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DIY Slant Board

DIY Slant Board

Our Occupational Therapist often recommends using a slant board to help our students develop the correct writing form.  Why purchase expensive slant boards in catalogs when you can easily make your own?   Let’s make a DIY Slant Board.

DIY Slant Board – What You Need & How To Do

Items to Gather:

  1. Clipboard
  2. 3-ring binder with 3-inch rings (buy the least expensive one you can find)
  3. Velcro
  4. Flexible Pen Holder (optional)
  5. Decorative Duct Tape (optional) >> (the link is an example of what’s available, you can buy this or fewer rolls)


1.  With the opening of the binder facing downward, place a strip of decorative duct tape along the upper and lower edge of the binder.

IMG 0312

2.  Place two strips of velcro on both the clipboard and the binder.


  3.  Adhere the pencil gripper at the top of the binder.


DIY Slant Board Other Tips & Suggestions:

Make a few slant boards to have on hand!

Hope you find the slant board a helpful tool for use in your classroom!

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