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10 Best Diamond Painting Kits for Kids

10 Best Diamond Painting Kits for Kids

Diamond painting has become very popular amongst craft-loving kids. As a result, there are now some amazing kits out there designed with children in mind. In this article, we present our choices for the 10 best diamond painting kits for kids.

If your kids love Hama beads or paint-by-number activities, then they are going to love this latest crafting craze. 

To save you time, we have listed our 10 best diamond painting kits for your kids. Simply read on and follow the links to get your hands on diamond painting kits your kids will go crazy for.

10 Best Diamond Painting Kits for Kids – Our Picks

Best Themed Diamond Art Kits for Kids

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This was a hard one to judge. We loved the Star Wars themed set, but we are going to declare the Pokemon Diamond Art Kit the winner. Why? 

Well, in terms of value for money, the Pokemon set just beat the Star Wars kit by a fraction. 

Best Diamond Art Kits for a Kids Party

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With 36 pieces included, this kit is the stand-out winner. If you are looking for a craft activity to run at a party for your kids, this is the set for you. 

Just be aware that you might need to invest in a few more diamond painting pens if you intend on getting lots of kids around the crafting table all at once.  

Best Diamond Art Kit Gift for Your Kids

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We have chosen the Christmas set because we think it would make a lovely festive gift for kids who are starting out in the world of diamond painting. 

1) Dog, Penguin, & Pony 3 Pack 5D Diamond Painting Kit for Your Kids

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If your child has really got the bug for diamond painting, then this pack of 3 sets is ideal. Follow the canvas keys to create a magical unicorn, a cute puppy, and a cheeky penguin. 

The canvases are 5×5 inches or 6×6 inches. Large enough to keep kids occupied for a while but not too large that they will lose interest.   

Or, you might want to consider this set if you are planning on organizing a crafting play date. The three canvases mean there is enough to go around and the set comes at a very reasonable price. 

You’ll also be pleased to know that all the essential tools are included. No hidden costs!  

2) Big Gem Diamond Painting Kit – Create Your Own Sweets Stickers & Suncatchers

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Kids can watch their diamonds dazzle in the sunshine or personalize their belonging with these diamond painting suncatchers and stickers.

The kit includes 12 small adhesive patterns for kids to follow. The patterns are simple. Plus, their small size makes this kit perfect for beginners or younger kids. 

Once finished, the 2 suncatchers will look great hung in a window. And, the sparkly stickers can be used to decorate everything from pencil cases to binders. 

3) Pokemon Theme Stick Paint with Diamonds

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Another 12-piece sticker set. But this time the kit is based on characters from the popular Pokemon comics and cartoons.

The set includes all the diamonds that kids will need to complete the 12 colorful characters. And the handy diamond tray, clay, and pen, are all included as standard. 

Again, due to the small size of the canvases, the stickers will not take long to complete. So, if you have a child that tires quickly, they can reach a sense of accomplishment in a short amount of time. 

4) Sleeping Unicorn – 5D Diamond Painting for Kids with Wooden Frame

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Here is a kit for the unicorn obsessed! This lovely diamond painting kit has found its way onto our list for a whole load of reasons. 

Not only does it depict a beautiful sparkly unicorn, but also the diamonds vary in size. The larger diamonds are much easier to work with. This means kids get the chance to practice placing and positioning, without the frustrations of smaller diamonds. The larger diamonds also speed the process along. 

The final reason this kit has earned its spot on our list of 10 best diamond painting kits for kids is down to the fact it also comes with a wooden frame. The completed canvas set within the pink wooden frame will look great displayed in a child’s bedroom.

5) Night Owl – 5D Diamond Painting Kit for Kids

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For all artists, being able to display and admire their art work is an important part of the process. And, for kids it’s no different. We need to give them the chance to revel in what they have achieved. That is why we have chosen another set that comes complete with a wooden picture frame

We just love how the frame transforms a kids craft into something even more special and something to be really proud of. 

This cute nighttime scene featuring an owl and the moon, would make a great decoration for a child’s bedroom or a younger sibling’s nursery. 

