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3 Diamond Art Sellers on AliExpress Worth Looking At

These days, there are plenty of ways you can find the perfect products for diamond art painting. And one of these is reading through countless AliExpress diamond painting reviews online. But let’s be honest — that’s going to take up quite a lot of your valuable time. So, instead — we’ve compiled a shortlist of the most reputable sellers found on AliExpress for you, so take a look below!


One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a diamond art retailer is having enough choices — and a reasonable level of affordability. Considering that, we are more than happy to recommend the Zuomin Ruiyang store — one quick glance is enough to see that they’ve got some dynamite diamond painting reviews online.

Firstly, their offerings rarely cost more than a couple of bucks with shipping — making them one of the most affordable online retailers in this niche. Plus, they’ve got a huge array of different themed diamond art paintings. For instance — their lineup of flower imagery collages is simply astounding. It has a unique Victorian old-world feel; meaning that it’s a neat addition to any kind of fancy aesthetic. And besides that, it’s also extremely interesting to put together — seeing as the realistic flower imagery contains plenty of details for you to work with. 

Of course, not everyone wants this kind of art on their walls — there are more than enough people who appreciate a more modern, contemporary kind of aesthetic. And that’s another thing that makes this diamond art retailer worth your time — the Zuomin store also sells plenty of photorealistic landscape art pieces. You won’t believe just how true-to-life these images are once they’re complete. So, if you want to put up a mountainous snowy range on your wall, or perhaps a Buenos Aires beach — you can hang up one that you’ve put together yourself!

And as many diamond art retailers do — Zuomin Ruiyang also provides you with some diamond art renditions of actual classical art pieces; such as the famous Starry Night by Van Gogh, as well as plenty of other famous pieces. Something like this may be cute for a retro-style furnished home.

Calvert Store

Next up, we’ve got another extremely affordable and intriguing diamond art store. Now, while the previous choice on our list was more mainstream, with the widest possible appeal — the Calvert Store offers something a bit different. Sure, there are definitely more than a few excellent choices for lovers of often-seen images here; but you can also find plenty of stuff that’s unique, and guaranteed to stand out.

First of all, one of the most interesting things that garner a lot of orders from this store is the fact that they have an entire section dedicated to cartoon and anime characters. This is great for one sole reason — you can actually use this kind of imagery to attract your younger children to the art of diamond art painting.

More often than not, the images that adults want to create using this art technique simply don’t represent anything attractive to younger kids. As a result, they find this hobby to be uninteresting and boring. But imagine ordering some art from one of their favorite cartoon franchises! That’s definitely a better way to interest them in this family activity.

However, you’d be wrong to think Calvert is just a store that provides content that children like. On the contrary — this is actually one of the best diamond art online retailers for adults as well; primarily because it allows them to use diamond art as more than a hobby. With the products you can find on Calvert’s shop page, sky’s the limit regarding the possibilities for interior design.

The reason for that is simple — unlike most other stores, this one offers incredible multi-piece diamond art images! You can stretch one huge image across as many as five different diamond art pieces. And as a result, not only do you have a fun activity to do in your spare time for weeks on end — you can arrange these pieces like a jigsaw on your wall in interesting ways.

CongPig Store

Our final pick on this list is the last, but definitely not the least. Indeed, the CongPig store is definitely more than capable of providing you with an interesting offering when it comes to diamond art imagery — and assorted products!

Firstly, we do need to point out that this store does more than give you the ability to pick out from a range of intriguing diamond art kits; instead, you also get other stuff that you can’t easily find anywhere else. For instance — did you know that you could get a diamond art notebook? This is an ordinary notebook with an unusual cover — one that allows you to decorate it with your assorted diamond drills! You can easily complete a set or release your inner creativity to come up with interesting patterns yourself.

And besides that — naturally, there are other parts of the CongPig store that appeal to anyone interested in diamond art painting; especially if you like unusual aesthetics. Here, you will find quite a few kits that are quite a choice for someone who is into space-age neon aesthetics. If you’re a fan of 2D neon-esque art — then this assortment of images will be excellent. There are also all kinds of plant-based flowery mandalas and even a series of images that you can put together in one floor-wide mosaic.

Wrapping Up

Of course, any of the choices that we’ve outlined above are great stores with plenty of positive diamond painting reviews online. However, if we were pressed to make a singular choice — the Zuomin store probably gives you the widest possible range of options across all the design styles, while the other stores are somewhat more niche-focused — definitely something to bear in mind.

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