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Copic Marker Alternatives | 6 Options

Copic Marker Alternatives

One of the most effective ways to make your artwork more vibrant and colorful is to use markers. Many creatives think first of Copic, so we present the best Copic marker alternatives in this article, as there are several markers similar to Copic quality although typically more reasonably priced.

Choosing the costliest kind of Copic markers is complex and unreasonable. As people rely on our art for fun and joy, we, as artists, must find ways to provide well-priced art supplies.

Have you experimented with various markers? Some of the best Copic marker alternatives are listed in this article, and they will not detract from the elegance of your project. Read on to learn about those fantastic top markers that aren’t Copic markers!

Copic Marker Alternatives: Product Reviews

#1 Ohuhu Double-Tipped Permanent Art Marker

Suppose you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to Copic markers. You may want to consider this product. Its a marker kit that includes 80 different markers and a colorless blender. The variety of this marker package appealed to me at first. It has one of the most diverse paint palettes I have ever seen.

These Ohuhu markers have lovely gradient shades. They will help you achieve smooth blending and give your artwork more dimension. The flesh tones to are excellent, and unlike most flesh tones, they are very realistic. Other markers don’t have flesh tones at all.

These markers also include a holding case in the kit. When you have a case to stack your items in, its much easier to keep them tidy. The case is attractive, light, and portable. It doesn’t take up any room in the boot.

This marker kit also comes with two different tips. As it has a high accuracy of the nibs, they will be an excellent replacement for Copic drawing markers. On paper, all tips glide effortlessly. There is very little resistance, mainly if smooth paper is used.


  • Affordable price 
  • Blends easily 
  • Lovely gradient shades
  • High accuracy


  • Tip sizes are not uniform. 

#2 Prismacolor 3620 Premier Double-Ended Art Markers

This is a substitute for Copic markers that comes close to the standard and accuracy of a real Copic. There are high-quality identifiers that are affordable to the majority of people.

If you’re searching for markers that are as good as Copic markers, these are some of the closest you’ll find. I recommend them to anyone from beginners to experienced artists if you’re looking for markers with vibrant colors and strong blending abilities.

The dual-ended tips are the first feature you’ll notice. The product features a fine point on one end and the chisel tip on the other. This kind of flexible marker appeals to me because it helps you to do a variety of tasks. Do you want to work on blending and shading? Are you using the chisel tip to solve the dilemma? 

The nibs on specific markers that are similar to Copic but less expensive are rigid. They’re difficult to deal with and mix colors. These are more adaptable. They allow excellent blending capabilities almost comparable to those provided by Copic markers.

These are also some of the most vibrant markers I have ever used. When it comes to efficiency, its almost no different from the Copics. Except that the alcohol-based ones have a runnier consistency. They’re a little soggier. But don’t be concerned; the ink flow is in good shape. On the first attempt, it doesn’t produce a giant blob of ink. It seems to have no trouble controlling ink flow.


  • Dual-ended tips
  • High-quality
  • It doesn’t dry quickly
  • High adaptivity


  • No marker blender 

#3 Art Markers Copic Marker 

This should be your option if you’re searching for a decent Copic marker solution. That meets the needs of beginners. It’s not costly, and it’s not difficult to use. The cost of these markers is reasonable for those with a tight budget.

This collection includes 72 different markers in 72 different colors. And when laid out on paper, these are all vibrant-looking, and the colors are precise. Thanks to this feature, I didn’t have to keep layering colors to get the vividness and richness I wanted.

These markers often come with two different types of tips. Because of their versatility, both the chisel and bullet tips are simple to use. The chisel tip has enough shielding. It isn’t overly big, but I like how much leverage I have when maneuvering it in tight spaces. The fine tips are ideal for incorporating meanings. With the delicate tips of these markers, you can easily attain some more minor specifics.


  • Toxic-Free 
  • Wide color selection 
  • Vibrant colors 
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Dries Quickly 

#4 Shuttle Art Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers

As its ink has consistency, Shuttle Art 51 markers are often used as 10 Copic alternatives. Their flexibility is one of their most distinguishing attributes. It’s easy to mix. It takes a long time for the ink to soak into the paper. You also have the opportunity to smudge the ink with the blender to achieve the desired result.

The color choices aren’t as vast as the others. So, they’re still suitable for beginners to intermediate artists. Suppose you’re an expert who prefers to create gradient effects in your artwork. The color range can be missing. But it’s fine enough for daily coloring for me, and it even fits for other things like journaling.

The alcohol-based solution in these markers is non-toxic. And does not have a heavy chemical odor. Besides, the ink stock is long-lasting. You can write 300 meters of ink continuously with only one pen. It’s an excellent option because it’s still reasonably priced.


