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7 Best Places to Buy Diamond Art Kits

7 best places to buy diamond art kits

As you are most likely aware, there are countless Websites and stores that offer diamond art kits and similar but not all of which are optimal in terms of kit diversity, site accessibility, shipping times, and general quality. Here, we present our 7 best places to buy diamond art kits to help you filter through them all.

This is precisely why we’ve decided to make that process simpler for you. After going through all the diamond art sites, we have managed to compile a list of our top 7 favorites. So, if you want to know why, and see other options as well, read on!

1) Paint with Diamonds

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Among all the places where you can buy quality diamond art kits, is Paint With Diamonds. manages to distinguish themselves in a couple of important ways. 

First of all, they offer more than two thousand varied diamond paintings for you to work on; many of them being licensed artworks depicting some of your favorite franchises. From picturesque winter landscapes to diamond paintings of famous cartoons, Paint With Diamonds has it all.

Additionally, the owners seek to foster a genuine communal feeling among their customer base. There are plenty of instructional blogs to help beginners learn this gorgeous form of art, along with a Facebook community where everyone gets together and exchanges experiences. 

Finally, their amusingly titled “Oh S*it Insurance” allows anyone who’s had the misfortune of their art breaking apart to receive a new kit for free, asking nothing more than a photo of the damage in return!

Check Paint With Diamonds

2) Floating Styles

Screenshot 6 min

Our penultimate choice is another source of excellent and varied diamond painting kits. Floating Styles provides you with just the right amount of variety for your diamond painting materials; you can choose whether you want designs with square or round drills; along with the precise dimensions of the paintings.

Your first contact with the Floating Styles website is bound to give you a single impression, this is a well-maintained, no-nonsense arts and crafts retailer. No customer has reported experiencing low-quality beads, bad packaging, or creased canvases, everything is high-quality.

The number of different categories of paintings is also astounding; you’ve got more than 20 different collections to choose from. Plus, if you happen to experience any difficulties, Floating Styles offers a helpful blog section along with a ton of video instructions for each product.

Check Floating Styles

3) Diamond Art Club

Screenshot 3 1

Angie, the founder of Diamond Art Club, has done a fantastic job to keep new and relevant kits available and runs a great website and store. She says this about diamond painting, “With the pressures of the world weighing down on us, it is a blessing to come home to your favorite chair, a nice beverage, and a spark of creativity. Diamond art is a calming activity to melt the baggage from the day away, leaving you glowing with accomplishment.”

With the highest quality product out on the market, each of their kits comes with everything you need to get started.

You’ll definitely want to follow them on social media for sneak peek announcements about their weekly new arrivals. 

Check Diamond Art Club

4) Craft Ease

Screenshot 1

The Craft Ease diamond art shop is all about, well, crafting with ease! Apart from providing you with a diverse offering of truly unique diamond art pieces, they’re also willing to do whatever it takes to make your crafting experience as simple an streamlined as possible.

First of all, they provide a selection of 3-Day Shipping in the USA pieces, which you can get the fastest if you can’t wait to start your diamond art adventure. Apart from that, their website also contains a variety of diamond painting guides to ease in any beginners into this wonderful craft. Of course, none of this would be worth anything if they didn’t actually have a great selection of diamond paintings, giving you access to some pieces that you truly can’t find anywhere else!

Check Craft Ease

5) Craftibly

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Craftibly is a company that’s much more than a simple provider of diamond art kits. Instead of being mere retailers, the people behind Craftibly fully realize the major point of getting into diamond art painting in the first place, and that’s creativity. That’s why Crafibly aims to provide the widest possible range of applications for diamond art.

Forget about just paintings you can hang on your wall, Craftibly gives you a great assortment of diamond painting journals; why not make the prettiest possible notebook for yourself? You can also find beautiful diamond art gift cards, allowing you to present someone with the most thoughtful and personal gift!

Check Craftibly

6) All Diamond Painting

Screenshot at May 05 16 51 33

All diamond painting is the most sophisticated destination for diamond painting enthusiasts. Their versatile diamond painting kits are known to satiate your inner cravings. All kits are categorized in an easily navigable user friendly format. They’re known for taking up projects which emphasize and are inspired by exuberant flowers, nature, aurora, animals, birds, glow-in-the-dark, and LED-lit kits. Brace yourselves to witness unparalleled levels of tranquility through this creative art.

Moreover, producing Custom diamond painting kits is their forte. Talk of the Town or in fact we should say Talk of the Globe is their newly introduced “Impressionist”. It is a magnificent innovation in which they change the image into a mosaic, poly art, or Cartoonizer before converting it into a dazzling custom kit. Absolutely Delightful! 

