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5 Rhinestone and Crystal Applicator Tools Review

rhinestone and crystal applicator tools

Here we present 5 rhinestone and crystal applicator tools to help you choose among the many options. Before you can revel in the glow of your bling, you have to go through the application process. Choosing the right tool isn’t always easy for beginners. Rhinestones are a classic style that never goes out of style. Their gleam brings oomph to every piece of jewelry or art, things like shoes, caps, bags, clothing, furniture, picture frames, and handmade cards.

Rhinestones are fickle and can be challenging to work with for beginners. Using rhinestones on a project can be sticky, messy, time-consuming, and stressful, especially if you’re doing it with your bare hands or tweezers. Thankfully, there is now a plethora of rhinestone applicator tools on the market. Let’s dive in and look at 5 good options for DIY rhinestones and crystals.

5 Best Rhinestone and Crystal Applicator Tools Review: Product Reviews

#1 Hotfix Applicator Wand and Kit

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It would help if you had this rhinestone applicator package only for the excellent hotfix product. Even though you already have a box of rhinestones. Plus, you’ll most likely appreciate seeing the extras later. The unit, which is available in purple or pink, caters to a variety of requirements. It can be used for a variety of rhinestone sizes thanks to its seven nozzle tip attachments.

It has a 4.6-foot-long power cord that won’t stifle movement. When taking a rest, there is a click to turn it on and off. When the device is plugged in, a red LED light indicates the condition. The applicator comes with a ring stand to stop scratching surfaces. You can rest the instrument on it until it cools off.

Two tacky pencils and a pair of tweezers are included with the hotfix method. It is for arranging rhinestones in the desired sequence before heating them. A cleaning pad, hundreds of gleaming crystals, and colored rhinestones are there. A cool storage pouch is also included.

This tool kit can also be used for glue-on flatback rhinestone applications. I am making it a versatile option regardless of the form of crystal. This is a fantastic collection of rhinestone applicator equipment at a reasonable price. This kit is extensive, very robust, and has much more value than the price tag suggests.


  • Seven nozzle tip attachments
  • Led light
  • Cool storage pouch
  • 4.6-foot-long power cord


  • Low Durability

#2 Darice Rhinestone Setter Heat Applicator Wand

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Darice is a well-known brand of art and design supplies. You can also rely on this rhinestone applicator to provide excellent results. It’s effortless to use. You may use the tip to pick up the crystals or simply put the nozzle on top of them until they’ve been arranged in a pattern.

Since it heats up quickly, you just need a few seconds per rhinestone to protect it. The wand has a short middle segment that widens at the top. It has a 6-inch cable that is extra long for distance comfort.

The method includes seven attachment tips. These tips fit a variety of crystal and stud rhinestone sizes. The power button switch illuminates until it is plugged in and switched on. It indicates that it is turned on. 

To prevent close contact with the surface and potential scorching. Set it aside on a keeping stand that comes with the tool when it’s wet. This is a fine, inexpensive hotfix rhinestone applicator that does the job. 


  • Inexpensive 
  • Well-known brand
  • Easy to use 
  • Seven attachment tips


  • Unattractive color 

#3 Silhouette Pick-Me-Up 

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Unlike most crystal-picking pens, the Silhouette’s tip does not need to be replaced after a while. Because it breaks or loses tackiness, it’s full of sticky wax that oozes from a delicate stem. Since a small sum goes a long way, it will undoubtedly last a long time.

Once the adhesive tip becomes faulty, simply twist the tip a little. To dispel out any more tack and cut out the portion. You will replace the stylus with some approach or putty until the path has been used up.

The ergonomic handle molds the shape of the hand for a secure grip. The pick-up tip’s accuracy will impress you. It’s tapered to barely reach the rhinestone, which gives it an edge over the other circular bulb. Dust and lint would not gather around the rhinestone.

The tool is equipped with a tight-fitting cap. It keeps the putty from drying out during storage or between applications. Particles floating in the air or on objects are often held from sticking to the nozzle.

To take it off, just slip the cap off. It is not as delicate as it seems and will not crack. It would also keep the rhinestone in place when releasing it from the sticky end.

This isn’t the typical rhinestone setter. The retailer provides a simple, easy-to-follow video that demonstrates how to do it. It’ll surprise you how easy it is to master. This high-quality tool is well-packaged. It features outstanding craftsmanship. And it has all the requisite mechanics for easy rhinestone use. If you get the hang of it, you’ll love and keep using it for a long time.


  • Breaks or loss of tackiness 
  • Ergonomic handle molds
  • Accuracy
  • Tight-fitting cap


  • Low Durability 

#4 Jewel Setter Tool 

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The Minor Details company manufactures these plastic wands with wax bud tips. They come in a set of two and are a very effective and cheap way to pick up flatback crystals. The jewel setter’s opposite end has a rounded tip that can be used to add adhesive. You can also do this with the spare jewel setter while leaving the one you’re working with safe.

