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DIY Flower Pot Snowmen

DIY flower pot snowmen

These cute little snowmen were made from a 4″ flowerpot, paint, and some leftover craft scraps.  An easy, fun, and adorable decoration for this holiday season. Let’s make DIY Flower Pot Snowmen!

DIY Flower Pot Snowmen – What You Need & How To Do

Items to Gather:

  • 4″ Clay Flowerpot
  • Paint and Paintbrushes
  • Any craft scraps you can get your hands on – we used pom poms, pipe cleaners, beads, ribbon, glitter, fabric scraps, etc.
  • Glue Gun


1.  Paint your flowerpot white.  You may need to do 2 coats to completely cover the pot.

2.  When the white paint has dried, paint in the accents.  We used a bright color around the base and paint a snowman face.  (We used the wooden end of the paintbrush for the eyes and mouth).

3. Decorate.  For earmuffs, we used a pipe cleaner and pom poms.  The toque was made out of the cuff of an old sweater tied at the top with a little ribbon.  We attached all our festive decorations with a glue gun.

IMG 0173

Hope you enjoy it!
Happy Holidays!

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