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15 Enrichment Programs for Elementary School

15 enrichment programs for elementary school

When your child is in elementary school, he is growing and learning new things. It is the best time to teach some new skills to them in a fun manner, and what better enrichment program? Not to mistake them to be boring, they can be really enjoyable for kids, while also being educative.

We are here with our list of 15 enrichment programs for elementary school that are perfect to support the idea of learning with fun.

15 Enrichment Programs for Elementary School – Our List

#1 Art Safari 

What else is going to be better as an enrichment program than an Art Safari, where your toddler is going to know about different countries and their culture? In Art Safari, each week, your toddler will understand about new countries, flora, and fauna there, culture, clothes, and art of that country.

They can explore and understand new places and how the culture, art, flora, and fauna depend on geographies. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best programs that will build students’ interest in geography and art. 

#2 Cars

There are different cars and car parts that kids might find interesting to learn. How does a car move? 

What is the role of steering, brake, or accelerator?

 Why do cars have different shapes, sizes, and overall look?

These are some of the questions that might go through the mind of toddlers. What is the reason why the car moves or stops?

To answer all these questions, the Enrichment Program on cars can be ideal. Your kid will get to know about cars and their parts. They will also get a little bit of an idea about the science behind the motion of vehicles.

#3 Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts is another enrichment program that might excite your kids. In an Art class, he can learn about how he can transform a total crap into valuable. How can he turn the waste into the best? If art is one thing that they are most interested in during school, enhancing their skills and encouraging their inner artist is the one thing you can do to help them. 

Enrichment programs will not only develop their interest in art and craft but will teach them about skills.

#4 Cars, Trucks, and Wheel-y Things

There are a lot of vehicles. Some have four wheels, while others have two, and some even have more than four wheels. Some of them are large, while others are smaller in size. Not everything is a car.

We encounter many vehicles daily, whether it is a truck, a bike, or an ambulance. A kid should know the difference and working of each one of them. The enrichment program on Cars, Trucks, and Wheel-y Things is the one course that you can opt for your toddler to learn more about vehicles and their characteristics.

#5 Creative Builders

There is a lot that a kid can create and build with the help of waste, LEGO, and many other things. Creative Builders is an enrichment program for innovators, creators, designers, or builders. Pull your creativity out and let everyone know what is going on in your mind with the help of innovation each day. 

Besides this, the creative builder is an introductory course to build new skills among students like problem-solving skills, or reasoning, or enhancing their creativity. Another essential quality your kids can learn from Creative Builder is teamwork. How uniting in a team will make it easier for them to solve a problem, rather than work alone.

#6 Dino Discovery

Your kids might have heard about dinosaurs in their class or have seen them on TV. Well, do you know some of them had long necks, while some of them had wings with which they used to fly? Even some of them could throw fire out of their mouth.

Although dinosaurs are no more on Earth, there is still research going on them. And dinosaurs can be a crucial way to know more about our history and origin. If dinosaurs interest your toddler, then Dino Discovery is the best course they can take.

#7 Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Dance, show your moves, stretch, bend your body! Whether it is the Head, Shoulders, Knees, or Toes, you can gain strength and stretchability by moving all your parts from head to toe. It will be an exciting class where your toddler can build muscular strength, become active, and learn better hand and eye coordination.

Apart from this, it can be the one way to keep your toddler fit and active all day long. A little bit of exercise, stretching, or moving a day will keep the disease away.

#8 Infinity and Beyond Club

Have you ever seen shooting stars? Or have you noticed that we can only see a move for 14 days a month? Where does the sun go at night? Why did everything fall back to Earth?

To answer all these questions, your toddler will have to learn about Earth and space in-depth. Infinity and Beyond Club can be the best way for your toddler to explore all these questions in a practical and fun way.

#9 Math Munch

Math will become way more comfortable if you learn the basics and start applying tips and tricks while solving any question. Math Munch is such an enrichment program, where your budding mathematician can learn a lot about maths and its information and tricks. Whether it is a money problem or graphs or even a clock, kids will start finding it way easier to solve all such issues.

#10 Mini-Med School

Are there new doctors joining the school? Mini med school can be an exciting enrichment program for toddlers who want to become doctors in the future. You will find stuffed animals to operate on, check blood pressure, make stitches, and whatnot. It is an exciting course with a lot of learning.

#11 Rockets, Planes, and Flying Things

Have you ever seen rockets in a movie or fighter jets or helicopters? Yes, there are a lot of flying things other than Aeroplanes. Missiles, Planes, and the Flying Thing are the best enrichment programs if you want to know each of them separately. Here, you will get to know about different flying vehicles and their working.

#12 Scientist in Training

Did you want to bring your inner Scientist out? Then Scientist in training, you can experience steam-based practicals. Along with learning a lot about science and experiments, you can take a rocket or any other innovation home at the end of the week.

#13 Whiz Kids

Science can surprise you in a lot of ways. You will just have to grab your lab coat and come into the world of science where you can find a reason behind how everything is happening around you or how these changes affect us. 

#14 Movement Classes 

Why not join some classes where you can show your move or simply move on to music? Movement classes are known as fun session, where kids can go, move, exercise, learn dancing, Zumba, and a lot more. It is for toddlers who want to enjoy and dance with their hearts out. It is also going to promote fitness among kids.

#15 Collaborative Learning for Team-Building and Leadership

You might have observed that it becomes easier to resolve a problem when you work as a team. Team-building and leadership are the two most important qualities one can own. In this enrichment program, kids can learn to take ownership of tasks and team spirit.

15 Enrichment Programs for Elementary School – Wrapping Up 

There is a lot more that students can learn apart from regular studies to enhance leadership qualities and other skills in them. It becomes more critical to teach such new skills to toddlers because it is the need for time to be an all-rounder. With the Enrichment programs mentioned above that you can bring to your school, I hope you will find the best course for your toddler depending on their interest and hobbies.

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