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2 Easy DIY Wire Rings with Beads Ideas for Girls

Easy DIY Wire Rings with Beads Ideas for Girls

Today we discuss 2 easy DIY wire rings with beads ideas for girls. Have you ever jumped from one jewelry store to another, hunting for a specific piece of jewelry that you have in mind? How about if we tell you that you can save yourself the hassle and create a perfectly customized jewelry item at home? DIY jewelry never goes out of fashion. There is something special about owning a beautiful piece of jewelry that you have made yourself. You will feel a huge sense of accomplishment whenever you set your eyes on it, just gleaming away.

Want to create a wire-wrapped ring with beads for yourself? To help you out, in this blog, we have compiled the two best DIY wire rings with beads ideas for you to get started with. So before any further ado, let’s get crafting!

2 Easy DIY Wire Rings with Beads Ideas for Girls | Step-by-Step Guide

Thanks to the easy-to-create instructions and the shortlist of supplies, DIY wire rings with beads are easy and inexpensive to make. You can make these customizable rings for yourself or gift them to your parents, partner, or whoever needs a little extra bling in their lives. Change the wire color and shape of the stone to create something exquisite every time. Though it might be a bit of a challenge initially, once you get the hang of the technique, it will be impossible to stop. Here are the two most essential DIY wire rings with beads projects that you must try:

1. Single Beaded Wire Ring

Do you prefer bold brightness or minimal elegance? You will find a lot of complex DIY wire rings with beads tutorials on the internet. However, rest assured, this isn’t one of them. The Single Beaded Wire Ring is one of the simplest forms of DIY jewelry that you can create. It doesn’t only make a beautiful piece of accessories to wear, but the Single Beaded Wire Ring makes an excellent gift as well. The only limits are your taste in jewelry and imagination, once you get the hang of this tutorial. To create a DIY wire wrapped ring with beads, you will need the following supplies:

Now that you have assembled all the necessary supplies. Give your creativity free rein and follow the instructions to see what beautiful DIY jewelry designs you can produce.

  • Step 1: The first step of the DIY wire rings with beads tutorial is positioning the bead on the wire. In order to do this, select a 6-8 mm bead in the color of your choice. Now thread it onto the wire, ensuring that it’s centrally aligned. 
  • Step 2: Position the bead-centered wire on the ring mandrel to determine your unique ring size. Ideally, we recommend sizing the wire to one size greater than your ring size. For example, if you want to make a ring of size 4, start at size 5. 
  • Step 3: Now wrap the wire around the ring mandrel three to four times, ensuring that you have four-ring bands (wires).  
  • Step 4: Use your thumb and forefinger to set the wires as close to the bead as possible. The slower you perform this step, the lesser the chances of you springing the ring’s shape.
  • Step 5: Now, take both ends of the wire and start wrapping them in a counter-clock wire direction 3-4 times around the bead. Note that each sequential wrap will go below the previous one. Also, while doing so, ensure that tension’s distributed equally on both ends of the wires. 
  • Step 6: With the structure of the ring almost ready, remove it from the mandrel. You will notice that one end of the wire is pointing up while the other one is pointing down. 
  • Step 7: Hold on to the wire end pointing upwards. Start bending it in the opposite direction (down) and through the ring band.
  • Step 8: Use the chain nose pliers to pull the wire ends up firmly. Now start wrapping coils around the four wires to create the ring band of your wire wrapped ring with beads. While forming coils, wrap them as possible. Note that the more the number of coils, the smaller the ring size will be. Repeat the same step for the second side. 
  • Step 9: Now, place the ring back on the mandrel and pull it down to straighten the overlapping wires. When finished, make sure that the position of the wires is parallel to each other and that they aren’t overlapping.
  • Step 10: Remove the ring from the mandrel and cut off the excess wire, leaving about 1.5-inches. Now use a cup burr to round the ends of the remaining wire. Use a nose plier to lock the ends inside the ring. However, do not push too hard. Flatten out the ring band again, and you are good to go!

2. Multi-Beaded Wire Ring

You can easily craft a Multi-Beaded Wire Ring using small-sized beads and a standard gauge wire. The beads come in various shapes and sizes. Thus, the rule of thumb for creating a wire-wrapped ring with beads is that the larger your ring, the smaller should be the bead. To make DIY wire rings with beads, you will need the following supplies:

  • Ring Mandrel
  • 18 Gauge Wire
  • Flat and Round Nose Pliers
  • Flush Cutter
  • Seed Beads (Small Beads)

Follow the below-mentioned instruction manual to make an easy, yet stylish wire wrapped ring with beads:

  • Step 1: Start by measuring the size of your ring. Use a flush cutter to trim down the wire four times the length of your ring size. 
  • Step 2: Select the seed beads of your choice and string them on the wire. You can opt for 4 to 6 beads. 
  • Step 3: Now, bring the beads to the center of the wire. Firmly hold them against the mandrel, a bit above your original ring size, and wrap both ends of the wire around the mandrel one time each. While doing so, circle one end of the wire around the top of the beaded wire and the other one around the bottom.
  • Step 4: Carefully remove the beaded wire from the mandrel and start coiling the open ends of the wire. Wrap the excess wire three to four times around the ring’s base and adjacent to the beads. Repeat this step for the other side as well. 
  • Step 5: Now, use a flat nose plier to flatten the coiled part to give it the perfect finished look. Ensure that no ends of the wire are poking out. 
  • Step 6: Place the DIY ring on the mandrel and push it down to give it a smooth and firm shape. Pair the piece of DIY jewelry with your favorite outfit and leave everyone amazed. 

2 Easy DIY Wire Rings with Beads Ideas for Girls – Wrapping It Up!

Aren’t these DIY wire rings with beads pretty? Do not get discouraged if the first few don’t turn out perfect. It takes time and practice to master the DIY crafting technique and get that flawless final look. However, mark our words when we say that once you figure out the formula, you will get hooked for sure. Experiment with beads of different shapes and sizes and even try to wrap more than one bead on the wire. Have fun creating and crafting wire-wrapped rings with beads! For related article please read this one:

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