  • Consistency
  • Long-lasting
  • Non-toxic
  • Flexibility


  • Blends with thin paper 

#5 ShinHan Touch Twin Brush Marker

This product is a copy of Copic markers in terms of functionality and capabilities. The rectangular shape of these contact markers stops the markers from falling off the table. This style appeals to me because it is easy to use. They’re surprisingly comfortable to use. It is easy enough for even children.

The fact that it has replaceable nibs and refillable ink makes it similar to Copic markers. If you run out of dye, you don’t have to buy the whole kit because refills are readily available. You should be able to use these markers for a long time.

If you’re looking for a close substitute for Copic markers, these are the ones to use. When it comes to design and functions, they are very similar to Copic markers. The ink consistency is also comparable. The quality of these markers is identical to that of Copic markers but at a lower cost. These markers are a good investment for students and practitioners on a tight budget.


  • Child-friendly 
  • Perfect grip 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Good packaging 


  • Dries Quickly 

#6 Arteza Everblend Art Markers

With its stylish carrying case, these markers made me feel like a real artist. The markers are neatly lined up in a container, each slot containing a pen, rather than being stacked arbitrarily inside. It does its job of keeping the markers organized without being too cumbersome or heavy. I will take it with me everywhere I go.

Although, outside the packaging, these markers excelled in various areas, including their exquisitely crafted barrels. They are all the same color, with the caps showing which one they are.

There are 60 different colors of markers in this collection, which is a lot of variety. For someone concerned about coloring, this should be sufficient. However, I wish it came with a broader range of flesh tones. The lighter paint options are also not as comprehensive as I would have liked.

These markers have the same mixing properties as Copic markers. They’re easy to mix, and the result isn’t streaky at all. The ink is simple to use. Few markers tend to run off quickly, but this isn’t the case for these.


  • Exquisitely crafted barrels 
  • Stylish carrying case
  • Stacked arbitrarily
  • 60 different colors


  • Bad Packaging 

Copic Marker Alternatives: Aspects To Consider Before Buying

Ink Quality

The ink content of Copic markers is exceptional. Copic markers aren’t too dense, but they’re not too thin. They don’t get streaky, which distinguishes them from the competition. The colors maintain their vibrancy and richness after drying on paper. They don’t fade as most markers do.

When looking for Copic rivals, aim for the same qualities you liked, such as solid ink quality. Make sure the ink dries quickly, so it doesn’t bleed too much and doesn’t go against the grain of the page.

The blendability of Copic markers is also well-known. You can choose markers with similar blendable properties so that you can create gradient designs with ease.


The colors in Copic markers are vibrant and rich. Bear in mind that their dupes are pigmented down to the last drop of dye. So, keep that in mind when purchasing them. Several labels come alike, and in some cases, also exceed the color vibrancy of Copic markers. However, you can see if the vividness disappears after it dries up or if it persists over time.

Flexibility and Durability of Nibs

The nibs determine the ink’s smoothness on paper. The ink cannot spread and mix easily if the nibs are rigid and made of non-absorbent materials. As a result, a successful marker should have soft, compact nibs. If you often use the markers, the chisel nib should have enough coverage and should not fray.

Copic Marker Alternatives FAQ’s 

What are the Most Trusted Copic Alternative Brands?

Prismacolor is always at the top of the list regarding alternate coping choices and a good cause. In terms of ink content and accuracy, it more than keeps its own. Arteza and Ohuhu are both excellent choices. Still, in the end, it all comes down to what you’re looking for. 

If you have a preference for a particular ink quality, go for it. Some people prefer a thinner ink consistency. At the same time, others prefer a runnier ink consistency. It all comes down to a question of durability. It’s still not a good idea if it doesn’t last long, no matter how good it is.

How to Care and Clean for Copic Markers?

When you’ve finished using your Copic markers, remember to replace the seals. You don’t want the markers nibs to dry out, which will happen if they’re left exposed. To get rid of stains and smears, wipe the barrel clean. Let’s try a tissue with a bit of alcohol for stubborn stains. It is also advised that you store your Copic markers upright in their carrying case. And keep away from direct sunlight. 

Can You Mix Copic Markers with Other Brands?

Experimenting isn’t a bad idea. I recommend combining labels that are also blendable. Copic markers are easy to mix, but if you use markers that dry quickly or runoff, the Copic ink you’ve used will be ruined. Suppose you want to combine it with other markers. Look for something comparable to the standard of Copic markers.

Copic Marker Alternatives: Conclusion 

Finding the ideal art materials for our craft is essential for us as artists. We should not waste a lot of money creating gorgeous designs. Alternatives to Copics are sought by a wide range of individuals, not just musicians.

Our experts recommend Ohuhu Alcohol Art Makers. The most significant part about this package of markers is that it comes in 120 different colors! You will never go wrong with this kit because it comes in so many different tones and shades. The color selection is what sets this collection apart from the others on this list.

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