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8 Clever Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom

Gadgets can help you make your class more fun and exciting. One such gadget includes the iPad. 

While you might have been creating presentations and assignments on an iPad, you should know that there’s a lot more you can do with it to make your class fun.

You don’t need to research and brainstorm to find clever ways to use iPads in the classroom – we’ve done it for you!

Here’s a concise compendium of the internet’s best ideas:

#1 Turning Google Map Into A Treasure hunt

Are your students getting bored in the classroom because of the daily lectures? Are they looking forward to some fun activities? 

Offline fun activities can quickly get boring for students. If you have iPads in the classroom, you can use them to prepare an exciting treasure hunt with the help of Google Maps. 

You can create pins on the map where you are planning to hide the clues and share those pins with your students one by one. Students can follow the map, interact with their environment, and reach their destination. In 

This way, they will learn about the geography around them and also interact with technology intuitively.

#2 Turning iPad Into A Microscope

What if you want to do some science experience with your students but don’t have a microscope? Well, don’t worry, you can turn an iPad into one. 

Using some simple steps, you can provide the proper knowledge and practice of using a microscope without using one. For doing so, you can visit a toy shop and purchase a magnifying glass. Those don’t cost more than $10.

You can then tie the magnifying glass at the back camera of your iPad, and you are good to go. While this trick works best with an iPhone, you can also use an iPad to give your students a peek into the world of science.

#3 Video Conferencing With A Neighboring School

If you want your students to open up more and become social, you can use technology in this case. 

You can connect with the students of similar grade with your neighboring school, ask your students to interact with them. You can also organize some on-air team activities. Taking shared lectures, organizing some fun activities and competitions is also a good idea. 

While your students may not understand that humans are a social animal yet, they will inherently realize that they are one.

#4 Digital Storytelling

Apart from all this, another fun activity you can organize in your with an iPad is storytelling sessions. Storytelling is an excellent way to teach the difference between good and bad to your students. 

With the help of an iPad, you can organize story listening and storytelling session. You can ask your students to visit museums, interview someone and share it with the whole class. 

It will help enhance your students’ creativity, encourage them to socialize more and conversate with others with the help of technology.

#5 Use Screencasting To Turn Students Into A Teacher

You might have observed that students understand a concept better when they try to teach that topic. 

With the help of an iPad, you can ask the student to prepare a topic and explain it to the rest of the class by casting their screen using an iPad. 

Not only will it make their understanding clearer, but it will also ensure that their classmates understand it more deeply. 

#6 Controlling A Drone

If you have gadgets to work on robotics and artificial intelligence, students can create AI projects and will be able to control the drones (toy versions of them, of course) and other projects with the help of iPads. 

#7 Creating A Teleprompter

If you have iPads in the classroom, you can ask your students to perform a little bit of prompting. With the help of an online teleprompter application, you can turn your iPad into a teleprompter. 

It will improve your students’ speaking skills and enhance their pronunciation of words as well. Additionally, students won’t need to edit much at the time of filming; they can do editing later on with a teleprompter’s help.

#8 Making 3D Models

With few applications like 123D Catch, students will be able to turn their imagination into 3D models. If your classroom has a 3D printer, creating a 3D model can be an exciting task for students. Not only can they do 3D projects with the applications, but they can also create toys and miniature replications. 

Final Thoughts

Technology is one of the best gifts humans can pass on to humans – it makes life so much easier on so many different levels. 

With the help of these technological implementations, you can make your class more comfortable and exciting as a teacher. If you have iPads in the classroom, you can use them in conjunction with the internet and make some educational and fun activities for the students. 

The students won’t just learn to use technology to their advantage but also pick up the concepts you want them to with greater ease.

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