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5 Websites for Crochet Supplies

5 websites for crochet supplies

Crocheting supplies are especially prone to being subpar as it’s easy to get a substandard replica of the supplies ordered. In this article, we present our picks for 5 Websites for crochet supplies based on quality, pricing, availability, and shipping.

The difficulty and increasing frustration experienced by crocheters led us to provide an in-depth review of the best websites for quality crochet supplies.

5 Websites for Crochet Supplies – Our Picks For Quality

1) Knit Picks

Established in 2002, Knit Picks is a top-notch fiber and yarn company that leverages the skills and abilities of the company’s founders – a fiber craftswoman and an engineer.

Among the many impressive features of Knit Picks is their seemingly endless selection of high-quality Crochet supplies. As reviewed on Quora, they spend a lot of time selecting the best materials available.

Additionally, they have a wide variety of crocheting supplies, including needles and patterns. Most importantly, they offer the best prices to help customers without compromising the quality of materials.

To help you enjoy crocheting, they have books, videos, and a website that is easy to navigate. The site also provides specific options and categories for each project.

They also offer free shipping in the United States for orders over $50 and free tutorials, books, and blogs.


  • Crochet supplies are endless.
  • The website is easy to navigate.
  • Offer clients bonuses and benefits.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Shipping is free to the US for orders over $50 and there are monthly sales deals.
  • Available 24/7.


  • Quality is never in question.
  • Value for money.
  • Customer-focused and selfless
  • Beautiful patterns with appealing colors


  • Shipping takes 2 weeks or more.

2) Michaels

Michaels is a retailer known for its great value and attractive packages. The store emphasizes creativity, beauty, and attractiveness, making it the best place for quality Crochet supplies.

Michael’s offers an extensive collection of crochet supplies, such as patterns, needles, and other tools. The array of crafts you can do in their store is limitless.

The collections on their website are not limited to their own crochet supplies. They also carry yarn from popular retailers, such as Yarnspiration, and Lion Brand. With this and their own yarn line collection, they make a great choice for crochet supplies.

Michaels’s website is well organized, with well-defined categories to make navigation simple. Some of the categories are basic and specialty, while there are also categories based on the type of supplies and other factors.

The Michaels website allows you to order supplies online and have them shipped directly to your address, or you can order online and pick them up in the nearest store. This convenience eliminates unnecessary shipping fees and delays for people within Michaels’ reach.


  • Wide collections of crochet supplies are not limited to the Michaels store alone.
  • The website is easy to navigate and user-friendly.
  • Provides versatile pick-up options.
  • The website is fast and responsive and has little downtime.
  • Some companies offer special promotions based on reduced or even free delivery.


  • The website is fast and responsive.
  • Allows for usage of more than one promotion code.
  • The sales price offered in the store is available on the website.
  • There are some crochet supplies available on the website that can’t be found in the store sometimes.


  • Shipping can be expensive.
  • Shipping can sometimes be delayed.

3)    WEBS (

For over 45 years, WEBS has been one of the leading destinations for crocheters, weavers, and knitters. WEBS is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to serving creative minds.

Initially found in Western Massachusetts, this online store gradually became one of the most popular sites for yarns and crochet supplies.

There is a wide range of yarns and crocheting supplies on the WEBS website, which they have organized well in sections and categories. The website is easy to navigate and offers impressive packages.

The website has a well-organized menu that offers a detailed list of patterns and kits, crochets, weavings, and other subcategories that help you focus your search. The payment process and ordering process are also simple and straightforward.

Whether it’s their patterns, hooks, or other supplies, makes sure you get the very best at an affordable price. They also offer a convenient and hassle-free return policy, provided you have a legitimate complaint.

You can find courses, events, books, videos, and other materials that can be helpful for crocheters and knitters on their website under the Learning Center section.


  • Large crochet collections.
  • User-friendly and attractive website.
  • Fast mode of payment.
  • Explicit categories and well-detailed subsections.
  • Free learning platforms and opportunities.


  • Quality crochets supplies.
  • Attractive and user-friendly website.
  • Value for money and sometimes low prices.
  • Easy return policy.


  • Customer service is nonexistent.
  • The shipping process is either too slow or too expensive.
  • There might be items on the website that are not available in the store.

4) Herrschners

An excellent source of top-notch needlework materials and colorful yarns, Herrschner’s has been providing top-notch crafts since 1899. In addition, they have a long history of working with different brands.

The Herrschners website has everything you need to tackle any knitting or crochet project. It offers eye-catching crochet threads, hooks, knitting needles, and a variety of knitting machines for beginners and experts alike.

In order to give users the best experience, the website is sectioned into categories that are easily searchable. There are five categories of fiber content, over 20 brands (including their own label), five pricing options, eight yarn weights, and five categories of pricing options.

