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26 Best Board Games for Kids

Board Games for Kids

Board games for kids are the best way to create a healthy competitive spirit among kids and build sportsmanship. Here, we present the 26 best board games for kids. Children, in their growing years, explore new things quite actively. It is the perfect time to let them join the family games at a night party or a picnic.

While you’d think board games are only fun for kids, they actually teach kids various strategy skills, tackling pressure and challenges, good gamesmanship, and most of all, concentration.

Thus, if you are looking for some ultimate board games for your 6-year-old that can teach them something new, then we have come up with a complete list of some of the best board games you can consider. 

#1 Hasbro CandyLand Kingdom of Sweet Adventures

If you were a Candy Kingdom fan in your childhood, then you can introduce this fantastic game to the young generation as well.

Packed with sweet final destinations, candy cards, and beautiful illustrations, you can move the man’s pawn all around the candy kingdom. The set includes four pawns, a game board, a deck of cards, and an instruction manual.

Kids need to play the game, moving all the way landing at the castle in the end. The one who reaches the castle first wins the castle and the game.

It is a pretty fun game for three years or more older kids. They can dream about candy land and enjoy the game. Two to four players can play this game at a time.

#2 Hasbro Monopoly Junior Board Game

If your kids love to play Monopoly, then Hasbro Monopoly Junior board game can become one of its favorite board games.

With beautiful tokens resembling Mr. Monopoly’s characters, you can kind of the hat that Mr. Monopoly wears, a toy car, little Hazel, and Scottie in the form of tokens in this game.

In this game, players move around the kid’s friendly locations like a zoo or a movie theatre, dealing and looking at the cards.

Whether you are going on a picnic with your kids or are organizing their birthday party, this game is ideal for all occasions, and kids can never get bored playing this game.

#3 Connect4 Classic Board Game

Now, who is not aware of the Connect4 game? A classic family game. Connect4 is not only a fun game but builds analytical skills among kids. Choose the classic Connect4 gameplay, the free-for-all Connect4 frenzy variation, or a third option that lets players drop a disc or eject one from the bottom with the pop-out feature

Just take some time, think about the perfect strategy, and win the Connect4 Board game.

#4 Hasbro Monopoly Avengers

Almost all the kids are great fans of Marvel. And a game featuring Marvel can be a game liked by nearly all kids. Hasbro has introduced a monopoly Game based on the theme of Avengers. 

Unlike the regular Monopoly game, where people buy properties, kids will find options to buy their favorite superheroes in the Hasbro Monopoly Avengers game

All 25 superheroes of the Marvel universe are available. Ultimately, these board games become a battlefield of Monopoly. Another impressive feature of this board game is its iconic superhero tokens.

#5 Operation (Classic) Board Game

If you want to become a doctor like a grown-up, then Operation electronic board game will entertain you a lot. In this board game, you will need to operate a person, removing his ailment.

You will find different doctors and specialist cards and will get some money after successful operations. The kid who has the most money at the end of the game wins the game.

More than six kids can play this game at the same time. Thus, even if you are organizing a kids’ party or taking kids to a picnic, it can be the perfect board game that will keep them engaged and entertain them.

#6 Pressman Charades for Kids

Charades is a classic favorite game. Everyone likes this enact and guess game, where one person enacts something, and the rest has to figure out what he is trying to tell.

Pressman Charades for Kids is on a similar theme. Cards have clues with pictures, making this easy for non-readers, but also reinforces early reading skills. 3 levels of play allow younger players to participate while still making it challenging enough for older players

The kids only need to pick the slip up, look at the image, and enact it in some way that other people guess.

#7 KerPlunk Classic Kids Game

KerPlunk! is a blast from the past with the same cool design. Designed for 2-4 players, who create a “lattice” of sticks midway through the translucent tube and place the marbles on top; players choose one of four compartments in the base.

Players take turns removing sticks while trying to prevent the marbles from dropping through.

The player with the least number of marbles at the end of the game wins! A favorite game from the past that’s just as much fun today!

#8 Sorry! 

Sorry! is a sweet revenge family game. Thus, instead of watching boring Tv shows at the weekend, you can enjoy your weekend playing Sorry!

Sorry! requires at least two players and at most four players. Each player gets four pawns. For starting the game, they need to pick a card or two up. 

Each card contains some challenges that you can give to any of your opponents. It is a racing game, where you have to defeat your opponent anyhow and reach the game’s end.

In 44 different cards, you will find exciting and funny challenges with which you can take revenge from any of your opponents during the game. It is a perfect family game to spend the whole night playing this fantastic game.

#9 The Game of Life Junior 

In this kids’ edition of The Game of Life game, players choose a car, boat, train, or plane and set off to experience the ups and downs of a family vacation.

The vacation-themed gameboard lets kids imagine exciting day trips such as an air balloon ride or speedboat ride. 

It contains some cards and attractions to let you change your path. The objective is to be the first to collect ten stars.

