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Top 3 Creative Easter Origami Projects

cracked easter eggs

Are you looking for some last-minute, creative Easter origami projects? Well, with spring in the air and Easter just around the corner, it’s time you forget the standard chocolate eggs and try your hand at one of these cute, easy, and colorful paper crafts instead! Whether you are planning an outdoor picnic with your friends or a small gathering with your loved ones, these origami ideas have you covered. Keep reading to learn some egg-citing Easter origami projects!

Top 3 Easter Origami Projects | Step-by-Step Guide

Not only are the below-mentioned Easter origami projects fun to try out with your loved ones, but they are cost-effective as well. As most of these projects only require paper, glue, scissors, and some colorful markers, the folding paper will leave you amazed every step of the way. So, whether you are new to origami or are an expert, try the following origami ideas to elevate your Easter-themed décor: 

1. Origami Egg

What’s an Easter without an egg? Incomplete! The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear Easter is an egg. Therefore one of the most basic Easter origami projects that we are going to try is an origami egg. Even though the digital DIY market comprises many complicated 3D origami eggs that you can me, we are a fan of the classic design. To make a simple origami egg, you will need:

  • A 5, 6, or 7-inch Square Paper (You can also use a theme or patterned paper sheet)
  • Stamps
  • Stencils 
  • Stickers
  • Pen

Follow the below-mentioned steps to create a beautiful origami egg:

  • Step 01: Start by flipping your paper sheet to the plain side facing up and the patterned side facing down.
  • Step 02: Now fold the paper along the diagonals and unfold them to create two visible creases.
  • Step 03: Fold the top two corners of the paper down to meet the center crease, creating a cone-like shape. 
  • Step 04: Fold the bottom pointed corner to meet the base of the previous fold. Doing so will create three small triangles at the bottom and one big triangle on the top.
  • Step 05: Now carefully fold the top point approximately 2 inches down.
  • Step 06: Fold all side corners inwards to make the boundary of the origami egg. 
  • Step 07: Last but not least, fold the top pointed corners inwards to shape the top of the origami egg. Now flip the paper egg over and decorate it as you like!

These origami eggs will make the perfect table décor for your Easter brunches or dinners. If you don’t want them to lay flat, fold the egg in half to make it stand. You can also paste them over the cover of your DIY Easter card and even hide them around the house, as they are an ideal prop for a non-chocolate Easter egg hunt.

2. Origami Balloon Bunny

Next in line with creative Easter origami projects is the cute little bunny. The bunny is a folkloric symbol and figure of the Easter tradition. It’s an all dressed, wise, and cute rabbit that hops around your house hiding chocolaty Easter eggs. Whether you want to make a single Easter bunny or a whole family, the Japanese technique will make the origami process easier. To make an origami balloon bunny, you will need the following supplies:

  • Tape
  • Origami Paper
  • Old Books
  • Magazines
  • Maps
  • Coloring Book Pages

Now that you have all the necessary supplies to make an origami bunny, follow the mentioned step-by-step guide to the tee:

  • Step 01: Place the paper on a flat surface, with the color side facing up.
  • Step 02: Fold the paper in half, open it again and rotate it 90-degrees. Fold the paper again and unfold it, creating four creases. 
  • Step 03: Now, turn the paper over such that the other side is facing upwards. Rotate it at a 45-degree angle and fold the paper in half diagonally in both directions. This will form an X.
  • Step 04: Place your fingers on the two bottom corners of the triangle and slowly move them towards the center point, pushing the paper inwards. This will create a triangle.
  • Step 05: Place the triangle down facing up. Now fold the left-side corner in such a way that it meets the top point of the triangle. Repeat this step for the right corner, creating a water-bomb base.
  • Step 06: Rotate the paper 45-degrees. Fold in the left corner, followed by the right corners, ensuring that both the points align with the center crease.
  • Step 07: Now fold the front flap on the top right side downwards and then fold it diagonally once again. 
  • Step 08: Re-open the flaps and tug them inside the pockets. Repeat “Step 07” and “Step 08” with the top left flap. 
  • Step 09: Turn the paper over and fold the bottom corners into the middle. This will give the paper a diamond-like shape.
  • Step 10: Fold the right flap over to the left and the front slap towards the center crease. Now fold the front flap back towards the right hand. Repeat the same step for the left flap; fold it towards the right, then fold along the center, and then move it back to the left hand. 
  • Step 11: In order to make ears of the origami bunny, fold the top flaps diagonally in the outward direction. To open the ears, run your finger alongside the inside of each ear. 
  • Step 12: Bring your origami bunny to life by blowing air inside its mouth. 

To make your origami balloon bunny more realistic looking, use a small piece of cotton to create a fluffy tail. This is one of the easiest no-mess DIY crafts as it requires no glue, scissors, or sticky tape. You can place these on a side table or use thread to hang them around your house.

3. Origami Bird Nest

Tired of using glass bowls to hold the mini chocolate eggs? Try making an origami bird’s nest instead. To make a DIY bird’s nest, you will need:

  • A4 Paper (Patterned or color)
  • Nest Filler (This can be old newspapers, Easter basket grass, or any crumpled paper strips)
  • Egg-shaped candies

Follow this guide to make an easy origami bird’s nest in 5 to 10 minutes:

  • Step 01: Lay the piece of paper with the printed side facing down.
  • Step 02: Now diagonally fold both sides of the paper in half.
  • Step 03: Fold the upper right corner towards the center crease, folding only to the lower crease. 
  • Step 04: Fold the flap’s corner upwards. Unfold it and repeat “Step 03” and “Step 04” for both sides of the paper.
  • Step 05: Now, bring all four corners of the paper towards the center point and tuck them into each other. 
  • Step 06: Use your fingers to crease the edges into a square shape. This will create a bowl-like structure. 
  • Step 07: Now, fill the nest with crimpled paper and top it off with chocolate eggs.

The origami bird’s nest is the perfect go-to snack basket. To give it a more realistic look, you can even use toothpicks to attach printouts of birds over the nest.

Wrapping It Up!

From simple origami bunnies and paper eggs to complex bird nests and bunny garlands, this blog has got something for everyone. The aforementioned Easter origami projects will make for some lovely and intricate paper décor for your Easter gatherings. Try these origami ideas today, and let us know what you think!

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