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8 Copic Markers: Review and Buyer’s Guide

copic markers: review and buyer's guide

Here we present 8 Copic markers: review and buyer’s guide to picking the best one for your needs. Copic Markers are high-quality markers common with artists because of their simple application and wide variety of vivid colors. They’re double-sided, with a nib on each end and a tank in the middle packed with high-quality, alcohol-based ink that’s odorless and non-toxic. Copics are a perfect medium for art because they can be layered and combined; they’re streak-free and lasting.

If you ask colorists and artists what their perfect marker collection is, they’ll almost always say Copic markers. It’s easy to see why the best Copic markers are sought after and considered a must-have for anyone interested in painting. 

Because of the ink consistency, these are some of the better markers available. It also helps that most Copic marker sets come with replaceable nibs and refillable dye. Many artists keep their Copic markers for years, making them an excellent investment.

8 Copic Markers: Review and Buyer’s Guide – The List 

#1 Copic Marker SB12

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The Copic Marker SB12 is one of the best markers in the market. This collection of markers comes in a sturdy plain box. Since the case keeps the markers organized and will not get squashed inside my pocket as soft carrying cases do, I find it convenient to wear. It also lets me see the colors I choose to use more because of the transparent case.

It’s a straightforward sketch kit, but it’s capable of more than just sketching. Various art forms and projects can be accommodated from both sides. It offers a lightweight brushing tip and is similar to drawing or water coloring, except without the hassle. You don’t need to use water to achieve the desired watercolor effect. The chisel tip can be used for a range of things, including coloring and calligraphy.

The ink consistency of Copic markers has been much discussed, and this one is no different. It uses one of the most colorful inks I’ve ever used. The markers are color-accurate; you get just what you see on the nibs or the cap.


  • Sturdy plain box
  • Anti-squash markers 
  • Lightweight
  • Straightforward sketch kit


  • No blending of colors offered 

#2 Copic Markers 6-Piece Sketch

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The Copic Markers 6-Piece Sketch Collection Skin Tones is the second-best marker on the list. I was overjoyed when Copic released this skin tone palette. Finally, there’s a broader variety of skin tones to pick from! 

It has six different skin tone choices to give you more variety and a range of human coloring. This is a must-have for someone who enjoys painting anime or doing much of their art with humans.

These are the strongest Copic markers for skin tones, according to many people, since they genuinely complement skin tones. The hues of the skin aren’t too black or orangey. These will be ideal if you want a more natural look. Barley Beige, Medium Suntan, Dark Suntan, Copper, and Blush are the lightest, accompanied by Cotton Pearl. 

These pens may also be used to add more blending. The consistency of these markers is comparable to that of other Copic markers. I’ve never seen a marker with a wider range of flesh tones, so if you’re into drawing anime or characters, you should give these a shot.

Given that you have curated flesh tones, I believe the price is fair. I will spend as much money on this collection again in a heartbeat simply because the ink content is excellent, and they are ideal for ensuring uniform and clear color. This collection of markers is a fine complement to what you already own, whether you like drawing people or are merely an artist.


  • Broader variety 
  • Natural look
  • Offers more blending
  • Budget-friendly product 


  • Low durability 

#3 Copic Ciao Markers 24-Piece Basic Set 

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For beginners, this collection includes some of the most common Copic colors. If you’re just getting started and aren’t sure which colors to use, I recommend starting with this one to get a sense of what you want to add. This is a solid foundation kit. You’ll like this one if you’re looking to expand your range of Copic markers.

There are pastel colors, a few skin tones, earth tones, blue shades, and green colors in this collection. This will be an excellent simple collection for you whether you do human art or landscaping art. This scale of Copic marker is also ideal for little hands. Because of their rounded form, children can comfortably carry these markers. I don’t like how oval it is, so it can quickly roll off the surface.