Words never come easy to me when it comes to describing their top-notch kits complimented with soft canvases. Their diamond drills are instilled with extra bling and coupled with extra quantity, this is just wow. The whopping 360-day warranty for the kits alongside free shipping is something that stands out about them too. Kudos to their competent and proactive 24/7 customer support. Not only will they help you in answering your queries pertaining to the shipment, size selection for custom diamond painting, or refund/return, but they’ll also do that at an unmatched speed. Drop your queries and within a blink of an eye, expect their reply. More power to them.

Check All Diamond Painting

7) Amazon

We can’t talk about diamond art sellers without mentioning Amazon. If you haven’t thought about looking here, we feel obligated to mention the online shopping giant as well. Though, it’s worth keeping in mind that Amazon isn’t dedicated solely to arts and crafts; which is why the other top entries on our list may provide a wider selection in this niche.

Still, once you enter the diamond art kit category on Amazon, you’ll find a variety of manufacturers and brands to choose from. If you need any assistance finding what you need, there’s always the option of arranging the listed products by price, format, difficulty levels, etc.

And when you do consider buying a specific kit, Amazon has plenty of customer reviews from other buyers, allowing you to see if a product is really as good as the manufacturer (inevitably) claims it is.

7 Best Places to Buy Diamond Art Kits – Our Favorites

Now that we’ve taken a look at the best websites for buying quality diamond art kits; we’ll give you a quick couple of reviews of our favorite kits.

Deer – DIY 5D Diamond Painting

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This 5D diamond painting from Easy Whim definitely has a lot to offer. From a purely aesthetic point of view, the simultaneously surreal and realistic deer painting is simply stunning. And that level of quality is maintained when we examine the manufacturing quality as well.

First of all, the high-definition oil canvas is completely waterproof and pleasingly textured. As for the pattern itself, you won’t have to worry about diamonds constantly falling out; there’s an excellent sticky background along with a useful plastic overtop.

Speaking of the diamonds themselves, each of them contains 17 distinct miniature cutting surfaces, allowing for maximum elegance and shine; these gems won’t fade out for a long, long time. Plus, the adhesive used in the kit is a green, environmentally-friendly glue.


—       Green glue

—       Excellent-quality canvas

—       Beautiful nature imagery


—       Some of the gems are small enough to make handling a hassle

Check Price

Welcome – DIY 5D Diamond Painting

welcome diy 5d diamond painting full

If you’re looking to make a high-quality Welcome sign from a diamond painting; this kit is precisely what you need. It’s definitely a high-quality product, seeing as the full diamond provides lifelike depictions of the cartoon creatures in the painting; they’re also non-fading and exquisitely layered. Each of the diamonds contains 17 facets, with delicate and smooth surfaces that provide high-quality refractions.

Plus, the universal “Welcome†message means that this isn’t just a great arts and crafts project to pass the time with; or simply a neat addition to your household aesthetic. You can also make this as the perfect gift for someone’s birthday, a part of your Christmas or Halloween decorations, or even something fun to hang up in your office or bedroom.


—       Fun aesthetic, sprucing up any interior

—       High-quality 17-faceted diamond beads

—       Usable in a variety of spaces


—       Not the best entry-level diamond kit for beginners

Check Price

Sugar Skull – DIY 5D Diamond Painting

sugar skull diy 5d diamond painting full

Our last (but definitely not the least) 5D Diamond Painting kit of choice is this intriguing Sugar Skull decor. We definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re a beginner in this artform, seeing as this 5D Diamond kit allows you to create a gorgeous mosaic without any previous knowledge or experience. There won’t be a lot of mess and any undue effort with this kit; you’re ready to begin creating as soon as you open the box.

This masterpiece kit contains a premium-quality, vivid canvas,along with reflective resin diamonds. All of this leaves you more than equipped to create a stunning crystal skull image for your home, or perhaps as a gift for someone else?


—       Intriguing imagery

—       Great for beginners


—       A little too simple for experienced diamond artists.

Check Price

7 Best Places to Buy Diamond Art Kits FAQs

After providing you with some helpful guidelines on the best retailers for diamond art kits, as well as our favorite paintings, we’ll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve noticed people having online:

What is Diamond Art?

To put it simply, diamond painting is an artform that’s a variant of mosaic art. Instead of tiny pebbles that would make up a mosaic, here you use shiny plastic beads or tiny diamonds (also called resins) onto a canvas to create the painting.

In most cases, you don’t do this free-hand: you purchase a diamond art kit for a specific image, which contains all of the beads that you need and a pre-glued canvas. The only thing you need to do is to slowly fill the image by placing the right beads in the correspondingly marked slot, much like paint-by-numbers art.

As you can see, a diamond art kit allows you to come up with pretty-looking imagery without any artistic knowledge, education, or even particular skills.

What are the benefits of diamond painting?

There are myriad benefits to taking up diamond painting as your pastime of choice.

