is determined by the function of the buttons. Will they be used as pins, clothing pinback pins, or anything else entirely? But, before investing in a button maker unit, double-check with your customer and the project specifications.

Button dies, or molds usually range in size from one to three inches in diameter. Within this set, you can choose from a wide range of individual size varieties to find the best suits your needs. Choose a computer with adjustable molds, so you don’t have to deal with changing the buttons or adjusting the scale

Cutter Types 

A cutter included with a button maker machine helps manufacturing by cutting the printed pattern into a button-friendly form. It usually comes in the form that the computer can accommodate. In most cases, the oval or square cutter is the culprit. Some, on the other hand, are cut in rectangular or even heart shapes.

Easy Installation 

A perfect button maker machine does not necessitate a lot of work on your part to get going. It must be simple to put together or install such that you can get started pressing as quickly as possible. Go to the customer feedback section to see if the product arrives with an easy-to-follow instruction manual.


If you work in a company or have a career that allows you to travel regularly, you should bring a small button maker machine with you to keep your leisure time creative! To do this, you must consider the weight of the unit. Aluminum-based models or those with simplified architectures will be ideal for this use.

How to Maintain the Button Maker? 


Also, the best badge maker would not last if it is not washed daily and with the proper materials. Start by gently vacuuming it to remove the dry particles that have accumulated inside. It will get rid of any loose dust or debris that has accumulated there.

Then clean the dies with compressed air to remove any remaining paper or dirt. You can also remove these particles with a dry towel. Wipe the button maker with the towel to get rid of the unwanted items. It’s important to remember that you can never use cleaners or plain water on these units. They will potentially aggravate the situation by causing damage or lowering the quality of the buttons produced.

3-In-1 Oil

For button maker machines, this is the best lubricant. However, you must be cautious of the quantity used and when it is applied. If you just use the computer rarely, do this twice a year. Create your estimates based on the fact that this oil is enough for 1000 to 5000 buttons for those of you who use it daily.

20 Best Button & Pin Makers FAQs 

Which button size is best for me? 

The best button size depends on the industry you’re targeting. If you’re making badges for election campaigns, for example, the suggested sizes are 25mm, 50mm, and 58mm. 

On the other hand, the photo industry prefers badges and buttons that are 75mm in diameter. You may use any size for advertising purposes, and it depends on the advertised service or product.

What type of graphics software should be used for designing buttons?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to graphic tools for creating buttons. Adobe Photoshop CC is the traditional approach, and it alone will provide you with a wide variety of creative options. So, if you’re not sure what you want on your buttons, that will be a perfect place to start.

There is a lot of techs available that are either less expensive or cater to particular design patterns. The best option for you will be determined by your specific project conditions, aesthetic tastes, and financial constraints.

Is the button making the business profitable? 

The Artec button maker analysis demonstrates that the button-making industry is a year-round endeavor. You can get started with very little money. The ready-made clothing industry produces an infinite number of garments and fabrics. 

They usually look for responsible buttons that can hold a garment’s charm on such emulations. On that note, as button makers form a commercial partnership with certain businesses, they benefit handsomely.

As a result, button makers are in high demand during the year. We’re considering where to start because it appears to be a lucrative market. You’ll just need a small amount of room, and your home will be ideal for getting started. Women from small towns or villages, in particular, will offer their full cooperation because they see the ambiance in it.

Pouring the mixture, Harding polyester, cutting board, cooling blanks, drawing, and finishing blanks are all necessary stages. I know it doesn’t seem to be simple, but once you’re adopted, it’ll be a piece of cake.

Finally, there is no doubt that the button-producing industries are in fine shape. The most significant explanation for this is that the market for designer buttons is growing. People are opting to purchase apparel and ready-made garments instead of making some extra efforts with their clothing.

20 Best Button & Pin Makers Summary

But there you have it, the whole collection. Any of these button makers will expand the creative possibilities. You can use it to create buttons, badges, key chains, and other products. These instruments are generally simple to use and transport. They also come in a wide range of sizes, allowing you to choose the suitable button maker unit for your needs.

You can see them in various colors, including pink, golden, and silver, in addition to the traditional red. Start with a low-cost computer and upgrade until you’ve determined which features you need.

After a thorough review of all the above-mentioned products, our recommendation is the Happizza button maker. It is perfect for both new and professional enthusiasts.