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5 Best Plant Guru Essential Oils

5 best Plant Guru essential oils

Plant Guru is known for its top-of-the-line skincare products. The most popular is its essential oils range. The oils have a pleasant scent and perform admirably. Plant Guru has an excellent range of Plant Guru Essential oils and essential oil blends

The company’s commitment to delivering safe Plant Guru Essential oils is evidenced by its consistency certification. In this article, I will review the top 5 essential oils from Plant Guru. 

5 Best Plant Guru Essential Oils: Product Review 

#1 Breathe Essential Oil Blend

The Breathe Essential Oil Blend is our top pick on this list. This mix is Plant Guru’s version of Young Living’s Robbers blend, and it’s suitable for anyone looking for a cleansing recipe. I prefer the Bandit mix to YL’s Thieves; it just smells great to me, and it’s less pricey! What wouldn’t be happy about that? The scent is a blend of clove and cinnamon, not overpowering but just right.

Throughout the day, you’ll want to sneak sniffs of this mix. This mix is also less greasy than most, so it leaves less residue. For antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal effects, combine 1 cup vinegar with 3 cups water and 3-5 drops of the bandit.

The fragrance is undeniably beautiful, and I enjoy diffusing this mix during the day in my essential oil diffuser. This is the mix for you if you want to rid your home of germs and bacteria while still smelling good.


  • A blend of clove and cinnamon
  • Less greasy
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal 


  • Less quantity 

#2 Four Gurus Essential Oil Blend

The second-best choice is the Four Gurus Essential Oil Blend. Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Peppermint are used in the Four Gurus Essential Oil Blend, an uplifting blend of spirit-lifting aromas. Diffuse it or put a few drops on your pillow every night before bed. 

In every house, space, workplace, or car, this blend is sure to produce a comfortable and warm ambiance. This is a fantastic pick-me-up mix. When correctly diluted, this antidepressant helps to eliminate cellulite, designed to give the everyday routine a kick of spice. This oil is bright and vibrant, and it’s perfect for lifting the spirits.

The cinnamon and citrus scents are intense, and some people choose one over the other. Everyone’s experience is a little different. If you don’t like cinnamon, I recommend trying a different blend because this one would leave you frustrated. If you like the scent of cinnamon, though, you will be blown away by how good it smells.

You should even use it to fall asleep quicker, and it relaxes your mind and boosts your mood, who knows, you could also have better dreams! It’s also worth noting that the fragrance can vary when diffused, some people don’t like it when they first detect it when they open the bottle, although the taste continues to change when it’s run through an essential oil diffuser, which some people like. You’ll get many questions about what you’re smelling from people around, and in my situation, everyone likes it.


  • Superior quality 
  • Great aroma 
  • 100% natural 
  • Large quantity 


  • A bit expensive 

#3 Essential Oil Set (14 Oils) Beginner Kit

The Essential Oil Set Beginner Kit is the next item on the list, and it provides extraordinary stress relief. It’s excellent for soothing both the mind and the body: excellent sleep aid, sedative, and muscle relaxant. Specific oils with known calming properties make up the Essential Oil Collection Beginner Trio Package. Diffuse into the air to encourage restful sleep and relaxation.

This is a perfect mix to have around the house whether you’re nervous, having trouble sleeping, or just can’t relax your mind. Diffuse in the breeze to create a calming and relaxing environment, or add a few drops to the bottoms of your feet before going to bed. I still like to place a few drops on my pillow to make me drift off to sleep. I usually disperse this an hour or two before bedtime, and I can feel the oils’ soothing effects wash over me.

I’ve also learned that combining this with carrier oil and adding it to sore or tight muscles works wonders. The scent, like everything else, is subjective; some people considered it to be intense, but it dissipated when diffused. The only way to decide for sure is to buy it and see it for yourself. Fortunately, their customer service is excellent. Overall, when filtered and added to the skin, it’s incredible. Diffuse into the air to encourage restful sleep and relaxation.


