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8 Best Brushes for Miniatures and Models

best paint brushes for miniatures and models

Miniature paintbrushes are used for painting miniature models. Finding the right brush makes your creation more life-like and professional. We have listed our picks for the 8 best brushes for miniatures and models in this article; we are sure you’ll find your perfect fit too. 

Imagine painting miniature models with hefty flat brushes, never, right? To get the most out of your hobby, you must have the right tools and use the proper techniques. 

A miniature paintbrush for models is available in a variety of sizes and bristle styles. 2, 1, 0, 00, and 000 are the industry standard sizes, with 000 being the shortest. The shape of the brush tip is also important, depending on what you’re using. Larger surface areas are on round and smooth brushes. Most brushes are made of plastic bristles, but some are made of animal hair or fur. Let’s take a closer look at our choices to see which one better suits your needs.

8 Best Brushes for Miniatures and Models – Our Reviews 

#1 Winsor & Newton Series 7 

Winsor & Newton, an English company, is not a newcomer to the field of high-quality brushes. And this package of Kolinsky Sable hair brushes from the Series 7 proves it. The brush is made up of Human hair and makes the bristles last a lifetime. These high-quality brushes have tapered bristles. Which these brushes will provide you with hours of smooth painting. 

The ferrules are rust-proof and nickel-plated, and convenient, and soft black polished handles play a significant role. This trendy Winsor & Newton Series 7 gift kit is ideal for gifting. This brush is also a lovely present for yourself if you’re pursuing a more advanced and seasoned degree in miniature art. 

The sharp point on these handmade, natural-haired brushes is widespread for various reasons, including the fact that it keeps their form for a lifetime. At the same time, it will cost you a little more money. We recommend that you indulge in quality over quantity when it comes to miniature painting brushes.


  • Budget-friendly 
  • High-quality brushes
  • Rust-proof 
  • Nickel-plated


  • The tip of the brush is quite big. 

#2 Raphael 8404 Kolinsky Fine Point Brush 

Raphael is also another well-known brush manufacturer. This set has two paintbrushes of excellent consistency. If you’re looking for the most delicate all-around brush, look no further! 

The Kolinsky Sable brush is suitable for a wide range of applications. Because of the full belly, the fine round point brush does what it’s supposed to do and can handle a lot of pigment. 

This Kolinsky Sable-haired brush is handcrafted in France by master artisans. If you’re trying to fill in your miniatures with a simple base coat, add layers, or look for an extra sharp point with the perfect combination of spring and snap, this Raphael 8404 brush can offer you all. These brushes are renowned for their durability and for accompanying you on your artistic journey!


  • Well-known
  • Extra sharp point
  • Simple base coat
  • Lasting a long durability


  • A bit expensive 

#3 Golden Maple Detail Paint Brush Set 

Golden Maple set is the best set of silicone brushes. These ten silicone brushes come in a variety of sizes. The collection also includes a micro-detail paintbrush. So does the soft-grip handle on each brush, perfect for painting fine details.

The price and completeness of this brush kit appeal to everyone. It not only adds warmth to the smooth, triangular grip and long-lasting ferrule, but it also protects the brushes from rolling. 

This simple collection of miniature brushes makes fine points. Also, the detailed work over a long painting session is a breeze. The double-crimped ferrules are made up of chrome-plated copper. 


  • Double crimped ferrules
  • Triangular grip 
  • Long-lasting ferrule
  • Micro-detail paintbrush


  • Low durability 

#4 Artegria Detail Paint Brush 

This ARTEGRIA Detail Paint Brush contains seven different detail brushes. The brush sizes range from 000 to 4. You’ll have a balanced grip and a controlled brushstroke thanks to the short wood handles and nylon bristles. Brushes won’t wobble thanks to the double-crimped ferrules. 

These precision-point brushes are ideal for painting miniatures and models. These nylon brushes have a triangular shape that protects them from falling off. The work surface is good, and they have an ergonomic grip for better balance. This collection is perfect for someone who wants to be versatile with their brushstrokes because of the variety of brush shapes.


