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Top 10 Best Halloween Read Alouds for Elementary Students

No doubt, Halloween is the best time of year. Kids indulge themselves in collecting candies, trick o’ treating, and wearing unique costumes.

But Halloween is not complete without some spooky and entertaining stories. Stories that teach some new values to your elementary students, along with entertaining them.

Here we are with the top ten Halloween stories you would like to read to your elementary students.

#1 Room on the Broom

Halloween is the time to enjoy and celebrate. One of the ways to enjoy Halloween is sharing some exciting and inspiring stories with your elementary students.

Room on the Broom is the classic Halloween tale that teaches friendship, wits, and inclusivity.

In the story, a witch with her cat was enjoying her Broomstick one night. Suddenly, because the wind blew her hat, wand, and bow away. Then three friendly animals help her to get his stuff back.

Kids are going to enjoy this story of a witch and her adventure a lot.

#2 Little Blue Truck’s Halloween

Want to tell your kids about impressive Halloween costumes animals prefer for their Halloween Party?

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween is a story about a cute truck moving all around the jungle to pick his animal friends for their costume party. All the animals are dressed uniquely in their costume. Will the blue truck also wear a costume?

You will have to read the rhymes and melodies to know this fact. A funny story that beautifully describes all the animal’s unique costumes in the form of poems, and students will enjoy it a lot.

#3 Spooky Pookie

Selecting the best costume for Halloween can be a tedious task for kids. 

Spooky Pookie is facing a similar problem. It’s Halloween; what costume is Pookie going to wear this Halloween?

With a unique resolution, Pookie is going to delight kids a lot. He also tries various costumes one by one to get dressed up in the best Halloween costume, but he is unable to find the dress.

Authored by Sandra Boynton’s Spooky Pookie is the classic Halloween tale. Kids are going to enjoy it a lot.

#4 Ten Timid Ghosts

One of the best sellers, Ten Timid Ghost is an excellent Halloween book that contains a counting of 10 Timid ghosts, a witch, and a lot of enjoyment.

On Halloween, a witch is planning to scare ten timid ghosts in a haunted house. She is planning to get dressed up in ten different costumes and props to frighten the spirits.

Young kids will learn to count to 10 with this horror-comedy. Will the Timid ghosts face the witch with determination and get their house back?

#5 The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

It is a classic Halloween story of a brave old lady with a twist and a lot of fun. Whether you want to teach something new to your students or want them to laugh a lot, this story is ideal for everything.

The story revolves around an old lady who was not afraid of anything. But one autumn night, when she was walking around the woods, she heard some noises and had to scare off. 

Will the classic old lady get to know the secret behind the noises?

#6 Pete the Cat: Trick or Pete

Authored by New York Times bestseller James Dean, Pete The Cat is a fun Halloween story containing the Trick o’ Treat tale of Pete. 

Pete loves candy and so Halloween, but he doesn’t like scary surprises. Read the story to get to know what is behind each door; Pete, visit Trick O’ Treating.

Students will find ten different surprises in Pete’s story and enjoy listening to Pete’s adventure on Halloween.

#7 Paint by Sticker Kids: Halloween

Want to know what’s your Halloween story this year?

In this paint by Sticker kids, you will find various stickers and free areas to fill in with stickers. Just count the number of stickers with the number of pages and fill the images with creativity.

For more fun, look at the sticker at night. They Glow! Cool, right?

It is a Halloween based fun activity, which your kids are going to enjoy a lot. Not just it will enhance their creativity along with a load of fun.

#8 The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat

The classic family Halloween tale of Berenstain Bears is all about the fun and adventure of bear country. A book from Stan and Jan Berenstain is a tale of Halloween where brothers and sisters plan to trick their neighbors. But what if the plan went wrong?

This tale is all about the fun brothers and sisters have during Halloween. All the small cubs get to know about friendship and how they can become good neighbors or friends.

#9 Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever!

Halloween is about to come, and Corduroy is eagerly waiting to enjoy the party and Trick o’ treat with his friends. Corduroy is organizing a party for all its friends where they are carving for jack-o-lanterns, and Bob wants to go for apples. They are also waiting to visit houses, collecting candies, and Trick o’ treating.

Before the arrival of Halloween, Corduroy also wants to select a costume for this Halloween. Will you help Corduroy choosing the perfect outfit for him?

#10 The Little Kitten

Ollie and her cat find a little kitten freezing in between a pile of leaves on one freezing autumn day. Ollie helped the kitten to get warm, and the three of them became best friends. 

But then one day, the ollie found a missing kitten advertisement on a tree and helped her new friend go back home. Since Halloween is around the year, Ollie’s good deeds pay her back in an unexpected way.

Wrapping Up

With Halloween, Read Alouds are one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday, along with teaching them acceptable standards. In October, I used to read at least two read Alouds to calm, enjoy, and learn something new.

Apart from this, you can assign books to your elementary students as holiday homework to let them have fun during their vacations along with new learnings.

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