A board game that every kid is going to love.

#10 Disney Eye Found It Board Game

Eye Found It is a Disney theme board game, where you can join Mickey Mouse in his journey of collecting 12 different jewels. On your path, you will meet other Disney characters, varying from Alice In Wonderland or Peter Pan’s Neverland.

You will find 30 cards, a sand timer, four movers, four base movers, ten mouse-ear tokens, and a spinner. With the instruction manual, you can easily find the rules to play this ultimate game.

In this game, kids will need to find hidden objects, solve riddles and puzzles, and match things. Thus, it is the ultimate game that will enhance your kids’ mental abilities and motor skills, along with hand and eye coordination.

#11 Spider-Man Web Warriors Chutes & Ladders

Like the classic board game Snakes and Ladders, Spider-Man Web Warriors Chutes and Ladders contains a ladder with which you can climb up to reach Square 100 first, and you must go where the spinner tells you with all the chutes, watch out!

Instead of dice, you will use a spinner in this board game. If you are a Marvel fan, you can Play as Spider-Man, Green Goblin, White Tiger, Rhino, Iron Spider, Venom, Black Cat, or Power Man.

Chase the 100 Square, and you will become the ultimate winner. Two to four players can play this top game at a time.

#12 ThinkFun Zingo Bingo

If, as a parent or as a teacher, you are looking for a fun game that will help non-readers to enhance their motor skills and understanding, then none other than Zingo Bingo from ThinkFun is the perfect game for you.

It is a matching game, where kids get a card to match the pictures drawn on the Zingo cards with the chips available in the box.

Zingo Bingo has won many awards including an Oppenheim Gold, Parents’ Choice Award, ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Award, and is a three-time Toy of the Year Nominee,

#13 Trouble Board Game

Trouble Board Game from Hasbro is a fun and exciting game that kids can play to get bored (no pun intended) on their vacations or at a picnic. 

This Trouble game amps up the fun with a number die and a symbol die in the Pop-o-Matic dice roller; the symbol die gives players a boost of power for moving their pegs around the board. Like the classic Trouble game, this edition includes the iconic Pop-o-Matic die roller bubble. It’s fun to press, and it keeps the dice from getting lost.

This edition of the game includes a shield on the symbol die; when a player pops that symbol, they get instant protection against being bumped back.

Fun for the whole family!

#14 5 Second Rule Junior

5 Second Rule Junior is again the mini version of the classic quiz game. In this game, you will find a card with some random questions written on it. You will have to answer the question. Simple, right?

But what is fun without any twist? 

The twist in 5 Second Rule Junior is that you have to answer it within five seconds for each question. Thus, you will have to answer all the silly questions you got in less than five seconds or so.

You will find 400 questions on 200 game cards, 6 pawns, the 5-Second Twisted timer, the game board, and the rules. All you have to do is move your pawn, pick the menu, and answer the question. Fun, right?

#15 Throw Throw Burrito

What do you get when you combine a card-matching game, dodgeball, and some toy burritos? A game night to remember! Meet Throw Throw Burrito.

You will find squishy burritos and a pack of cards in the set. As soon as the game start, you will start collecting some cards with a few points mentioned in them. You have to collect three cards with the same points. 

 Getting whacked with a burrito loses you points. So, dodge that adorable squishie! Every set comes complete with 120 cards, 2 burrito throw toys, and 7 tokens.

For more extreme game and version (and possibly for older kids) try the Outdoor version of Throw Throw Burrito.

#16 Battleship Classic Board Game

Along with the classic naval game, to sink and destroy your opponent’s battleships. And it’s not just the battles that fascinate kids, but also build some skills of strategy while playing this game. Designed for ages 7 and up.

In this game, you will find two battle cases that players can use for the ultimate Battleship. You can track your misses or hits with the white and red colored pegs. You will need to announce every time you hit and check whether it is a hit or not.

Kids will find this game very cool and exciting, with much drama and craze in the game.

#17 Hasbro Gaming Perfection

If you are looking for a board game that your kid can play along with, Perfection can be ideal. Kids can have fun putting each piece in the spot on the tray that matches its shape before the time is up and the puzzle tray pops the pieces out.

Not just it will enhance the motor skills and mental ability of your kids. But will also develop healthy competition among them.

This exciting puzzle game will have kids laughing while they fit the shapes before time is up. The first player who matches all 9 shapes in the shortest time wins.

#18 Blokus from Mattel

Blokus is a complete family game that can help you get rid of boredom on vacation or weekends. Two to four players can play Blokus at the same time. The more the player, the more the fun. Also designed for ages 7 and older.

Each player gets a set of 21 pieces in a choice of red, blue, green, or yellow. Then each player takes a turn placing them on the board. There’s just one rule: each piece you play must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners!

The goal is to fit the most pieces on the board. The game ends when no more pieces can be placed down, and the player with the lowest number remaining wins!

