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20 Gifts for the Maker and Crafter

Gifts for the Maker and Crafter

Need gifts for the maker and crafter in your life? Whatever the occasion whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day, or a festive gift, we have some great gift ideas for craft enthusiasts and hobbyists. 

We have put together a list of the 20 best gifts for crafters, and grouped them according to price, in order to help you find the perfect present. 

20 Gifts for the Maker and Crafter – Best Gifts Under $10

If you’re on a budget don’t worry we’ve got you covered. These gifts are a mix of useful and fun, and they all come in at under $10. 

1. CONDA Canvas Professional Bib Apron

This canvas apron is an ideal gift for a crafter. It contains handy pockets for tools and is made of thick canvas that will protect clothing from dyes or paints

We like that this apron is completely plain because it means it can be customized by its crafty owner. One could also let the paint splatters accumulate and tell their own story over time.

2. DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kits

This is just one example of a diamond painting kit that you can pick up for less than $10. With diamond painting popularity surging, you can find some real bargains, and they make great gifts too. 

3. Crochet or Knitting Pattern Book

Why not gift a book packed full of crochet or knitting patterns? If your crafter is already established in a craft then provide them with patterns and inspiration for their next project. It will be a very appreciated gift. 

4. DAS Air-Hardening Modelling Clay

A messy gift, but one that your special someone won’t be able to resist. Modeling clay is relaxing to work with and a real sensory experience.  

The techniques involved in shaping the clay are fun to learn and easy to pick up. Therefore, this is a good gift idea even for modeling clay beginners.  

5. Sharpie Mystic Gems Permanent Markers

Every crafter needs a good set of pens. Whether it’s for crafting itself or labeling equipment, you can’t go wrong with some Sharpie markers. 

Best Gifts for Makers and Crafters Under $25: 

For $25 you can get your hands on some lovely craft-related gifts. From useful items to complete craft kits. Take a look at our best gifts for crafters under $25. 

1. Multipurpose Organizer and Portable Handled Storage Case for Art Crafts from Kinsorcai

Every crafter needs storage. This multi-purpose storage box is available in two different colors. It contains plenty of dividers to separate different crafting essentials such as beads, threads, or pins. A keen crafter would certainly thank you for bringing a little order into their life with this gift.

2. Embroidery Starter Kit from Cadyo

Is your special person handy with a needle and thread? If so, perhaps they will enjoy embroidery. This embroidery starter kit has everything they will need to get started and no need to make any additional purchases. 

The kit includes hoops, embroidery cloth, needles, threads and all-important stitching patterns.

3. Knitting Bag Yarn Storage

This yarn storage bag from Craftiss is the perfect gift for a knitting enthusiast. Available in 3 different colors. It has space for plenty of yarn and lots of pockets to store tools.

Plus, it will make knitting on the go, tangle-free

4. Diamond Painting A4 LED Light Pad Kit

As mentioned earlier, diamond painting is taking the crafting world by storm. And, as a result, you can now pick up diamond painting kits at incredibly reasonable prices.

This kit only contains the essential tools for diamond painting and not the diamonds and canvas themselves. But if your special person is already a keen diamond painter, then they will really appreciate a full toolset such as this. 

This particular kit also includes a light pad that helps illuminate the canvas. It could also be used for other crafts too.

5. Colorful Glass and Ceramic Paint Set

Glass painting is great fun and this is a great gift from the Colorful brand. You can upcycle old vases, wine glasses, or window panes, in a few flicks of a paintbrush. 

This is a set of 24 glass paints. They are non-toxic which means they are perfectly safe to use on all kinds of glassware. 

You could combine this paint set with some affordable glassware to practice on.  

6. DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Kit

It’s trendy and chic and will look great hung up in their home. Plus, they get the fun of making it themselves. 

This macrame kit comes with cords, wooden beads, a ring, dowels and an instruction booklet. Perfect for gifting!

7. Needle Felting Kit from Kissbuty Cactus Wool Felted Set

Needle felting is a great way to relieve frustration and stress. It involves shaping natural wool by poking it into shape with a special needle.

When you follow the instructions on how to shape and form the pieces, it is difficult to go wrong. Making this a great gift for a beginner.

The cute cacti featured in this kit are a real novelty. But, there are also plenty of more traditional kits available too.  

8. Tie Dye Kit of 15 Colors from Mosaiz (actually a bit more than $25)

Throw it back to the 60s with this fun tie-dye kit. With 15 colors, they’ll be able to create some really wacky designs. Customize t-shirts, hair scrunchies, blankets, or bedsheets.

Best Gifts for the Maker and Crafter Under $50: 

If your budget is up to $50 then you’ll be surprised by just how much you can get for your money. For sure, it’s quality not quantity but these entries on our list deliver on both.

1. Kuyal Art Supplies Box Easel Sketchbox 

The dual function delight is bound to please any artist or crafter. The beech wood storage box also doubles up as a really handy easel.

The easel can be adjusted to an angle that suits the crafter. And, the high quality beech wood adds luxury to what is a very affordable gift. 

2. Vigorfun Deluxe Art Set in Wooden Case

This art set is a treasure trove of arts and crafts supplies. Housed in a quality wooden box, there are paints, pastels, pencils, brushes and much more. Definitely a makers-must-have! 

3. Modda Deluxe Jewelry Making Kit

Instead of buying jewelry as a gift, let the person you’re buying for enjoy the process of making the jewelry themselves

This jewelry-making kit contains everything they’ll need, from pendants to pliers. 

4. Silhouette Glass Etching Starter Kit

Give your special someone a taste of what it’s like to be a glass etcher. Maybe they’ll discover a new hobby 

This glass etching starter kit contains everything they need to get started. They’ll have great fun customizing all kinds of glassware with this gift. 

5. CraftZee DIY Candle-Making Kit for Adults

Candles are a popular gift choice for many but this DIY candle kit allows you to make your own. 

With 4 candle tins, 4 different color dyes, and 4 fragrance oils. It’s a gift that offers variety and will brighten up anyone’s day. 

Best Alternative Maker & Craft Gifts:

So, now let’s have a look at some alternative craft gift ideas. 

1. Vouchers for a Craft Store

If you aren’t a crafter yourself then buying a craft-related gift for someone can be difficult. Or, maybe you aren’t sure exactly what they have/ don’t have. That’s why vouchers to a local craft store are a great option. 

It shows you’ve considered their interests but also means they can choose exactly what they want or need. 

When choosing a store to buy a voucher from, it’s also an opportunity to support local businesses. Many small traditional craft stores are being run out of business by big chains.  So why not make your gift a more ethical and sustainable choice?

2. A Crafting Experience

Many companies now run craft workshops and experiences. They can range from a few hours to days or week-long retreats.

There are also plenty of companies offering online workshops over video conferences – Or subscriptions to tutorials that people can watch at times that suit them.

Gifts for Makers and Crafters: Wrapping Up

Buying a gift for someone is always a challenge, and we know the decision can be stressful. There is always so much pressure on getting it right. But remember, it’s the thought that counts. 

You have already thoughtfully decided on a crafting gift for you craft-loving someone. And, you have searched the internet and found this blog. So, give yourself some credit, stop worrying about finding the “perfect” present and focus on finding a thoughtful one instead. You’ve made all the right steps so far. And, we hope this list of 20 best gifts for makers and crafters has helped a little bit too.  

So, whether you can afford a pack of Sharpie pens or a week-long crafting retreat, just know that you have put thought and effort into finding a great gift. Stop worrying and relax. Your loved one will appreciate the thought more than anything. 

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