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5 Best Pencil Sharpeners

5 best pencil sharpeners

While considering the purchase of a new pencil sharpener for your class, you will quickly see a wide variety of sharpeners available in the market. In this article, we present our picks for the 5 best pencil sharpeners. They might vary in terms of a manufacturing company, their look, and functionality. You would be surprised to see so many variations in sharpeners, or not. 

Now the actual problem arises. Out of these so many options available in the market, which are some of the best sharpeners available, which are not just available at an affordable price, are worth purchasing but will make your life easier?

In this article, we have come up with some of such sharpeners, which are ideal for the class to provide optimal functionality to students and maintain decorum, silence, and peace.

5 Best Pencil Sharpeners – Our List

#1 Bostitch EPS11HC

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If in your Classroom, only one student demands a sharpener at a time, that is, there is no queue for sharpener usage, then Bostitch EPS11HC can be an ideal option for you. Whether you want it for ordinary pencils or colored pencils, this sharpener is the ultimate solution. 

Additionally, it is an electric sharpener in which you can set time as per your requirement. In this way, you can avoid over-sharpening of the pencil by a student. It is the ultimate way for your students to sharpen their pencils efficiently, even if you are not paying attention to them. It will also reduce students’ chit chat while continuously grinding their pencil to achieve a perfect tip.

Then it is an anti-microbial sharpener, which is designed in such a way to provide general safety to students while using it. Although it is slightly oversized and bulky, it is worth purchasing a sharpener because of its lifelong performance. If you use colored pencils in your Classroom, then it is one of the best sharpeners one can keep for the students.

This sharpener provides a perfect tip of the pencil without reiterating the pencil’s grinding again and again. To indicate that your pencil is perfectly sharp, it has a blue light at its mouth, which starts to illuminate as soon as it sharps the pencil to provide a perfect trip. 

Furthermore, one of the best things about this electric sharpener, which makes it stand out from various sharpeners available in the market, is its silence. Even after being an electric sharpener, it didn’t emit a disturbing sound. Lastly, you can even replace it cutter if you start feeling a lack in the sharpener’s functionality.

#2 X-Acto School Pro Pencil Sharpener

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If you are willing to avoid a long queue of students waiting for their turn to grind their pencil, then using X-ACTO School Pro Pencil Sharpener can be a wise move. The best thing about this sharpener is that it provides multiple usabilities at the same time. 

Again, it is an electric sharpener, which is available with six embedded sharpeners ideal for pencils of different diameters. It is also suited for colored pencils. Thus, if your students use many colored pencils in the class while working, it can be the most optimal sharpener to be kept in the Classroom. 

The best thing yet about this sharpener is that it sharps the pencil to the extent that it becomes thin at the tip but still slightly rounded to avoid any harm to that student itself. Being electrical, it automatically stops as soon as the tip achieves a minimum threshold thickness. 

It is one of the lightest sharpeners you can get and can work so many hours simultaneously without overheating. The only care you should take care of is to use only a high-quality pencil while working with this sharpener as it didn’t work well on the low-quality pencil. 

Yet, the best feature is that it didn’t draw or consume energy, even plugged in the charger, till the time you start using it. Thus, it saves energy and falls under the category of environmentally friendly electrical appliances.

Lastly, you will never face issues while sharpening a pencil in Classroom because of its stocky duty build. It lasts longer and provides precise functionality.

#3 PowerMe Electric Pencil Sharpener

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Next on our list is a heavy-duty, long-lasting pencil sharpener, known for its best design and powerful functionality. The best thing about this PowerMe pencil sharpener is that it guarantees a minimum of 3000 uses without wearing out, which means it will last longer than you might have expected. 

It operates with the help of 4AA batteries, and you can even plug it into a power outlet. Because of its operation with the help of batteries, you can even carry it with you. Its compact size makes it even more portable. 

Don’t forget the garbage bin it provides to store all the dirt or sharpened pencil in it. The best thing is that it again is highly suitable for colored pencils as well. But the con with this pencil is that it continuously keeps sharpening the pencil if you didn’t remove the pencil out of it. That is, it didn’t provide automatic control to remove the pencil on its own. But because of its jam release functionality, your pencil will never be stuck in this sharpener.

#4 Omitium Electric Pencil Sharpener

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Omitium Electric sharpener is known as one of the best pencil sharpeners when it comes to colored pencils. But the most beautiful thing about this sharpener is the pencil holder it provides at its one end and the garbage collector it provides at the other. 

Additionally, if you are worried about your previous sharpeners’ dirty blades, then it comes with a brush to clean the blade of the sharpener. It is one of the sturdiest pencil sharpeners one can own, and it again guarantees at least 3000 uses during its working. It works on both AA batteries and power by the electric charger. Thus, it is the ultimate solution to all the problems.

It is known as one of the best electric sharpeners for art teachers because of its smooth functionality over colored pencils. Lastly, you can find an auto stop in this pencil sharpener; that is, it automatically stops as soon as the tip reaches a threshold diameter. But you can precisely set the stopping instructions in this pencil sharpener, which is somewhat the disadvantage of using this sharpener.

#5 RIYO Electric Pencil Sharpener Heavy-Duty Helical Blade Sharpener

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Automatic pencil sharpener suit for No. 2 pencils it will auto-stop when the pencil is sharpened to a perfect and durable point, fast at about 3-5 seconds sharpening but will prevent your pencil from being eaten.

 With a 360° fast sharpener and powerful heavy-duty steel blade could sharpen your pencil over 3,000 times. Also, there are 3 different sharpness options (Sharp/ Medium/ Blunt) that can be chosen. Perfect for teachers, students, engineers, children, artists, and anyone!

And comes with a storage box and a hanging storage box, it’s suited for small items on your desk, such as paper clips, clips, staples, etc.

5 Best Pencil Sharpeners FAQs

Q: How do electric pencil sharpeners work?

A: Electric pencil sharpeners use an electric motor to rotate a helical blade or cylinder against the pencil, shaving away the wood and lead, resulting in a sharp point.

Q: What is the advantage of manual pencil sharpeners?

A: Manual pencil sharpeners offer more control over the sharpening process and are often preferred by artists who want to preserve the integrity of soft-core pencils.

Q: How can I prevent my pencil sharpener from getting clogged?

A: Keeping your pencil sharpener clean is essential to prevent clogging. Regularly empty the shavings receptacle and use a cleaning brush to remove any trapped debris.

Q: Are there pencil sharpeners suitable for left-handed individuals?

A: Yes, some pencil sharpeners are specifically designed to accommodate left-handed users. These sharpeners have different blade orientations to ensure ease of use.

Q: Can I sharpen colored pencils in a standard pencil sharpener?

A: While it’s possible to sharpen colored pencils with a standard pencil sharpener, it’s recommended to use a sharpener specifically designed for colored pencils to prevent breakage or damage to the soft cores.

5 Best Pencil Sharpeners Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect pencil sharpener can significantly enhance your artistic or writing journey. Our list of the 5 Best Pencil Sharpeners covers a wide range of preferences and requirements, from heavy-duty electric options to precise manual sharpeners.

Remember, a quality pencil sharpener not only keeps your pencils sharp but also helps prolong their lifespan. So, invest in one that suits your needs and preferences, and enjoy the smooth, precise lines it brings to your creative endeavors or study sessions.

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