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Diamond Painting – Elephants

Diamond Painting - Elephants

Diamond painting – elephants, it is a fulfilling and amazing painting experience for enthusiasts. Elephants are one of the most mesmerizing creatures in the world. They are often captured in photographs and paintings. These art pieces are then hung in homes, offices, or other spaces. The goal is to allow this magnificent animal to beautify a place with its appearance.

Did you know though? Getting your hands on readily available diamond paintings is not difficult. While you can search and easily find amazing pieces online by other artists, you can create your own as well. It requires a few art supplies and a diamond painting elephant kit. The painting you make can suit your tastes. For example, you can either draw a real elephant or a cartoon version depending on your preference.

Here’s everything to know you need to know about diamond painting and creating your own elephant piece.

What Is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a new form of art that has been gaining popularity on social media. It was first introduced in 2017 by the firm Paint with Diamonds, and it has since grown into a unique hobby that both adults and children may enjoy. In essence, it’s a cross stitch and paint-by-numbers hybrid.

Several plastic diamonds are mounted to a canvas with varied coded numbers and colors – similar to paint by numbers – to produce a diamond painting. It’s done with the help of an adhesive that comes with the diamond painting kit. As a consequence, you’ll have a lovely and fascinating glittering piece of art to hang in your house.

People who have purchased diamond painting kits and participated in this hobby have commended it for a variety of advantages. It has helped most people relieve tension, increase their focus and hand-eye coordination, and improve their motor abilities. This is also fantastic for kids, although parents should always monitor children when they are producing a diamond painting, especially if they are under the age of six.

Diamond Painting – Elephants

There are a wide variety of diamond painting elephant kits on the market. They feature various poses and scenes with elephants in them. From an adult standing upright to baby elephants taking a bath, there are many options. All you have to do is browse through the selection and pick the one that you like the most.

With the diamond painting kit in hand, you won’t need any other supplies. The kit contains all the essentials. These include the tray, canvas, crystals, pen, and gel. With these components, you can start your diamond painting journey. This activity is satisfying and with the beautiful results, it gives us so much to look forward to.

How to Make a Diamond Painting – Elephants

The most fun thing about diamond painting is that it is simple yet addictive. All the supplies are available with the kit. It also comes with a guide to complete the elephant painting that you bought. However, you must know how to read the canvas. Once you comprehend the placement, the process will become fun and entertaining.

Reading the Canvas

Like a cross-stitch canvas, the diamond painting baseboard is made up of tiny boxes that are shaded and denoted by numbers. Each number represents a different hue of the diamond. The relevant bag and diamond color are written below or next to the numbers on a chart. The chart is usually printed on the canvas’s side. Instead of a number, certain squares may have a letter or symbol; regard this as a number.

Step 1

Start by unrolling the canvas. Tape and secure it to the surface where you are working. Most of the time, since the canvas is rolled, it doesn’t sit flat on the table. In these cases, you can roll it gently in the opposite direction. This step is important because when working on pasting the diamonds, you’ll need a steady canvas or else the base will move and ruin the overall painting.

Step 2

Next, peel back the plastic covering slightly to expose a certain part of the painting that you want to start with. Be careful not to peel the entire covering at the same time. Try lifting only 1 to 2 inches at a time. In case your kit has pre-cut plastic strips, you can peel one piece at a time completely to work on the canvas.

Step 3

Now that you are ready to start applying the crystals, begin by pouring the first color into the tray provided with the kit. Make sure that you look at the color you have exposed. Take out the relevant shade of crystals. Some kits come with multiple trays and you can use these for various shades of crystals. Proceed according to the components in your kit.

Step 4

Take your pen and dip it into the gel or wax that has been provided with the kit that you bought. Put the narrow end of your pen into the packet to pick some up. This wax allows you to lift crystals properly. Take the end that has been dipped in wax and pick one crystal at a time. Do this by gently pressing it against the crystal. Make sure to nudge the crystal into place if it is offset.

Step 5

Now that you have the first crystal, place it on the canvas according to the guide that came with the kit. Follow the same process until you have completed the section. Move on to the next color once you’ve finished filling in all of the squares with the same numerical code. This will allow you to work more quickly and efficiently.

Be careful to avoid resting your palm on the sticky surface. The more you touch it, the less tacky it will become. Continue this process until all the crystals have been placed in their respective positions.

Step 6

After completing the crystal placement process, take a plastic sheet and place it over the canvas. Take a rolling pin and gently roll it over the entire painting. This step allows loose crystals to stick firmly. Make sure that you don’t go too harsh, otherwise, the crystals might start to come loose. After you’re done with the roll pin, it is time to apply some weight to the canvas.

The best way to do this is by placing some heavy books on it. These will allow the crystals to further adhere to the surface. After you remove the books, you are sure that all the crystals fit perfectly with no chance of going loose. Finally, remove the plastic sheet to reveal the masterpiece that you have created with the diamond painting kit.

Wrapping Up

Diamond painting elephant kits are widely available. They provide amazing pictures and portraits featuring these magnificent animals. Diamond painting is an addictive hobby that anyone can pick up. The best thing about it is the results. The diamond painting elephant kit that you buy comes with all the components you require.

If you are thinking about getting a diamond painting kit, purchase one today! It will be one of the best investments that you have made. You can learn something new and pick up a great hobby all at the same time.

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