  • Precision-point brushes
  • Variety of brush shapes
  • Painting miniatures
  • Short wood handles


  • Small size 

#5 Army Painter Wargamer Series Brush 

Army Painter’s Wargamer Series are the most comparable to GeeDubya’s (Games Workshop) product. Many people believe Army Painters are of higher quality. One brush you cannot overlook is ‘The Psycho,’ a tiny info brush that I think is equal to a 10/0 brush. This brush is one of my favorites. 

The only problem I have with it is that since it is thin, the paint tends to dry quickly. It often dries before getting from the palette to the model. Thinners and drying retarders are necessary, but this has less to do with the brush and more paint.

Another distinguishing feature of this rage is the handle shape. The Shape is rounded and triangular. According to Army Painter, it gives the painter complete influence. I’ve never seen any rotational slippage for a circular brush. 

They are of high quality, even superior to GW. These brushes are 40% less expensive than the average price of brushes on this list. The brushes from Games Workshop are the only ones on the list that are less expensive. Being the highest offer in the market is a bold declaration with a lot of ground to stand on.


  • Good handle shape
  • High quality
  • Less expensive
  • High durability


  • Thin brush

#6 Da Vinci Miniatures Paint Brush 

Da Vinci has been the dominant brush maker in Germany since 1890. The company has been handcrafting high-quality brushes for miniature model painting. They’re known for having a large capacity for holding color and pigment, as well as a razor-sharp edge. The brushes conveniently handle the color pigment. 

The finest quality Russian red sable hair is used for bristles. The brush is backed up by a solid ferrule of nickel-plated brass for an incredibly durable build. There are five different sizes of brushes in this collection made of German organic wood.


  • Nickel-plated brass
  • Organic wood
  • Razor-sharp edge 
  • Handcraft high-quality brushes


  • Low-Quality Packaging 

#7 The Army Painter Miniatures Paint Brush 

These crafted wooden-handle brushes are manufactured in Germany. Both novice and professional miniature painters can use these. They both have a sharp pointy tip and are in good form. They’re ideal for showcasing fine details and significant areas of your miniatures. 

The versatile grip prevents hand fatigue. The brushes allow you to paint for more extended periods without changing the brush pigment. These brushes come with instructions about cleaning and maintenance. This pack of three is a decent value-for-money purchase. 


  • Crafted wooden-handle brushes
  • Sharp pointy tip
  • Versatile grip
  • Instruction guide 


  • No sharp edge 

#8 Miniatures Paint Brushes 

This brush collection includes a variety of tips, ranging from smooth to very pointed. According to the manufacturer, the brush kit includes six script liners, six liners, and two spot brushes. Furthermore, the bristles are joined by a powerful double-crimped metal ferrule.

The long wooden handles have a non-slip finish, so you can grab them while working on your miniature. This is a perfect package to use if you don’t need a support grip. These brushes have synthetic bristles that are of the highest quality.

These brushes’ tips are a fantastic mix of sturdiness and versatility. When used for painting, they have the required versatility. They are tough enough to avoid being stranded and wearing out under heat.


  • Long wooden handles
  • Six script liners
  • Variety of tips
  • High durability 


  • The edge could have been better. 

Best Brushes for Miniatures and Models – Things to Consider


When looking for brushes, there are a variety of sizes available. They usually range from the smallest size, denoted by the letter 000, to the largest size, characterized by the letter 12. 

The most famous painting miniatures are 0, 1, 2, and very rarely 3, to prevent misunderstanding and indistinctness. A size one from one brand does not always imply that it is the same size one from another. 


The word ability is used in this context to refer to the amount of paint or pigment that a brush can contain. It’s a good idea to think about when deciding how small or big the surfaces you’ll be painting would be. 