6) Marvel Diamond Painting Stickers Kits for Kids

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One of the benefits of diamond painting is that it gives kids time to develop their fine motor skills. These fine motor skills are really important in many day-to-day tasks that involve using our hands. So, if your child finds writing difficult, it is especially important to practice these skills. 

This diamond painting set is great if you are looking for a quick way to practice fine motor skills daily.  Because each character canvas is approximately 3×3 inches, they won’t take long to complete. Perfect for a short, daily task. 

The best part, your kids won’t even realize you are making them practice. Thanks to the fun superhero theme, you can disguise it as fun. 

7) 36-Pieces 5D Diamond Painting Stickers Kits for Kids

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With 36 sticky canvases to complete this set delivers on quantity. Great if you’re planning an arts and craft party or if you are a teacher looking for a diamond painting kit to use with your class. If you do intend on using the set in this way, just be aware of the fact the set only contains one pen and diamond tray. 

The set features an array of cute and colorful animals from around the world. When finished they double up as stickers and can be used to decorate notebooks, mobile phones, or anything with a smooth, flat surface.

8) Keychains Butterfly – 11 Pieces DIY Diamond Painting Keychains 5D

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B088TPD9HY&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=2220bb 20&language=en USir?t=2220bb 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B088TPD9HY

This 11-piece set offers something a little different compared to the other diamond painting sets on our list. 

The kit includes everything a diamond painting kit usually does, plus the cool addition of some keychains.

When complete the pieces are attached to the keychain and viola! A sparkly keychain to decorate your key fob, add to a zipper, or attach to bags.

9) Mandalorian 5D DIY Diamond Painting Stickers Kits for Kids

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Calling all Star Wars Fans! This set is for you! 

Your kids will become Jedis in the art of diamond painting by the time they have completed these 8 themed pieces. 

The set contains baby Yoda, a stormtrooper, and many more Star Wars related canvases.

It includes 8 pieces to practice plus the standard tools.

10) Xmas – 5D Diamond Art Painting Mosaic Stickers Kits for Kids

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A Christmas set of diamond art stickers, perfect for craft activities leading up to the festive season, or an ideal present idea for a craft-loving kid.

The finished stickers could also be used to decorate your home over the festive period. 

10 Best Diamond Painting Kits for Kids FAQs

Q: What are Diamond Painting Kits for Kids?

A: Diamond painting kits for kids are craft kits that include a canvas with an adhesive surface and colorful resin diamonds. Children use a stylus to pick up the diamonds and place them on the corresponding numbered or color-coded spaces on the canvas, creating beautiful mosaic-like artworks.

Q: What Age Range Are These Kits Suitable For?

A: The recommended age range for diamond painting kits varies depending on the complexity and size of the gems. Most kits are suitable for children aged 5 and above, with some advanced kits designed for kids aged 12 and above.

Q: Are Diamond Painting Kits Safe for Kids?

A: Yes, diamond painting kits are safe for kids. However, adult supervision is recommended, especially for younger children, as the kits contain small parts that could pose a choking hazard.

Q: Do These Kits Require any Special Skills or Training?

A: No special skills or training are required to enjoy diamond painting. It is a beginner-friendly craft that children can easily pick up and enjoy.

Q: Can Kids Create Their Own Designs with These Kits?

A: While most diamond painting kits come with pre-printed templates, some kits allow kids to create their own designs and patterns. These kits often include blank canvases and a variety of colorful diamonds.

Q: What Are the Benefits of Diamond Painting for Kids?

A: Diamond painting offers several benefits for kids, including enhanced creativity, improved hand-eye coordination, concentration, and patience. It also serves as a relaxing and stress-relieving activity.

10 Best Diamond Painting Kits for Kids – Wrapping It Up

Diamond painting is a super activity for kids. It is a great way to develop their fine motor skills and coordination. Plus, many people use it as a way to restore calm and practice mindfulness. But even more importantly, plenty of kids just simply have fun doing it. 

So, whether your child is a pro when it comes to diamond craft or if they are just a beginner, we are certain there is a kit on our list to suit them. 

And, if you think that diamond painting is an activity you might enjoy too, we also have a list of adult kits perfect for beginners. Just head over to our blog on 8 Best Diamond Art Painting Kits for Beginners.

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