The brand has a strong connection with popular brand names such as Caron, Lion Brand, Bernat, Red Heart, and Aunty Lydia’s, making the website well-stocked at all times. Lastly, the website makes it easy to make payments and arrange products, thus rendering a pleasant user experience.


  • Easy-to-navigate website allows easy product searching.
  • The product listing is diverse and broad, containing products from over 20 brands.
  • Quality and attractive materials.
  • Availability of books, videos, and patterns for ease of operations.
  • Websites are often available.


  • Endless list of crochet supplies.
  • Easily accessible website.
  • Quality supplies at affordable prices.
  • Customers have multiple options thanks to a wide range of brands.
  • Prices are varied to accommodate almost all budgets.


  • Poor customer service.
  • Shipping is expensive.
  • Shipped goods cannot be tracked very effectively.

5) Amazon Crochet Supplies

Aside from being the largest online store, Amazon is known for selling almost anything you can imagine. However, most people don’t realize it has an endless list of crocheting supplies.

A staple on the web since almost the advent of the Internet, Amazon offers every kind of crochet supply available. It does this by housing almost every retailer in the business as well as adding to its own collection.

In addition to being well-organized, fast, always available, user-friendly, and well-maintained, the Amazon website provides easy payment options and pricing.

For bulk purchases, Amazon is a good option since discounts are available when you buy in large quantities. However, if you want to buy crochet fabric at wholesale prices, you will need to contact the seller because Amazon does not offer that option.

Without a doubt, Amazon is the most complete website for quality crochet supplies due to the enormous selection it offers. It is even made better with categorical search categories such as over 50 yarn brands, 11 fiber types, and 7 weight measurements. It is without a doubt the best choice of this list.


  • Outrageous crochet supplies range.
  • Houses a series of manufacturers and as such lots of innovative products.
  • Superb and user-friendly website.
  • Offers free shipping for users with prime membership.


  • Offers large varieties of crochet supplies.
  • Prices can be lower than usual.
  • Innovative supplies thanks to a large number of varying sellers.
  • Customer service is great.


  • Supplies are sometimes overpriced.
  • Free shipping is only available on prime membership or after you buy a large number of supplies.

5 Websites for Crochet Supplies FAQs

Q. What is the best online crochet supplies store?

A. Amazon is, without a doubt, the best place to buy crochet supplies online. This is due to its enormous selection of supplies as well as the thousands of manufacturers and retailers selling their products on their websites. However, it might be the best option for bulk purchases due to the shipping benefits attached to it.

For small quantities of crochet supplies, you may also consider sites like WeCrochet, Yarnspiration, and Fabulous Yarn.

Q. Where can I buy quality crochet supplies online?

A. All of the websites mentioned above are reliable options for getting the best crochet supplies. Although, there might be some errors from time to time due to logistics and human error, the websites are generally reliable.

Also, websites like Love Crafts, Jimmy Beans Wool, and Purl Soho deserve honorable mention. They have all proven to be reliable over the years.

Q. Where can I buy quality cheap crochet supplies?

A. It’s not uncommon to find crochet supplies and yarns online at absolutely steal prices. Depending on the color, style, or need to replenish, you might find some supplies at incredibly cheap prices. Some of the best sites are Amazon, Facebook, and Craigslist.

The last two are good choices because they are websites people turn to when they need to get rid of their crochet supplies.

Q. What type of yarn is the most expensive?

A. Although some yarns might be considered the most expensive, Vicuna wool is widely accepted due to its rarity, uniqueness, and exceptional qualities. The natural wool of the South American camelid Vicuna is loved by all for its lightness, unique coloring, and tenderness. Furthermore, it is unbelievably warm, which makes it ideal for making socks, blankets, sweaters, and other homewares.

Q. Why is yarn so expensive?

A. The price of yarn can fluctuate for a number of reasons, from quality, quantity, color, rarity, and some other factors. However, some websites offer incredible discounts on bulk purchases, which makes it only seem reasonable to purchase in bulk. One such website is Amazon.

Thus, the cost of yarn is largely determined by what you want and how much you buy.

Q. Which website holds the largest crochet supplies listing?

A. When it comes to the highest number of products listed online, there is only one website that comes to mind: Amazon! With over 50 brands listed on this website, the options available are virtually limitless.

5 Websites for Crochet Supplies – Wrapping Up

A good website for quality crochet supplies does not have to specialize in fibers or yarns, as Amazon has demonstrated. It should be a combination of the excellent listings on the website, the ease with which you can search the website, and of course the price.

Amazon is undoubtedly the #1 option at the moment for quality crochet supplies, but the other 5 listed below are all great options as well. This is due to Amazon’s immense reach, tremendous selection, positive customer experience, and other amazing features.

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