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13 Best Rolling Backpacks for Elementary Students

rolling backpacks for elementary students

Having to carry hefty books can almost be a nightmare no parent wants their kids to have. Kids love the fun parts of everything, then why not make carrying books to school fun?

Rolling bags have always been the savior when carrying heavy loads, be it for your week-long trip or the weighty books for your kid. Rolling bags come with a handle and wheels, using which your kid can pull his heavy school bag conveniently. Rolling backpacks have made the life of kids so much easier.

This article has come up with the 13 best rolling backpack options for your elementary student, which you can consider before making any purchase.

13 Best Rolling Backpacks for Elementary Students: The List

#1 J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack 

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What else is going to be better for kids than a rolling backpack? It’s not just fun pulling their backpack away, but they will no longer have to carry heavy bags on their shoulders anymore.

Made up of imported fabric and perfect finishing, the overall look of this backpack is pretty classy. Apart from this, you can find a wide range of color options in this backpack. Thus, your kid can decide which color to pick.

A large backpack with a full capacity main compartment, five pencil holders to organize everything in its place, two side pockets for storing water bottles, and some small zipper pockets.

The best feature of the J World New York Backpack is that it is water-resistant. Thus, no need to worry about the stuff kept inside the bag, even when it is raining. Also, as a safety measure, it contains an aluminum lock in it, rust-free.

The handle of the bag is quite simple to hold and provides a perfect grip while pulling it. Also, the wheels provide very smooth motion irrespective of the weight of the backpack.

Overall, we picked this backpack as our best choice because of its premium quality and its service to its users.

#2 Rockland Double Handle Rolling Backpack

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Another rocking backpack on our list is the Rockland Double Rolling Backpack. The most impressive feature of this unique backpack is the night vision that it provides. It contains reflective tape all around it, which increases night visibility.

Apart from this, the bag is waterproof and dust resistant. Thus, no need to worry about rain or wind; all your stuff is safe inside this bag.

Available in a wide variety of colors, it also provides a three-stage rust-free aluminum lock. Along with the main compartment, you will be getting meshed pockets on both sides, a pencil holder, and other zipper pockets. With two wheels, it becomes pretty easy to move this backpack. Also, the tight handle provides a perfect grip in the small hands of your kids.

Because of the cushion padded shoulder strap, it is convenient to carry this backpack on the shoulder if your kid is not willing to roll it on the ground. Also, don’t forget the sturdiness and durability of the bag.

#3 J World New York Sunny Rolling Backpack for School & Travel, 17 Inch

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J World New York Backpack is not just perfect for kids, but teenagers as well. As it is built of polyester, no one can doubt this unique backpack’s durability and quality.

If you want color options, then again, this bag is not going to disappoint you. You can find 19 different color options in these bags. 

As it is a rolling bag, your kid will get rid of carrying heavy school bags on his shoulders. He can only pull it off and move conveniently.

Overall, the bag contains a main compartment to store books there. Two sides mesh pockets for storing the bottle in it, front zipped pockets for storing, additional, stuff like pencils box and lunch box in there.

The large handle is very convenient to hold and pull and provides a tight grip while moving. The wheels allow smooth motion even on the rough floor, making it pretty easy to proceed with the carry bag.

#4 20-Inch Large Storage Multifunction Travel Wheeled Rolling Backpack for Books & Laptop By HollyHome

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If you are looking for even more extensive options among backpacks, this 20-inch bag can be an ideal bag that weighs almost negligible. Thus, the bag’s overall weight after storing stuff in it doesn’t become too much. 

Apart from this, the bag contains enough pockets and compartments to store laptop, books, pens, pencils, keys in it. The aluminum rod is easy to pull up and down. And it has been passed through more than 10,000 up and down movement tests before bringing it to you.

With a padded cushion, you can carry the bag on your shoulder conveniently, or you can either pull it. Its sturdy wheels provide a very smooth movement of the bag irrespective of the weight of the backpack.