These markers are compatible with the Copic airbrush method, so if you already have one, you’ll love them. If you don’t have it yet but intend to have it in the future, this is also a good idea. These markers are often long-lasting. I didn’t refill it very well, even after regular use. And when I use these markers regularly, one bottle of refill will last me a couple of weeks.


  • Good for Beginners 
  • Child-Friendly 
  • Long-Lasting
  • Lightweight 


  • A bit expensive 

#4 Copic Markers 9-Piece Multiliner Inking Marker 

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The Copic Markers 9-Piece Multiliner Inking marker Set B-2 is the next choice, including the ideal Copic markers for drawing. Since they come in four different nib styles, they’re designed for drawing. You will start with the smallest, which is 0.05 mm, and work your way up to the largest, which is 0.5 mm.

Do you want thicker lettering strokes? This collection would also meet the requirements. However, keep in mind that these markers dry out quickly, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. It has the advantage of not causing streaking. It has a drawback in that it can be more challenging to deal with. If you don’t act fast enough, the ink will dry up on you.

The pens are simple to use. They float over the paper with ease. I’ve never had such a bad experience with marker pens before. They all seemed to be immune to them somehow, but this one didn’t seem to have that problem. These markers are suitable for painting in watercolors. Because of their waterproof properties, they should not bleed. If you want to paint in watercolors, these markers are a must-have.


  • Waterproof 
  • Easy to use 
  • It doesn’t fade easily 
  • Highly pigmented 


  • Dries faster 
  • Set is one color (black)

#5 Copic Markers 3-Piece Sketch Set

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This kit has three neutral and subdued colors that I adore. They’re similar to pastel shades, except in muted tones such as green. This kit also includes a colorless blender and a multiline with a 0.3mm nib scale. The markers come with two different types of tips. 

The nib on one tip is medium-wide, while the other can be tailored to your taste. You have the choice of getting the size you want. Choose between a brush tip and a chisel tip, depending on the needs. These markers may also be used using an airbrush device.

You might wonder whether Copic drawing markers can be refilled. The answer is YES; these markers may be refilled with fresh dye. These blending methods, like most Copic markers, have refillable features. This means you’ll be able to use these markers for a long time. I just kept loading them up.

I like the way the ink spreads out on the page. It’s silky smooth, and the markers dispense the correct amount of pigment. In reality, a small sum will go a long way. I’ve discovered that the blending methods I’ve used often put too much ink on the last stroke, leaving me with obnoxious dark spots at the end of the line. 

I didn’t have any problems with this one. These markers are also true to tone. I got one of the shades I was hoping for. These aren’t all for mixing, though. They’re also flexible enough to serve as your primary sketch kit.


  • Ideal for bending 
  • Refillable ink 
  • Silky smooth 
  • High-quality ink 


  • Tip quality could have been greater 

#6 Copic Marker 72-Piece Sketch Set (Set B)

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This is an artist’s dream come true! Who wouldn’t like a package of 72 Copic markers? I’d had my eye on this Copic marker 72-piece sketch Set for a long time before actually saving up enough money and having the courage to purchase it.

The Copic Marker System, with its excellent efficiency and creative versatility, is the perfect remedy for design simplicity and artistic liberty. These are non-toxic, fast-drying, double-ended markers that come in a wide range of colors. They’re refillable and have a unique oval shape for a more stable grip and keep them from rolling backward.

Durable polyester nibs are conveniently interchangeable and come in nine different weights and sizes and electronic color and performance quality. Color selection is quick and easy thanks to the accurate and constructive colored capping method. 

Seventy-two Drawing markers are included in this package, which comes in a 13×2-1/2×6 inch clear plastic storage/display case. Be mindful there are several color sets available, each sold separately.

These markers have a lot of pigment. I adore how bright and rich they seem on paper. On thin sheets, they have a propensity to bleed, so make sure you get high-quality paper. If you use thin paper, you won’t be able to do justice to these markers. These markers have amazing mixing capabilities. There isn’t a lot of opposition. I had no trouble with the way the ink mixed.


