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5 Types of Glitter Glue Available That Work Wonders

5 Best Types of Glitter Glue Available Today

Five Types of Glitter Glue Available That Work Wonders

Five types of glitter glue available that work wonders – ready go! Glitter glue is an excellent combination of glitter and adhesive. It helps create a better seal for projects while preventing the mess you make when sprinkling loose glitter onto projects. It’s also helpful for adding flair to cards and scrapbooks and decorating gifts and other accessories. 

At the end of the day, glitter glue will allow you to add pizzazz to any arts and crafts project you undertake. That being said, there are various best types of glitter glue options out there, especially for plastic and paper projects. But, the right glitter glue depends on the project you’re working on. So, on that note, listed below are the best types of glitter glue options that you can buy right now. 

BAZIC Products 6 Color Glitter Glue Set

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First on the list of best types of glitter glue, we have the BAZIC Products 6 Color Glitter Glue Set, which is about as basic as it gets. However, it is an excellent choice for beginners since it is merely a solid glitter glue set that you can buy for a low price. In fact, let us be totally honest here. This glitter glue set doesn’t have any thrills. Nothing exactly stands out and screams excellence. But the best thing about it is it gets the job done!

If we were to pick out a standout feature for this glitter glue set, we could gladly say it is an exceptionally high price-to-performance ratio. This means you can use this glitter glue set whenever and on whatever project you want without worrying about wasting material or money. In the end, the BAZIC Products 6 Color Glitter Glue Set has a well-balanced glitter-to-glue mixture ratio and comes with solid and pretty colors. A must-buy for beginners! 


  • It is incredibly affordable than other glitter glue sets
  • It comes in big bottles
  • It is excellent for paper and plastic decoration


  • The glitter glue comes in low-quality bottles that are prone to breaking
  • The nozzle is somewhat free-floating, meaning it can detach from the glue bottle if you squeeze hard enough

Elmer’s 3D Washable Glitter Glue Set

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For more than sixty-five years, Elmer’s has been providing customers with adhesive solutions. As a result, Elmer’s 3D Washable Glitter Glue Set also makes our list of the best types of glitter glue available today. This glitter glue set is an excellent choice if you want something with various color choices. It is also easy to use for someone trying glitter glue for the first time. 

Furthermore, it’s also worth noticing that the glue sticks are easy to grip and apply on even the clunkiest of objects like bottles or vases.


  • Easily washable when wet
  • Excellent glitter glue set for beginners and children
  • It gives amazing results
  • It comes with great color choices


  • Cap removal takes some finicking around
  • It takes some force to squeeze the glitter glue out of the glitter pens
  • It takes a long time to dry

Crayola Washable Glitter Glue

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Next on the list of best types of glitter glue options is the Crayola Washable Glitter Glue. This glitter glue is perfect for individuals looking for something with intense sparkle. But, before getting down to the tiny details, we also want to point out that this is a product that Crayola makes. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll be dealing with a quality product. 

Furthermore, The adhesive is pre-mixed with the glitter, and the glue-to-glitter ratio is pretty high in this product. Moreover, Crayola refers to the look of their glitter as a “bold blaze.” We’d also like to point out that the adhesive is easy to squeeze out and dries in approximately half an hour. As a result, your children will be occupied with their arts and crafts projects for a long time!


  • The glitter is machine washable
  • It is easy to squeeze out
  • It provides incredible end results
  • It is very cheap
  • Made in the USA
  • Dries in 30 minutes


  • The set comes with only five glue sticks
  • Tips of the glue stick are prone to breaking

AmazonBasics Liquid Washable Glitter Glue

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The Amazon Basics Liquid Washable Glitter Glue is another excellent entry on the list of best types of glitter glue. This Amazon glitter glue is similar to Elmer’s Glitter Glue Set mentioned above. We didn’t notice anything wrong with it, and the quality appears to be adequate for a beginner’s arts and crafts needs. It’s just that it lacks the pleasant Elmer’s charm that the brand is known for.

However, the best thing about the Amazon Basics Glitter Glue set is that it is less expensive than Elmer’s set. That being said, this glitter glue set is better than the Elmer’s in a few departments. One is that it easily washes off from your hand. On the other hand, Elmer’s glitter glue set has better hues and sparkles. 


  • Excellent for making glitter slime and decorating paper and plastic projects
  • Less expensive than other glitter glue sets
  • It comes with Amazon’s customer support and backing


  • Lower quality than other glitter glue sets
  • The colors are not that vibrant

Elmer’s Liquid Glitter Glue

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One of the best types of glitter glue available on the market today, Elmer’s Liquid Glitter Glue, is highly recommended. Elmer’s is a well-known brand that is widely recognized as the industry leader in the adhesive industry. While their regular glue is fantastic, their glitter glue is equally impressive. This glitter glue contains a non-toxic and child-friendly recipe that your children will enjoy. In addition, the colors, as well as the glitter inside, really stand out.

Another excellent feature of this glitter glue is it’s made from a no-drip, no-run formula. As a result, it is much easier to prevent messes and clean, making it suitable for school or home use. Furthermore, this glitter glue doesn’t harden like super glue when it dries. This means it remains flexible enough that you can change its shape without needing to reapply more. All in all, Elmer’s Liquid Glitter Glue is an all-rounder, whether you’re looking to decorate fabric, paper, plastic, or other materials. 


  • Best-in-class glitter glue option
  • Easier to clean than other glitter glue options
  • Made from a no-run, no-drip formula to prevent messes
  • Made from non-toxic, child-friendly ingredients


  • A little more expensive than other glitter glue options
  • Hard to squeeze for children due to the larger bottle size
  • Crayola offers better quality glitter glue options

Five Types of Glitter Glue Available That Work Wonders – Wrapping Up

We know that glitter can be intimidating for most crafters. After all, everybody loves to make arts and crafts projects with glitter, but nobody wants to deal with the glittery mess afterward. However, with the best types of glitter glue available today, you can avoid spilling glitter all over the place. So, trust us and buy your children a glitter glue set, and you’ll thank us after some time! It is one of the best ways to bring out your kids’ creativity and allow them to express themselves in the form of arts and crafts!

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