#19 Let’s Go Fishin’

The classic fishing game that each one of us has enjoyed in our childhood. In this game, grab the fishing pole and pick your shape, then spin the anchor on the side of the reel and see what you can find!

To win the game, you need to collect the maximum number of fish using the fishing pole. Adjustable poles and magnetic game pieces make it easy for little hands to “catch” their fish

This game helps to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

For a more challenging version, check out Let’s Go Fishin’ XL: Deep Sea Edition with twice as many fish!

#20 Catan Junior

Catan Junior is the mini version of the famous Catan game. It requires at least 30 minutes to play this game. Along with this, it requires at least two players and at most four players to play Catan.

CATAN Junior takes place on a ring of tropical islands – including the mysterious Spooky Island, home of the Ghost Captain. Each island generates a specific resource such as wood, goats, molasses, or cutlasses. You can also find gold. Just watch out for the dreaded Ghost Captain!

Use your resources to build ships, and lairs, or to get help from the wise Coco the Parrot. You can even trade in the nearby market. The first to build seven lairs wins!

It is a family game that requires strategy and planning to win the game.

#21 Pretty Pretty Princess Unicorn Edition

The Pretty Pretty Princess Unicron Edition, a classic girly game, is a family game that can interest almost every girl. 

This fun game for kids has players moving their unicorn pawn around the board collecting jewelry in their color. It’s a race to claim the crown to become the Unicorn Princess. Watch out for the Cursed Ring though, a player can’t win the game while wearing it.

This game includes over 20 plastic glitter-infused jewelry pieces and a unicorn crown that players can wear during the game.

#22 Enchanted Cupcake Party

An ideal game for your princess, three to five players can play the Enchanted Cupcake Party game at a time. Players will find an easy to understand instruction manual, 15 game titles, 40 cupcake parts, and ten recipe cards. 

Players can choose between two different recipe card sides for double the fun, and each game includes a surprise Disney Villain (Maleficent, Ursula, the Evil Queen, or Mother Gothel). Easy to understand and it requires just 30 minutes to play this game, and it is an excellent family game.

The Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game comes with 36 Princess Cupcake ingredients, 11 Game tiles, 9 double-sided Recipe cards, 1 Villain pack (includes 4 cupcake Ingredients, 4 Game tiles, and 1 Recipe card), and a rulebook.

#23 Scrabble Junior

Scrabble Junior, as the name suggests, is the mini version of the classic Scrabble game. In this set, you will find a two-sided game board, beautiful tokens, and letter tiles.

Each player Just follows the color code, and kids will learn a lot by playing this ultimate game. Players cover the gameboard letters with their matching letter tiles and get points for matching words.

The artwork on this Scrabble Junior game features beloved Disney Junior characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, The Puppy Dog Pals, Mira, and more.

#24 Twister Ultimate

Twister is a fun game, ideal for both adults and kids. You have to twist and stretch and balance your body as you follow the instructions. If you are not familiar with the classic game, It contains a plastic mat with colorful circles drawn on it in random order.

This version is twice the size of the original, and features more and bigger colored spots, making this the ultimate party game! The spinner tells you where to place your hands and feet on the spots of the extra-large floor mat, twisting players into all kinds of funny positions.

It is a fun game with a lot of twisting and turning and fun (pun intended!).

#25 Guess in 10 Animal Planet

Guess in 10 Animal Planet is an intelligent game for witty kids. To play Guess in 10 Animal Planet, one player will get a card with a name and picture of some random animal-drawn on that card.  Ask up to 10 questions to guess the animal on the Game Card! 

This is a fast-moving game that encompasses animal trivia within a strategy game that can be played with 2 to 6 players. The average playtime is 20 minutes.

 Winner Of The 2023 National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) and the 2022 Parents’ Picks Awards. This is the most exciting game you’ll find for Family Game Night that can be thoroughly enjoyed by all ages 6 and up! Includes 50 Game Cards, 6 Clue Cards and a handy box to store it all. The box size is portable & travel-friendly.

Check out the other versions of the game including Dinosaurs, Underwater Animals, Sports, Animals & Countries Combo, and more.

#26 Clue Junior

Here is a way to introduce kids ages 5 and up to the iconic mystery board game. The Clue Junior game features classic Clue gameplay and a broken toy mystery theme.

In this Clue Junior game players use strategy and the process of elimination to solve the mystery for who broke the toy. Discover which toy it was, who broke it, and what time it was broken.

Great fun for your young board game fan.

26 Best Board Games for Kids: Wrapping Up

All the board games mentioned above for your six years old will not only offer a fun time to your kid but will also open his way to explore something new. Kids learn a lot of new skills while playing the game, without even recognizing this fact.

But it is essential to keep in mind the age-appropriateness of any game, be it a board game or any other. Although I agree that it is a bit tricky to find the best game for your six-year-old, I hope with our collection of best board games; you will now be able to figure it out.  One trick is to always look for something fun, and engaging yet has to offer some learning value.

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