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Candle Making Kit Reviews

candle making kit reviews

The candle making kit not only satisfy your inner artist but also encourage you to enter the world of perfumery by creating your scents.  Our candle making kit reviews will help you find a good one. You may also use the dyes and materials included in the kit to modify the color and form of your wax for a great candle.

Candle Making Kit Reviews: Product List

#1 Beeswax Candle Making Kit 

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This kit for these beeswax candle kits are fun and safe to use. You don’t need to melt wax for creating wonderful candles. Beeswax candles provide a smooth and clean burn.

Candle making kits help to develop creativity and motor skills. Roll your own candles and decorate your home. This beeswax candle kit is a fun & easy-peasy activity for the whole family. 

This all-inclusive kit includes 7 Grade B beeswax sheets and craft supplies: 6 lavender flowers, 2 cinnamon sticks, 2 orange slices, 118-inches of burlap thread, 20-inches of white lace, 60-inches of 100% cotton wick, 2 decorative bees, and easy-to-follow instructions. 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • High durability 
  • Highest-quality beeswax


  • May be a bit messy 

#2 CraftZee Large Soy Candle Making Kit for Adult Beginners 

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Allow yourself to be seduced by the intoxicating scents of peppermint, apple & cinnamon, daisy, cherry, lemon, peony & lychee, rose & fresh cut grass! Allow these natural perfumes to transport your mind and soul to another realm!

However, you must first read the step-by-step instructions included in this box. It’s like one of those scented candle-making sets, except it is even better. Its top-class ingredients and materials allow you to make candles comparable to those seen in high-end stores.

Best be sure to seek out the instruction video on YouTube to get started and be successful. The kit provides a plentiful amount of wax and in fact, more wax for the candle size provided in the kit for one candle. Others have said it’s a good idea to buy a few glass jars (from a dollar store) to hold excess wax and make additional candles.

Overall this kit comes with everything to start making candles for a great price. This complete kit includes 8 packs of 4 oz soy wax, 8 dye blocks, 8 fragrance oils, 1 melting pot, 1 stirring spoon, 1 thermometer, 8 frosted glass jars with wooden lids, 16 cotton wicks, 16 glue dots, 8 sticker labels, 8 stirring sticks, 3 wick holders, 10 safety labels, 8 gift boxes and an instruction manual!


  • Kit comes with everything at a great price. 
  • Made of 100% natural soy wax that burns cleanly
  • Ample selection of scents


  • Quality of the wax is acceptable (and not great)

#3 Soy DIY Candle Making Kit for Adults from Jagodzs 

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Make the ideal candle for every occasion, whether it’s a votive, a birthday celebration. As a beginner, these soy candle-making kits can assist you in creating high-quality candles. These smell amazing and can be used to re-create the look of your bed, bathroom, dining room, or every other room in your house. Tins are included in the kit if you’d like to make tea-light candles.

The technical standard results would astound you. So much so that you might want to start your own candle-selling company! The essential oils that come with the package have also been manufactured not to affect the atmosphere when the candles are lit, and soy wax becomes friendly.

To ease your nerves and make your home smell welcoming and light. You can choose from lily, jasmine, lavender, lemon, and sweet orange. All the accessories and instruments are crafted of high-quality materials and ingredients.


  • High-quality candles
  • Children friendly 
  • Good scent 
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Hard to Use 

#4 Hearts and Craft Soy Candle Kit 

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It’s an eco-friendly candle-making kit that you won’t feel bad about using! This DIY candle-making kit uses all-natural and plant-based materials instead of conventional paraffin wax.  Due to this, it leaves a layer of soot after burning. The wax burns smoothly and produces no toxic gases because it has no harmful mineral ingredients. At a temperature of 167 degrees Fahrenheit, the wax reaches its pouring consistency.

At 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the soy wax melts and emits a pure, subtle, and warm scent that fills your space and heart. They have a pleasant smell and fire steadily. With the wicks cut to 6 inches in circumference, centering them with the centering unit provided with the package would be a breeze.

That’s because cleanup is often straightforward, involving no additional equipment or solutions. If you use 5-ounce cans, you can make approximately 35 candles. Each candle burns for more than 12 hours and is uniformly distributed.


  • Eco-friendly candle-making kit
  • Conventional paraffin wax
  • A pleasant smell 
  • Steady fire 


  • Not child friendly 

Candle Making Kit Reviews Aspects to Consider

Type of Wax 

The kind of wax used in the candle-making kit should be the first thing you look for while buying candle kits. Choose an all-natural wax, such as soy wax. It is very environmentally conscious, and it does not emit any toxic chemicals when it burns. 

Unfortunately, paraffin wax is not one of them. Beeswax is also standard, but it is said to kill bee colonies and can damage individual bees. As a result, soy wax is the most secure choice.

Number of Wicks 

Check to see how many wicks are included in the soy wax candle-making pack. Try purchasing a package of at least 100 wicks if you plan on making many candles

If you want to make a few candles, though, go for a few wicks. You’ll need to account for any waste, so the more wicks you have, the better. You will save the wicks if you don’t need them all right away.

Wax Quality 

The amount of wax you use will decide the number of candles you will produce. It’s a brilliant idea to look at the amount of wax in the kit while checking the number of wicks. Since using many wicks but not enough wax to use them, all won’t make any sense.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is the wax’s consistency. It would help if you did not buy something that isn’t 100 percent normal. High-quality wax is also recommended since low-quality wax is toxic to the atmosphere and does not burn smoothly, uniformly, or for a long time.

Candle Making Kit Reviews FAQs 

What is the Best Type of Wax?  

Soy wax is the safest since it is raw and therefore environmentally friendly. It’s made of soybeans and doesn’t emit any hazardous substances when burned. Furthermore, it produces little soot, burns slowly and effortlessly.  Due to this, the candle releases the scent more effectively. Soy is biodegradable and comes from a natural source.

Can I mix color blocks from the same candle? 

Well! You may use a single dye or a combination of pigments to produce a unique color for your candle that stands out from the rest. The proportions of the various shades will determine the final color. Wait for the first layer of wax to cool before pouring in more wax of a different color to produce several layers of different colors.

Candle Making Kit Reviews Summary

Making candles at home is among the most fulfilling and straightforward activities. It requires relatively little equipment and produces very little mess. You could do it yourself or enlist the help of other family members or colleagues. 

It’s good if older kids make candles under adult supervision. However, you can invest in the most delicate candle-making kits on the market for the best results. Our experts recommend Bee DIY Candle Making Kit.

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