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Every year on 22-April, billions of people celebrate Earth Day across 193 countries. We do not need to reiterate how relevant this day should be in everyone’s lives. No matter how small or where each of us are, we can make a difference in treating Mother Nature.

Our planet, Earth, is a beautiful place, but it also needs our help to thrive and sustain. This is a value that kids must learn from a very early age. Little activities, like planting trees, clearing litter, controlling the use of plastics, can go a long way in teaching the young minds to care for their planet.

But, when it comes to kids, adding some fun to it is just the right way. Here we have some of the unique ideas to celebrate Earth Day for an elementary school assembly.

Bottle Rocket

What else will be better than bringing your students’ creativity out on the day of Earth Day Assembly? You can ask them to make Rocket with the help of a plastic water bottle. Not just your kids will learn something creative; it will give them a message to recycle water bottles, papers, and other recyclable stuff.

You can teach the importance of 3R’s to your students. You will also be able to decorate your assembly hall uniquely, teaching environmentally friendly values to your students.

Just ask your students to bring a used water bottle, scissors, tape, tennis ball, duct tape, cardboard, and dental floss to make a Bottle rocket.

Earth Poetry 

Poetry is another exciting thing you can introduce in front of students for the Earth Day Assembly. You can organize a poem writing competition for Earth day. In this way, you will have many exciting poems from your elementary students, and you will encourage their inner writer to express themselves in front of everyone.

Another alternative to the competition is that you can ask them to explore some poems online, practice, and recite the same at Earth day assembly. 

Recycled Art

Earth day can perfect day to teach the value of the environment to students. Additionally, you can also teach them the importance of recycling and the conservation of Earth. 

One practical way to teach it is to ask them to make art with recycled objects. You can teach them to make the best out of waste, or you can let them explore and create something artistic using recyclable items.

Not just the inner artist of your students will come up, but they will also learn good values and environment conservation.

Earth Pledge Mural

There is a saying that one pledge can change the world. And it is correct to some extent. We just need to make people aware of the harm we are doing to Mother Earth. Although it is hard for kids to understand all these scientific things, the elementary grade can be an excellent way to make them aware of the importance of conservation of Nature and how significantly we will be affected. 

Earth Pledge Mural can be a good start for students, to make them aware of all these issues. It will ultimately help them to become responsible citizens as they grow up.

Organic Vs. Conventional Food Taste Test

One of the most interesting and one of the best activities you can organize for Earth day assembly is a food taste testing counter. On this counter, you can keep the organic food on the one hand while conventional food on the other. 

Then you can ask your students to taste each one of them one by one. It will help them to find the difference between natural and artificial food. You can then teach them about the advantages of eating organic food. And how conventional food can affect their health.

Local Plants and Animal Showcase

Everyone needs to know about their culture and their surroundings. At the Assemble of Earth day, you can also organize Local Plants or Animal showcase. With this, you can introduce the local plants and animals that your students can encounter in their surroundings. Even, you can teach a little bit of life science and ecology to them.

Green Cars of The Future

Fuel is an essential contributor to the overall pollution that we encounter. And so is transportation. We are leading towards a way to create green cars. Green cars will be based on eco-friendly fuels and will no more emit harmful gases that lead to pollution. 

With green cars, we are hoping to improve mother nature and plan to find a more beautiful and better environment around us.

Final Thoughts

You can turn the Earth day assembly for your elementary students with fun and learning. The only thing you need is a plan. You can pick any of the activities mentioned above, with which you can make Earth Day exciting for your kids. Plan well and execute that to teach your kids the importance of Mother Nature in some exciting ways.

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