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best board games for younger children

13 Best Board Games for Younger Children

As parents and caregivers, we always strive to provide the best experiences for our younger children. Board games have long been cherished for their ability to entertain, educate, and foster essential skills in kids. In this article, we present the 13 best board games for younger children that combine fun and learning in perfect harmony.

DIY Frosted Glass

DIY Frosted Glass Windows

Do you have a classroom window that faces the playground and is frequently filled with faces of former students spending their recesses peeking in? If you have a window issue, but you don’t want to lose natural light, this project for DIY Frosted Glass Windows might help.

DIY bulletin board borders

DIY Bulletin Board Borders

Are you tired of those same old boring store-bought bulletin board borders?  Time to get creative and make your own with DIY Bulletin Board Borders! 

DIY Character Rocks

DIY Character Rocks

Do you want to promote character education in your classroom?  These little tokens can be used to reward good character, or used for bucket filling.  It’s such a cute way to remind your students that good character ROCKS! Let’s make some DIY Character Rocks.

DIY Slant Board

DIY Slant Board

Our Occupational Therapist often recommends using a slant board to help our students develop the correct writing form.  Why purchase expensive slant boards in catalogs when you can easily make your own?   Let’s make a DIY Slant Board.

DIY Student Success Frame

DIY Student Success Frame

Here is a great way to recognize your young achievers in the classroom and give them a boost of spirit and confidence. Highlight student success with an ‘I did it! Frame”. Let’s make a DIY student success frame.

DIY flower pot snowmen

DIY Flower Pot Snowmen

These cute little snowmen were made from a 4″ flowerpot, paint, and some leftover craft scraps.  An easy, fun, and adorable decoration for this holiday season. Let’s make DIY Flower Pot Snowmen!