  • Stress relief
  • Durable bottle 
  • Tight packaging 
  • Excellent customer service 


  • The peppermint flavor is quite strong 

#4 Plant Guru 6 Synergy Blends 

Oil blends are my favorite, and I believe they are the perfect way to get started with essential oils. If you’re having trouble sleeping, have headaches, have tense muscles, or just need to breathe more quickly, this package will help. Essential oil blends allow you to see Plant Guru Essential oils’ true strength and what they can do.

Each solution includes 5 or more individual oils that have been mixed to provide the best results for whatever you’re working on. I think this is a perfect way to get to know individual oils and why they’re used in different blends.

Learning about Plant Guru Essential oils is fascinating, and this is a fantastic place to start! Breathe, Stress Relief, Muscle, Sleep Tight, and Head Ease are only a few of the tremendous blends included in this pack. I’ve had the opportunity to use every single one of these, and I’ve had nothing but positive outcomes. I assume that buying the kits is sometimes preferable because you get the full range of items.


  • No added ingredients 
  • Therapeutic grade 
  • No synthetics 
  • No added bases 


  • Less quantity 

#5 Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil has long been considered to be a cleanser. It has antiseptic, refreshing, and cooling effects, according to tradition. It has a cleansing effect on skin and hair, and it can be used to heal cuts and boils. Lemon Essential Oil has also been shown in studies to improve concentration.

Mentha piperita has a familiar fragrance that has both warming and cooling powers. Peppermint is good for the sinuses and the muscular system, particularly for women going through their menstrual cycles or menopause. 

It has the attributes of being refreshing, energizing, and a mental stimulant. It deals with emotional exhaustion and nervous tension by relieving foul breath and serving as a nerve tonic.


  • 100% pure natural product 
  • Certified 
  • Improve in concentration 
  • Good fragrance 


  • May cause burning sensation   

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5 Best Plant Guru Essential Oils – Why Should You Buy Plant Guru Essential Oils? 

Quality Assurance 

When it comes to evidence of quality assurance, The Plant Guru is transparent. The business buys its Plant Guru Essential oils from manufacturers that follow USDA guidelines. Critical oils are developed by industries all over the world. Every essential oil certification form and Phytochemia’s GC/MS test results are available on the company’s website,

GS/MSC Testing 

According to Wikipedia, GC/MS testing is an “analytical” method of testing that utilizes gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to classify multiple substances inside a specimen sample. Chemical processing, food, beverage, and scent research, and astrochemistry, medicine, and law enforcement all use it. When it comes to essential oil tests, the test will check for chemicals, perfumes, and other essential oil dilutions.

Phytochemia (Laboratoire PhytoChemia) is a private Canadian organization that offers natural product standardization and chemical quality management services. 

The Plant Guru sells high-quality Plant Guru Essential oils free of toxins, poisons, and genetically modified organisms. The firm says that its Plant Guru Essential oils are therapeutic grade and 100 percent natural. The GC/MS lab results and certification issued by Phytochemia guarantee that the essential oil is safe and free of harmful chemicals.

How to Use Plant Guru Essential Oils? 

Plant Guru Plant Guru Essential oils have many health and beauty advantages and can be used several ways. These applications vary from reducing insomnia and depression to relieving headaches and body pain. 

Applying to Skin 

Plant Guru Essential oils are used to speed up the body’s healing process, causing wounds to heal faster. They would also lessen scarring and enhance their general look. When these oils are added to the skin daily, they can slow down the aging process and make it appear more fresh, solid, and supple. 

Immune cells live in the blood, and as they come into contact with essential oils, they become bigger. Plant Guru Essential oils can help regulate sebum development while also detoxifying, toning, and hydrating the skin.

Inhaling Through Steam 

Inhaling Plant Guru Essential oils through steam is another standard method of application. To do so, bring a pot of water to a boil and then add three to seven drops of your favorite essential oil. Lemon, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus are some of the best Plant Guru Essential oils for this process.

When inhaling the vapors, it’s necessary to keep your eyes shielded or closed. Reduced cough (due to the flu or cold), improved respiratory system, and reduced sinus inflammation are only a few of the advantages of using this process.

