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Ultimate Guide to Needle Felting: 5 Best

ultimate guide to needle felting

Look no further than needle felting and our ultimate guide to needle felting: 5 best, if you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-learn hobby that’s also easy to clean up. It would be best if you had a few simple things to get started, and you can needle felt almost any object you can imagine. You’ll have a soft and perhaps adorable toy to show off at the end of it. 

That’s why we set out to find the best needle felting kits available. Which one is our personal favorite? Needle Felting Kit by Mayboos. This package has everything you need to dive headfirst into the world of needle felting, including 40 different colors of fur, a set of felting needles, safety clothing, and other materials.

Ultimate Guide to Needle Felting: 5 Best

#1 Needle Felting Kit 

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Mayboos’ needle felting kit includes everything you’ll need to get started with needle felting and more! Wool roving in 40 different colors packaged in separate bags, as well as silicone noses and eyes, are included. As a result, you’ll be able to feel almost every adorable animal you can imagine.

Scissors, an awl, pliers, tweezers, glue sticks, finger safety, and a wooden felting handle that can accommodate several needles are among the tools included in the pack. As mentioned, each wool color comes in its own plastic bag, and there’s a jar to hold all the tools together.

When their kit arrived, some reviewers found that it lacked some pieces. Others protested about the needles breaking quickly or the poor condition of the wool. A few people have mentioned that each color only comes with a limited quantity of wool, which might not be enough to finish a larger project.

On the other hand, many critics thought this was an excellent and thorough package for beginning needle felters. They were particularly grateful for the extra equipment, such as the finger gloves, that they would not have thought to buy.


  • High durability 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Wooden felting handle
  • Good packaging 


  • The manufacturing material could have been better. 

#2 Woolbuddy’s Needle Felting Kit 

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Woolbuddy’s package includes the wool and materials needed to felt a half-dozen tiny dolls, each measuring about three inches in diameter. Choose from adorable critters like a penguin or a cactus in the instruction manual, or go freestyle!

A 16-pack of hypoallergenic wool in various colors, white wool, six needles, three thimbles, and a foam mat is included in the package. This kit is perfect for beginners because it comes with an instruction booklet with follow-along videos.

The instruction manual, according to some critics, lacked clarity and was underwhelming. Other reviewers, on the other hand, thought the instruction manual was valuable and easy to obey. The majority of reviewers felt this was a decent package, with sturdy needles and enough wool for their designs.


  • Sturdy Needles
  • Instruction Manual
  • Budget-Friendly 
  • High Durability 


  • Packaging could have been better 

#3 Needle Felting Kit for Beginners 

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With all the supplies you’ll need to make adorable needle-felted Shiba pups, this needle felting kit ups the cuteness ante. Accessories, such as hats and purses, are also available. They can be seen as phone charms, gifts, children’s toys, and even pet toys.

Six needles, tweezers, finger gloves, a wooden handle, a felting pad, and phone lanyards are included in the pack, including wonderful eco-friendly wool roving for four critters. It is a perfect set to send as a present, and it is wrapped in a beautiful box and bound with a bow.

A few critics pointed out that this isn’t the most beginner-friendly set. The patterns are very complex, and confusing for children or those trying to feel for the first time. The majority of critics, on the other hand, found this package was thoughtful and detailed. They all admired how well it was packed!


  • Six needles
  • Tweezers
  • Finger gloves
  • Wooden handle


  • Bad packaging 

#4 LOKUNN Needle Felting Kit for Beginners Cute Cactus Wool Felted Sets 

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LOKUNN needle felting kit for Beginners will bring some magic into your life. It comes with everything you’ll need to render the cutest cactus you’ve ever seen. Use it as a toy, decorate your desk with it, or take it around with you for a good smile!

A felting pad, needles, finger safety, and press-on eyes are included in the pack, as well as enough wool for one unicorn. It also includes step-by-step guides with images, making it simple for even novice felters to follow along.

