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15 Great Book Series For 4th Graders

15 Great Book Series for 4th Graders

Getting lost in the pages of a book feels great for any kid or adult! Good stories transport us to different worlds and we become part of the characters’ lives. As a result, we have put together a list of 15 great book series for 4th graders your kid will love!

The sign of a truly great story is the sad feeling you get when you close the book for the final time. The realization that you won’t be able to visit that place again.

It’s true that all good things must come to an end, but sometimes we just aren’t ready to leave.

That is why book series are excellent. They prolong that feeling of escape for just a little longer.

For 4th grade children finding peace in a book has a ton of benefits and we want them to experience that pleasure of getting lost amongst the pages too.

Great Book Series For 4th Graders – Our Picks

1.    Magic Tree House Boxed Set

The Magic Tree House Series is certainly a series that transports readers to another place.

The storyline focuses on a brother and sister duo who discover a treehouse. This treehouse has the magical ability to transport them back in time.

The journeys to different eras educate 4th graders about what life was like back then. And, the exciting adventures that take place while the siblings are there will grip readers.

The simple text and easy to follow plots, means the books are a good choice for independent reading.

The author Mary Jane Osbourn has written almost 30 books in this series. Therefore, your kids are in no danger of running out of adventures too soon.

2.   E. B. White Box Set: Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little, The Trumpet of the Swan

E. B. White’s collection of books are emotive. And, readers become immersed in the emotion of his stories.

The books draw out empathy, that you didn’t know you had. You truly feel the emotions of every character. And for 4th grade kids who are still figuring out feelings, this is not a bad thing.

Readers will find themselves sobbing for a spider and sniffling over a swan and musing about a mouse. But, always by the end, readers surface with the warm, fuzzy message; that love and friendship conquer all.

There are 3 books in the collection and although they are not connected by storylines or characters, E.B White’s style is consistent throughout.

3.   Artemis Fowl Series

The Artemis Fowl books take readers below ground to an underworld full of goblins, fairies, and a criminally minded 12-year-old named Artemis Fowl.

The series begins when Artemis Fowl decides to take Captain Holly Short hostage and demands a ransom. What Artemis doesn’t know is that these fairies are not to be messed with.

Author, Eoin Colfer, builds the characters so vividly, that readers feel like they are there amongst them.

Despite being set underground and the criminal themes, the books are far from dark. Colfer has achieved this by the hilarious characters and their amusing mishaps.

4.   The Henry and Ribsy Box Set: Henry Huggins, Henry and Ribsy, Ribsy

When books are too challenging for kids, they find it difficult to launch themselves into the pages. So, if your children are reading independently, it is important to select books that they can read without too much challenge.

The Henry and Ribsy books are excellent for this. The words are straightforward for 4th grade kids, allowing them to concentrate on enjoying the stories.

Comfortingly familiar and 4th grade relatable. This series is about a boy and his dog.

Henry lived a normal life for an average 3rd grader until Ribsy the dog came along.

Written by renowned author Beverly Cleary, this is a friendly and funny series that 4th graders can enjoy.

5.   Complete World of Howl Collection: Howl’s Moving Castle, House of Many Ways, Castle in the Air (1- 3)

Give your 4th grade kid a chance to disappear off to a fantasy realm with the World of Howl Collection.

Diana Wynne Jones, the author of the series, sets imaginations flying with her writing and adds a little humor in there too for good measure.

The first book is about a girl called Sophie who has been put under a spell. In an attempt to reverse this spell, she makes her way to Howl’s Moving Castle. This is where she meets the curious character Wizard Howl.

Sophie, Wizard Howl, and a couple of other characters, go on to feature in 2 other books in the series which are just as magical and satisfying as the first.

6.   Diary of a Wimpy Kid – 12 Books Complete Collection Set

As an adult reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, you are taken back in time to your school days. The recognizable characters, the thoughts, and the emotions are all so very familiar.

So, for 4th graders reading these books, it must feel like they are actually on the playground with Greg, living the moments with him.

Greg, by the way, is the main character and writer of the diary.  He is a middle school student, whose mum has forced him to keep a journal. His journal is an honest depiction of school-life problems. Many of which 4th graders will have experienced themselves.