The larger the capacity, the less often you’ll have to refill your brush with paint. A large capacity brush is perfect for painting more significant areas of the miniature. This also adds a base coat, for instance.


Fine detail necessitates precise paint application. The point or tip of your brush is the most critical thing in all of this. A split brush would irritate no one, and it would most likely scatter the color in ways you don’t like. 

Determine and inspect the brush point’s sharpness. When a brush is brand new, it should have a professional matter, whether made of natural or synthetic fur. You will keep your brush points sharp and smooth if you take proper care of them.

Snap and Spring

The snap indicates that the bristles will ‘snap’ back into their original form after being bent at an angle. The more hairs/bristles a brush gets, the more it has. When we talk about spring, we’re talking about how much the brush’s belly manages itself on the soil. 

Spring is different from snap-in in that a brush may have very little snap but still have spring in a good brush. When the brush encounters a wall, it can spread rather than keep its form or point. Too much spring may cause a brush to release its paint or water load.

Price and Durability

Aside from the brush’s characteristics, price and reliability are important considerations. Brushes with natural hair also have a higher price tag than those with synthetic hair. 

As previously said, these are the brushes that will last longer but will require proper maintenance. When you don’t care as much about a longer-lasting brush as you do about the price, a synthetic brush might be the best choice because it’s less likely to be damaged or broken.

Best Brushes for Miniatures and Models FAQs 

What Are Natural Brushes? 

Natural hair bristle brushes are more likely to be smoother in their paint application, and they maintain it longer. Often, by using a natural-haired brush, water is best preserved. 

This significant benefit enables you to paint for a cleaner application and a more extended period with the amount of paint on your palette. There will be no more dipping and attempting to bring the color into the brush. 

This style of brush is somewhat more costly than synthetic-haired brushes, but it is well worth it. 

Types of Natural Brushes:

Red Sable Hair

Brushes with natural bristles use natural fur from animals.

Kolinsky Sable Hair

Red sable of the finest quality; it is smooth, long-lasting, and retains its form well over time. Instead of an actual sable, the fur comes from the tail of a kolinsky, a kind of weasel.

What Is the Best-Repudiated Brand of Paintbrushes? 

Paintbrushes made by well-known companies such as da Vinci, Winsor & Newton, and Raphael’s French brand are the best paintbrushes. Natural bristles handcrafted by Kolinsky or Russian Red Sable tails are great for painting. 

Which Is the Best Paintbrush for Beginners? 

The Golden Maple kit features no fewer than ten different brush sizes. Thus, this is the perfect set for beginners. They’re made of synthetic hairs, which means they’re not too expensive and have a decent value for money. 

The Winsor & Newton Series 7 could be the best package for you if you’re a practitioner who knows many different techniques and applications.

How to take care of Paint Brushes? 

Taking proper care of your art supplies should always be a top priority! When you buy an excellent range of brushes, it’s essential to look after them as well as possible. When it comes to natural hair, this style needs extra attention when washing.

Many brands, such as Vallejo alcohol brush cleaners, are available for purchase to assist you in washing your brushes. It’s best to break down the dried bits at the base of the bristles at the end of a long drawing session.

If we’ve only discussed natural hair brushes, keep in mind that each form of bristle needs thorough cleaning after each use. Be sure to rinse them not only after each painting session but also in between color changes.

Allowing the paint to dry for too long or too close to the ferrule is a bad idea. Finally, store the brushes flat on a table or with the bristles facing up. This would prevent excess water from seeping into the ferrule and causing the wood/handle to swell.

8 Best Brushes for Miniatures and Models Summary

The Winsor & Newton Series 7 is one of the most common miniature painting brushes. A good miniature painting brush should have performance, paint power, and precision. The best form for a great painting is a pointed round. The perfect tip is a sharp one. 

There are specific steps, such as never leaving the brush without washing. If you use shaving, it’s challenging to remove dry paint. To avoid color sticking on your brush, always keep it wet. It’s also worth noting that acrylic paint dries very quickly.

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