A few reviewers were disappointed because the QR code for the video is incorrect – so be aware of that. On the other hand, most reviewers were pleased with their final product and said the guidelines were simple to obey while also encouraging them to incorporate their flair.


  • Instruction guides 
  • Good packaging 
  • Felting pad
  • Good quality needles


  • Instructional video QR code is incorrect

#5 Needle Felting Kit for Beginners from UOOU

This needle felting kit from UOOU comes with 6 pieces of colorful needle felting needles and Instructions, plus wool felting supplies for Christmas and other holidays.

All felting supplies are packaged in a storage product case, easy to organize and carry.

Instructions are clear & relatively easy to follow. Each dog or cat has a QR code that leads to a video showing the steps as well.  This kit also includes a wool felt mat and fingercot, good for beginners who needn’t worry about injuring their fingers while learning.

Some complained they struggled with knowing how much felt to use for each cat due to the fact that the kit provides a separate bag for each color of felt instead of bagging the necessary felt for each cat character. Others appreciated how much wool was included and provided an opportunity to make something else in addition to the four animals (dogs, cats, or both).


  • Clear instructions with available video (with QR code)
  • A great choice for beginners
  • Good quality 
  • High durability 


  • The amount of wool and proportions are off

Ultimate Guide to Needle Felting Aspects to Consider

Buy Multiple Needles

When needle felting, we all snap needles, but there are ways to save that from happening too much. When you first start, make sure you buy more than one needle because breaking the only needle and having to wait to complete your project is incredibly stressful.

Once you notice your felting needle tip is bowed or bent as you poke into your piece, you’re adding sideways pressure to your needle, which can cause it to break. 

As long as the tip of the felting needle remains straight, you can poke in and out at any angle. Do not pull at or pry the fibers of your project with your felting needle, as this would also cause it to snap.


Felting needles come in a variety of shapes. The barbs are arranged in various shapes on the needles, including star, swirl, triangle, and others. Some tools can accommodate several needles.  

Different wool breeds need different needle sizes, which can be annoying when you’re just getting started. Over the years, I’ve experimented with various needle sizes and shapes, but my favorite is Star 36. 

I suggest starting with a single star 36 needles and experimenting with others on the side before you find suitable needles for the wool you’re working with. I always use Romney fur, and Star 36 fits well for me. Smaller sizes, such as 38 or more petite, are needed for finer wools like Merino. 

Ultimate Guide to Needle Felting FAQs 

What is Needle felting Wool? 

There are several different varieties of fibers from which to select for your designs. You can make a craft with natural, plant, or synthetic fibers, but most filters are made with sheep’s wool. 

Since different varieties of sheep grow wool with other traits, you can need to try a few to identify the one you like bestâ€â€Corriedale, Merino, New Zealand, Norwegian Lincoln, Romney, Drysdale, and various other breeds.

Wool is customarily graded in microns; the higher the micron, the coarser the fibers are. So fiber roughness is essential when choosing your yarn, but the technique used to process it will also influence your decision.

What is the Best Needle for Needle felting? 

Ideally, you can have a range of needle sizes in various gauges. It would be best if you also bought needle packs for a reasonable amount since you’ll almost certainly break any of them anyway.

If it isn’t possible, a 38-gauge needle would be an excellent option for a novice. The kind of needle you choose depends on your preferences. However, a spiral or triangular one will be the easiest to begin.

Needles are also available with a variety of notches. You could feel more effective if there were more grooves. When working on a more comprehensive project, though, it might not be sufficient. Keep this in mind when you shop for needles.

Ultimate Guide to Needle Felting Conclusion 

Needle felting is a simple hobby to learn because all you need is some thread, a special needle, and maybe some foam. Fiber artists and miniature makers will enjoy this hobby the most. You can make your designs as primary or as complex as you like.

After reviewing all of the products mentioned above, our favorite is the Mayboos’ needle felting kit. It offers exceptional durability and is also pretty easy on your budget. It comes with a wooden felting handle which makes working on it effortlessly. 

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