Seen through Greg’s naive and slightly ego-centric eyes, his diary entries are very amusing and completely relatable for 4th graders. 

7.   Roald Dahl Collection 16 Books Box Set

Roald Dahl’s descriptive writing style makes it so easy to glide into the pages of his books.

Dahl works in a clever way. He takes the normal and ordinary lives of his characters and twists them into bizarre and wonderful stories.

The collection of Roald Dahl books is not a running series but his distinctive style runs throughout every book. So, if your fourth-grade reader has a loved one, it is highly likely that they will love the rest.

8. The Chronicles of Narnia

Step into these books as if you are stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia.

C.S. Lewis creates a fantasy world like no other. 4th graders don’t need much imagination because Lewis paints pictures using words.

There are 7 books that make up this series. The books follow 4 siblings who discover a magical wardrobe that takes them to the land of Narnia. Here they encounter many magical adventures.

Some 4th graders might find it a challenging read, as there are some tricky words and many characters to meet. So, you might wish to consider this as a read-aloud option. 

9. Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 Book Paperback Boxed Set

These books are great for kids that are studying Greek mythology. They are modern-day sequels to the ancient tales.

Featuring Greek gods and the main character Percy Jackson (son of a mortal and the God Poseidon). Your kids are guaranteed to love the mix of modern-day and ancient myths. Watch as they become entangled in the storylines.

Fortunately, there are 5 books in the Olympian series and Percy Jackson also features in many more books and series.

10. Goosebumps Classic (Series 1) – 10 Books Set Collection

4th grade kids will love these supernatural mystery books. The spooky stories will have them on the edge of their seats.

Thrilling, creepy, and lots of fun, this book series is designed to keep your kids entertained for days.

There are 10 books in the classic series, but subsequent series contain many more. 

Over the years, these books have proved hugely popular with boys in particular. The series is a super way to get boys interested in reading.

11. The Boxcar Children Mysteries Boxed Set #1-4

Another series full of mystery is about 4 orphaned children who have a taste for solving mysteries.

Kids have a chance to become detectives as they read this series. The books encourage readers to focus on the details and contain large text and easy-to-read words. This means that 4th grade readers can focus on solving the mysteries themselves. 

The first stories were first written by Gertrude Chandler Warner in 1924. Since then, other writers have stepped in to continue the series. There are currently over 150 stories in the series.

12. The Complete Adventures of The Borrowers

The Borrowers is an imaginative series of books about little people that live on the floor and walls of an average family home.

4th graders will fall in love with the idea that there could be a family of tiny people hiding below their own floorboards.

The imaginative way that The Borrowers borrow and use household items from the big people, is great fun to read and envision.

A definite hit with imaginative kids!

13. Harry Potter

A magical choice for a read-aloud series that your kids will without a doubt love!

At the heart of the series are best friends, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, who are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the formidable villain, Voldemort, who is set on finally seeing to Harry, their lives at school didn’t exactly run smoothly.

The books are brimming with description and the enchanting settings leap from the page making readers feel like they are also students at Hogwarts.

14. Warriors Box Set: Volumes 1 to 6: The Complete First Series

This series transports readers to a world of warrior cats. As cat clans fight for territory, an unsuspecting hero surfaces in the form of the household cat Rusty.  

Rusty proves himself to be a brave warrior, leaving 4th graders curious about their own pet cats.

The Warrior series contains 6 books but the writer has gone on to write more books with overlapping characters.

15. The Complete Anne of Green Gables (Boxed Set)

Popular for over 100 years these books are classics and widely taught in schools.

Anne is an orphan who is sent to the Cuthberts as they need help on their farm. The books 

observe her life settling into the community. They also offer the reader the opportunity to understand how things have changed over time.

The books have been adapted for film, TV, stage, and more recently Netflix. A sure sign of a quality series and one your 4th grader will love!

15 Great Book Series For 4th Graders – Final Thoughts

So, whether your 4th grader wants to be transported to other realms or enjoys becoming one with the characters, there are plenty of options.

This list of 15 great 4th grade books series your kid will love, is bound to have something they can get lost in for hours.

Happy reading!

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