  • Amazing mixing capabilities
  • Non-toxic
  • Fast-drying
  • Durable polyester nibs 
  • The last set of Copic markers you’ll ever need to buy


  • Packaging is relatively low-quality 
  • Very Expensive (although a good value

#7 Copic Marker Sketch Color Fusion Markers

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This is a three-piece kit of the same hue in various colors. It’s ideal for producing gradient hues and blending. It’s also helpful in achieving color depth that you wouldn’t get if you switched to a completely different color.

You will have the lightest shades, and these markers appear to produce a smooth convergence of colors and gradation. If you want to achieve the gradient effect, I suggest buying different color sets for these fusion markers. I often believe that this is a fine package to purchase if you only have a few colors in mind. 

It is suitable for both beginners and practitioners. If you’re a graphic artist or an interior designer, you’ll find these markers to be visually beautiful. The ink consistency is the same. 

You will also have the same level of service. Before it dries up, you’ll have plenty of time to mix it. It’s challenging to do with other markers until it’s dried up. The formulation is also appealing to me. It’s not too dry, but it’s also not too wet. With the right paper, you can do a lot with these markers.


  • Lightest shades
  • Smooth convergence
  • Gradient effect
  • Good quality tip


  • Dry out quickly 

#8 Copic Marker Montana Rainbow Doodle Kit 7 Markers 

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This rainbow doodle pack offers 5 Ciao-colored markers and two multi-liners. You should doodle on the multi-liners and then fill them with Ciao markers. The Ciao markers appeal to me because they are easy to use. They are also suitable for beginners. They’re easier to carry than drawing markers, but they’re not as big. These markers are simple enough for even children to use.

This line is geared toward hobbyists and enthusiasts who are just getting started with Copic. It comes with basic marker colors, which should be sufficient to get you started. These are easy to combine, as one would imagine from Ciao markers. 

They lie flat on the paper with no gaps. They don’t bleed to the next color and don’t get anywhere. If you like mixing, these markers would be great for you. Keep in mind, though, that these shades are on the lighter side. You can aim for something else if you want more vivid and darker shades.

The multi-liners are also a good touch. The nibs are simple to use, and the ink is vibrant. Since the ink is ethanol-based, it dries fast and is also water-resistant. The ink would not disappear or stain if you paint over it with watercolor.


  • Easy to blend 
  • Variety of colors 
  • Multiliners
  • Children friendly 


  • A bit expensive

8 Copic Markers: Review and Buyer’s Guide – Aspects To Consider Before Buying Copic Markers 

Choosing the best Copic brand markers is primarily a matter of preference. I recommend thinking about your tastes and determining which features you want to see more and what type of color effect you want. 

What kind of base does it have? There are a variety of bases available for these markers. Others are Copic sketch markers, which are ideal for drawing, and others are Copic color markers, which are suitable for painting.

Copic brands also use alcohol-based markers, such as the Ciao markers. Landscape artists like these makers because they fit in well. They will, however, be used for painting, calligraphy, journaling, and several other art practices.

Pigment-based ink is another alternative. Pigmented inks are usually composed of these small powder-like particles suspended in a liquid carrier. The shades are very bright, and they are pigmented inks.

Color Options 

Testing the paint choices is a simple way to find out the Copic markers are right for you. Choose the 12-piece kit if you want to begin with the finest Copic markers. It’s an outstanding choice for newcomers who are always working out their style. 

It also depends on the form of art you often do. If you like drawing manga or anime, Copic’s flesh tones are a must. They even have a blending kit, so if you’re missing this one from your list, go for this one.

Replaceable Nibs and Refillable Ink

It’s a brilliant idea to go for the ones that have replaceable nibs and refillable ink, so you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. It also gives you a wider range of nib choices. 

There are other markers with refillable nibs that fit with Copic markers if you’re on a budget. It’s much safer for the atmosphere, and you won’t be tossing out many markers. I’ve got my Copic markers for a long time. The barrels are of exceptional consistency, but they can last a long time.