Adding Oils to Bathwater 

Plant Guru Essential oils have many advantages when applied to bathwater. Reduced weakness and body tension, better circulation, reduced physical and mental discomfort, improved skin tone, and increased relaxation and stress relief are just a few of the advantages. 

To use this process, blend two to twelve drops of Plant Guru Essential oils into a teaspoon containing a dispersing agent. Solubol, natural bath gel, and polysorbate are some of the better dispersing agents. Put it in the bathwater and stir it up just before you get in.

Via Aromatic Spritzer

Water and Plant Guru Essential oils are mixed to produce an aromatic spritzer. The Plant Guru Essential oils would then be diffused into the water using a dispersant like solubol. Aromatic spritzers may also be used to freshen up a room or filter the air.

This will have an energizing and uplifting smell, which is especially helpful when the room is being used for a massage or other esthetic procedures. For each ounce of water, you’ll need between ten and fifteen drops of essential oil (two or three different Plant Guru Essential oils yield the best results). 

You should either use a dispersing agent or shake the bottle before using it. Aromatic spritzers are incredibly successful at removing odors and freshening the air in buildings, improving breathing, and promoting a more positive mental state. They can also be applied to the body as a spray.

5 Best Plant Guru Essential Oils FAQs 

What Is Plant Guru?

Plant Guru was established online and avoided the multilevel marketing tactics used by many essential oil firms. There are no tiers of pricing, only competitive, decent rates, making it accessible to those looking for oils. 

This is a small family company with the purpose and focuses on helping everyone, not just those looking for a fast buck. One of the reasons I like Plant Guru is that they want to provide you with the right product at the best price.

How Is the Quality Control of Plant Guru? 

This organization imports its oils from all over the world, and to ensure that all of their manufacturers follow USDA requirements, they have them checked by a third-party using GC/MS. Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are abbreviated to GC/MS. The gas chromatography (GC) process isolates volatile compounds in Plant Guru Essential oils into their parts. 

All of the oils are therapeutic-grade, meaning they contain no toxins, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms. Plant Guru genuinely cares for its oils’ consistency, and they never sell anything less than the best.

How Is the Customer Care of Plant Guru? 

Customer care is one of the most undervalued facets of the vital oil business. It’s crucial to remember that you can contact the organization to get assistance or suggestions efficiently and effectively. This business is dependable and immediately responds to any inquiries. 

If you have any questions, they can remain on the phone with you and answer any odd or unusual questions you might have, because there are no such things as wrong questions. Customer service is usually outstanding, which is another reason why I enjoy working for this company.

How Many Essential Blends Plant Guru Offer? 

Around 14 essential oil blends are available from The Plant Guru. According to the Plant Guru, the idea of a vital oil mix is that the blended oil would have more meaning working together than the Plant Guru Essential oils working individually. All of the oils are said to be 100 percent pure, with no additives or fillers. 

Can I Ingest Plant Guru Essential Oils? 

Internal use of Plant Guru Essential oils is not advised. Although it may be enticing to use Plant Guru Essential oils in beverages, food flavorings, or for medical purposes internally, this is a dangerous procedure. The FDA controls, seals, and licenses every drug or product that reaches our bodies. 

Since the FDA does not govern the Plant Guru Essential oils industry, no one can safely prescribe that people drink (any) essential oils. However, several firms take chances with this and have developed ways to make internal marketing statements while staying consistent with the rules.

5 Best Plant Guru Essential Oils Wrapping Up

The Plant Guru offers about 100 different essential oils, ranging from well-known scents like lavender, citrus, cedarwood, patchouli, and ylang-ylang to fewer familiar ones like black pepper, cumin, and dill. Essential oils may be bought in a variety of packets or separately.

To summarize, I prescribe Plant Guru Essential oils from The Plant Gurus. Other accessories and product-making equipment offered by the company include bottles and soap-making recipes, wholesale materials, etc. They have an excellent baseline of ingredients to help you make your natural makeup products, plus they provide bulk choices if you’re shopping for your store.

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