#5 J World New York Sundance Laptop Rolling Backpack

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Another J World bag on our list is the J World New York Sundance Laptop rolling backpack. An imported backpack, which is known for its durability and quality build. As it is a rolling backpack, it contains convertible wheels, pulling the load off, and increasing its overall portability.

Even if you are willing to carry it on your shoulder, its wide padded straps will make it easier for you to pick your backpack’s weight.  It contains a main compartment large enough to carry spiral books or a laptop in it, and three small zipper pockets, along with two sides mesh helpful in carrying water bottles. Your student will find room for everything in this backpack, whether it is a lunch box or pencil holder, or keys because of its large size.

#6 Tilami Rolling Backpack Armor Luggage School

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Tilami is known for world-class backpacks that are not just stylish but last longer. This 18-inch school bag is ideal for a kid to store his books, pencil box, water bottle, and tiffin box in the bag.

The shoulder drop of this backpack is 18 inches. Also, because of the broad shoulders, it balances the weight equally on your shoulders.

Apart from this, all the Tilami backpacks contain Tilami Armour protection. Even if you are moving on a road with stones, which can tear the bottom of your bag, Tilami Armour protection provides all-around protection in this case.

Available in six different options, you shouldn’t ever face any issues with pulling the handle up and down. Also, while ideal for school, this backpack is great for traveling and office purposes. 

The waterproof exterior provides an extra level of safety to the stuff stored inside the bag.

Thus, all-in-all, it is a multipurpose bag, perfect in all situations along with all-around protection for stuff kept inside the backpack.

#7 J World Lollipop Kids Rolling Backpack & Lunch Bag Set for Elementary School

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The most impressive feature of the J World Lollipop Kids Backpack is that it comes with an additional case, ideal for kid’s lunch box and water bottles. Thus, they can carry their books, pencils, and colors in the bag, while their food and beverages are in the additional case.

Apart from this, it is available in variable beautiful patterns and color options as well. It has sturdy and large wheels that provide very smooth and noiseless movement to the bag. Also, its wheel contains proper lighting to provide better night vision.

With a large compartment, two medium pockets, and meshed pockets, it provides vast storage space. But, sometimes, your kid might find it hard to pull two different backpacks at the same time.

Thus, although an elementary bag concept is unique, it can sometimes be a hassle for small kids.

#8 Jansport Driver 8 Rolling Backpack

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Along with the tuck-away shoulders, JanSport Driver 8 rolling bag is the latest backpack, build with high-quality material to provide long-lasting service and confidence to its users.

It has a classic yet unique design. If you want to choose your choice of color, you will have a wide variety of color options among the JanSport backpacks.

With 15 inches long shoulder strap, this bag is ideal for storing all your stuff, varying from the laptop, long books, spiraled notebooks, pens, pencils, keys, and other crucial documents in the zipper compartments provide.

Also, it provides a side-meshed compartment for storing beverages there.

Jansport is serving its users with more than 50 years of experience and trust.

#9 High Sierra XBT-Business Rolling Backpack

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If your student is looking for a backpack large enough to carry a gaming laptop gracefully, then none other than the High Sierra XBT-Business Rolling Backpack is a perfect choice.

Its large handle and wheels provide a very comfortable grip while you are pulling the backpack. Your child will never complain about this bag’s wheels, as they provide very smooth motion while moving.

It contains an S-shaped shoulder strap, making it very convenient to carry the backpack on the shoulders.

But the most crucial and fantastic feature of this bag is its vast storage space. It provides a boot space of 2350 cubic inches along with multiple pockets.

Thus, you will find every feature you want in your ideal dream bag for your child in this backpack.

#10 Jansport Driver 8 Rolling Backpack

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JanSport is another known name in the world of rolling backpacks. Jansport ensures to repair or replace each bag you complain about it.

With tuckaway straps and a long handle, it becomes pretty easy to transport the backpack, even for kids. They only need to pull the handle out and move the bag on its wheels.

Its large and durable wheels provide a very smooth pace and motion while moving along with the backpack. Apart from this, it is available in a wide variety of color options as well.