Ink Volume 

The fact that these markers have refillable ink can also verify how much ink they have. If you’re on a budget, refills can still be expensive, so pick refills that will last a long time to get the best out of your pocket.

Ease of Use 

If you’re new to Copic marker pens, look for one with a short learning curve. It’s more difficult to like using markers designed by professionals. Beginners can also use markers that are easy to use. To get an idea of what kind of artist you are, start with Copic markers for beginners, such as the Copic classic. After you’ve gotten used to these markers, you’ll be able to decide the nibs and sketch sets are perfect for your style.

8 Copic Markers: Review and Buyer’s Guide FAQs 

Q: What Is a Copic Marker? 

A Copic marker is a well-known brand of marker made and produced by the Too Corporation of Japan. These markers are very common worldwide due to their high quality, and they have a wide demand in the United States, North and South America, and Europe. 

They’ve been around since the late 1980s and have amassed a large following due to their pens’ quality. These pens have excellent ink consistency, which accounts for their high price. Their refillable ink and replaceable nibs are also well-known.

These markers work similarly to other markers. To use the simple kit, simply color your sketches with standard markers. Others have only one nib, a perfect tip, or a bullet tip, and most have two nibs and one brush tip. The brush tip can be used much like a true watercolor brush.

Q: Why Should You Use a Copic Marker? 

Coloring, sketching, journaling, painting, and various other art practices are all possible with these markers. These markers are essential if you are serious about your art and want the highest quality ink at a reasonable price. 

These markers are also necessary if you are concerned about your environmental effects. You don’t have to purchase the whole package, and these markers are refillable. To use the markers again, simply purchase an ink bottle and empty the barrels.

Most people believe them to be the best. Because of their outstanding quality and refillable and replacement properties, they have gained a solid reputation and are a front-runner in artist markers. If you’re looking for a marker with high-quality ink and refillable features, these are the ones to use. They aren’t the easiest, however, since these markers are more costly than the average marker.

Copic markers are distinct for many reasons. First and foremost, the pigment is of exceptional consistency. It does not clump up or become streaky when applied to paper. Most designers like them, and there is already plenty of time to mix the shades. 

Copic markers often last a long time. Many Copic markers have a huge ink capacity, so that a single refill will last a long time. Since these markers can be refilled, you can have them for years, if not decades.

Q: Are Copic Markers Long Lasting? 

Copic markers, on the other hand, are known to last a long time. More ink is kept in the classic series. If you don’t use them too frequently, one marker will last for weeks or months, depending on how often you use it. 

For the Classic version, one bottle of the refill can be used at least nine times, and for the Sketch series, it can be used at least 12 times. The barrels have a long lifespan. Many people haven’t changed their markers in years since they’ve been used. And the nibs can be modified.

8 Copic Markers: Review and Buyer’s Guide – Conclusion 

If you’re passionate about drawing but can’t afford the Sketch markers, the Ciao markers are a decent substitute. They’re a fantastic bargain because they have all of the Sketch markers’ features, except the wide color selection. But still, 180 colors are incredible and far better than most brands can do. 

The best Copic markers are an investment worth making. If you’re a beginner, Copic markers can be overwhelming, but once you get the hang of them, you’ll be able to create some fantastic artwork! They’re pricier than the usual Copic marker, but they’ll last you far longer than the low-quality markers. If you want to make stunning art, you should invest in the right equipment. 

2 thoughts on “8 Copic Markers: Review and Buyer’s Guide”

  1. I think Copic I36B is also a great marker. This is the best Copic marker set for beginners. The Copic Ciao marker set also comes with non-toxic ink, which is devoid of hazardous chemicals and ensures odor-free use.

  2. The price of Copic markers appears to reflect their status as the gold standard for art markers. I believe they are a little expensive, but the good news is that they can be refilled and the felt tips changed. They do lay down extremely rich and solid color and appear to last quite a long time before needing to be refilled. My son loves them and uses them all the time.

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