I still keep an orange wooden stick ready when dealing with a jewel setter because its flat face makes it a much easier instrument. Since wax traces are left on the crystals after being applied with a jewel setter, they will appear dull. 

Don’t let this deter you. After the glue has dried, all the wax can be quickly extracted with a simple rub with a dry cotton cloth. When using a jewel setter to add crystals, the wax will become soft after a while. If this occurs, simply chill the instrument for a few minutes. 

It’s time to go again; make sure the tool is free of glue and hold it away from food. When picking up crystals, be careful not to push too hard. The crystal can get stuck in the wax. And if this occurs, simply use an orange stick or the end of another diamond setter to dislodge the crystal.


  • Easy to use 
  • High durability 
  • Rounded tip
  • Easy to add adhesive


  • Low accuracy 

#5 Quick Crystals Pro Hotfix Applicator, Bedazzler Kit

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Quick Crystals Pro is a complete DIY hotfix rhinestone and crystal applicator kit that can upgrade any accessory with a touch of sparkles; purses, cell phones, belts, clothing, shoes, business cards, and much more. Get your bling on anywhere. Use the applicator tool on materials that can absorb the adhesive when it’s melted, including silk, leather, denim, lycra, cotton, wool, linen, paper, polyester, and more.

The tip is composed of wax, but it is much stronger than jewel setter wax, so it does not leave wax stains on the crystals. The wax tip is also replaceable. Because if it breaks or wears out with time, you can just unscrew the chrome end and repair it. This is the most comfortable method to use out of all of them, particularly if you’re crystallizing for a long time.

The kit Includes a fast heating applicator, extra-long cord of 4.5 feet, dual voltage 100-240V, 4400 hotfix rhinestones, 7 applicator tips, a stand, tweezers, a wire cleaning brush, 2 rhinestone pencil pickers, user manual, and zip carry bag.


  • Complete DIY kit with carrying case
  • Replaceable tip
  • Easy to customize everyday clothing and accessories
  • Long cord


  • No auto-off switch 

Rhinestone and Crystal Applicator Tools Review: Consider Before Buying

Rhinestone Size 

Rhinestone crystals vary in size from 4ss to 48ss (i.e., 1.5mm-11.3mm). The 20ss and 30ss are the most popular sizes and we recommend those sizes. Most applicators just deal with small to medium rhinestones. At the same time, others can accommodate medium to large crystals. The better rhinestone applicators can usually handle a wide range of rhinestone sizes.


A decent rhinestone applicator will come with a few extra accessories. Nozzle extensions, for example, are beneficial for increasing the tool’s flexibility. Replacement pieces help an applicator last longer. A sleeve or storage case is also a fantastic addition.

Ease of Use 

A rhinestone applicator should, above all, be simple to use. That’s why you bought it in the first place: to make your life simpler. As a result, it can improve your picking speed. While still simplifying the application and requiring minimum effort.

Rhinestone and Crystal Applicator Tool Review FAQs

Q: How many rhinestones will I need?

There’s a lot more than you thought. The most crucial explanation for returning customers is that. The initial quantity was underestimated! Whether you’re buying 100, imagine ten dots in a given field, then multiply by ten. 

That’s how many hundred stones there are. As a reference, arrange stones or an appropriate replacement in the pattern you intend to make in a 10 cm x 10 cm square. And look at the number of stones used. Then multiply that figure by the estimated number of 10 cm squares used to cover the area you would like to decorate.

Q: What’s the difference between Preciosa & Swarovski Rhinestones?

There was a gap in quality and efficiency between Swarovski (Austria) and Preciosa (Czech Republic). There is now less of a difference these days, and both brands have strengths in each region. Swarovski is known for its beauty and exquisiteness. It has an undeniable level of consistency.

It’s ideal for bridal, couture, and other occasions. However, none other than the finest would suffice amid the glitz and glam; stone color can often get lost. This used to be particularly true for colors that had an AB coating applied to them. This became much less of a concern with the introduction of the Shimmer coating. The colors with the Shimmer coating express more of the stone’s color than colors with the AB coating.

Rhinestone and Crystal Applicator Tools Review Summary

Suppose you are trying to upgrade your art equipment range. Then the Hotfix Applicator Wand and Kit is what you need. This tool does as well as it seems. It simply picks up rhinestones. And it also allows them to be used in the same manner, halving the usual application time.

The pointy end can be used to space and drive misplaced rhinestones into the pattern. As well as make small changes for a tidy finish. Since the tool’s tips are fragile, you shouldn’t use too much pressure when using it. To raise the rhinestone, just softly tap it and press firmly to protect it.

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