You will find a pocket for storing every piece of stuff in this backpack, including a large main compartment, two medium-sized pockets, and side pockets for storing water bottles.

#11 LL Bean Rolling Deluxe Book Pack

Unlike other rolling bags, the Rolling Delux Book Pack build of nylon enhances the bag’s durability. Apart from this, it is a weatherproof, waterproof, and dustproof bag. Thus, no need to worry about the stuff kept inside the backpack.

Being a heavy-duty bag, you will find this bad strong, durable, and spacious.

Containing large pockets to keep all the stuff intact, this backpack provides detachable shoulder straps as well.

Thus, you can add the straps when you want to carry the backpack on your shoulder and remove them while pulling the bag.

The T-handle also provides an excellent grip even to kid’s small hands, and wide tires give a smooth movement.

Check Price on LL Bean

#12 Tilami Rolling Backpack 18 Inch Boys and Girls Laptop Backpack

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The backpack’s design and color is the one thing that kids notice at the earliest while purchasing a bag. Based on the themes like space, Tilami rolling Backpack is ideal for both girls and boys because of the color and pattern range it provides.

You will also find room to store everything your kid needs for school with a large size in the number of zippers it provides. The four wheels of this backpack make it very convenient to pull the bag using the T-handle.

All-in-all, it is an excellent combination of features and design, which is the reason why kids love this backpack.

#13 Tilami Rolling Backpack Armor Luggage School

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Tilami rolling backpack is the best bag you can buy for traveling. It contains 18 inches of shoulder traps and can bear up to 30 lbs based on its high-strength aluminum alloy construction.

Within its vast storage area, it contains side meshed pocket, two medium front pockets ideal for carrying keys, chargers, cords, pen holder, and other essential documents; a medium back pocket of the bag is also there to store books, mobile or other stuff, and the central compartment ideal for storing large and bulky things like laptop or clothes or books.

This bag comes with a Tilami armor protection system, which protects the bag’s bottom while you are pulling it. With the protection system, the bag doesn’t wear or tear even on a rough road. 

Available in a variety of color options, this backpack can become your all-time travel partner or your kids ideal bag for school.

13 Best Rolling Backpacks for Elementary Students: The List – What to Look for When Buying Backpack

  • Wheels

Wheels have made it easier for kids to be portable and to haul heavy school bags conveniently. Instead of taking the heavy loads on their shoulder, they can pull the backpack with the smooth-action wheels availability.

With wheels, kids will not need to worry about the load they have in their backpacks, and they can easily carry all their books and other stuff to schools without carrying the weight on their own.

  • Handle

When you are looking for a backpack for yourself or your kids, it is the main thing to consider the ease of handling that bag.

Thus, choosing a bag is not just of perfect size that your kid wants, but is easy to handle and a crucial aspect to think about before purchasing the backpack. 

  • Space

Some kids might want their school bag to be spacious to store all their stuff intact in different pockets, while others might want an easy to carry backpack, smaller in size as per their requirement.

Frst understanding the kids requirements and then choosing a backpack with enough space to store their stuff is again an important feature to consider. Don’t just go for a larger bag for future reference, but understand the need and then decide the backpack’s size required to get the necessary amount of space in it.

  • Review Comments

Finally, one thing that one should always look for before purchasing any item in its review. The company will typically convey all the pros and cons of its product, but if you want to get the correct information about the product and its quality, then reviews are often the best way to figure that out.

People who are currently using the bag can more appropriately tell you about the functioning of the product and what they do and don’t like about the rolling bag.

13 Best Rolling Backpacks for Elementary Students: The List: Final Thoughts

Technology and new inventions are making our lives simpler day by day, add to the list of latest innovations is rolling backpacks. Not to forget how easy it becomes for kids to carry heavy backpacks, but no longer bogging the shoulders down. Lifting heavy bags can drain all the energy of your kid way back from school to home. With rolling bags, not just your kid will become free of the heavyweight of the bag, but your kid will also come back home full of energy.

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