First, there’s stress reduction, in this day and age, the fast-paced lives we lead are likely to keep our anxiety and stress levels constantly raised. But a simple, yet focus-demanding project like diamond painting is just what you need to let off some steam in a productive way.

While it may seem frustrating at first, diamond painting is actually incredibly relaxing. You have all of the instructions you need, along with all of the needed parts to complete your very own work of art. That means you’re free to shut your brain off and have some actual rest.

Plus, as we’ve mentioned, diamond painting requires a certain degree of focus; which is something we’ve all been sorely lacking lately (or, is it just us). The past years of smartphones, short-form media content, and instant social interactions have all severely lowered our attention spans. Hobbies like these are a great way to combat that.

On top of that, diamond painting is a neat way to hone your fine motor skills without doing anything risky or time-consuming. Obviously, as you work on completing your painting, you will find that your hand-eye coordination slowly starts improving over time. And, perhaps most importantly, diamond art painting lets us rekindle that spark of creativity that can easily get lost in the shuffle of daily adult life.

What’s the Difference Between 3D and 5D Diamond Kits?

Many people are confused as to what the difference is between 5D and 3D diamond art kits. It’s one of the most overtly advertised features in diamond art kits, and yet, a majority of people using them don’t really understand what that actually means.

In reality, the difference in aesthetics that 3D and 5D kits for diamond art painting have is nothing more than the number of sides found on each individual diamond. As a result of having more facets, 5D diamond paintings sparkle brighter from a bigger distance compared to their 3D counterparts.

On top of that, 3D diamonds seem more pixelated (which some people actually prefer) and have a lower level of detail compared to 5D diamond art, which is known for more detail and vibrance.

However, not all diamond paintings are exclusively made of 5D or 3D diamonds. Often enough, designers use both kinds to give a more textured look to the paintings, providing varying levels of depth and vibrance in specific parts of the painting. This kind of variety can bring out something unique in a painting that would otherwise be unremarkable.

What’s the Difference Between a Cheap Kit and a Premium Kit?

If you’re looking to save money and buy a budget-level diamond art kit, or you’re looking to splurge on a premium-level one, you need to know the difference between the two and realize just what your money can get you.

First of all, the biggest difference between cheaper and more expensive diamond art kits is the fact that premium-level kits contain better gems. As for the canvas itself, the size is usually what you see in the advertisement, though more expensive kits contain canvases that aren’t as likely to fold or crease.

Plus, more expensive diamond art kits generally have better image design, with more details that provide a more intricate and nuanced end product, which also tends to last longer.

7 Best Places to Buy Diamond Art Kits Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are plenty of places where you can find quality diamond art kits, and now you have all of the knowledge needed to make a truly informed choice! There’s nothing stopping you from a truly relaxing new pastime and hobby.

13 thoughts on “7 Best Places to Buy Diamond Art Kits”

  1. Floating Styles does have a lot of kit options as well as kits that I haven’t found anywhere else. However, they are based in China. So anything you order will take weeks to get.

  2. I just thought I’d give you a head’s up that after reading this, I went to the Diamond Art Club site and they informed me that they no longer offer custom print kits. 🙁

  3. Could you do a list of U. S. A. Kits only. China kits do not have the quality that the USA kits have.

  4. I have tried around 10 different diamond art websites and the diamond art club is by far the best! I’ve gotten canvases with creases from other sites and they are clear and easy to see so it’s easier to see the symbols on the canvas than other websites too
    There just all around a better site for diamond art!

  5. Why is it so difficult to find kits that include frames? Buying frames that are the correct size is expensive. Some of the so-called frames that are included really just ask you to push-pin the canvas onto a wooden background. I love to do the “painting” but the framing is a nightmare. I really feel that a kit should have everything you need, including a frame that is a true frame that will protect and display the finished image.

  6. I am new to diamond painting and I received these little ( the best way to describe is) these little rabbit ear hair tie things? What are they supposed to be used for? My kids are using them in our dogs hair.. very confused what to use them for in my paintings.

  7. I have been diamond painting for a little over a year now.. I have found that using Glitter modge podge mixed half and half with water is an excellent way to preserve and protect and Really make your diamond art sparkle! Framing is sometimes frustrating but I have found you can use almost any frame once it has been treated with modge podge as having it behind glass isn’t an issue anymore… I find cheap paintings or even a cheap mirror I framed one on recently..

    1. That sounds brilliant! I have been doing one project after another during Covid and the framing has been beautiful (and not complaining because most were Christmas presents for my family) but I can’t keep spending that kind of money on framing. Thank you for your tip. I will give it a try. I am just finishing my first pre-framed kits and it is a dream come true. Best quality I have ever come across. It is Diamond Dotz Squares. The printing is so good I think it must be 3D printing. The frame is strong and deep – looks like a custom frame. It was not a mail order. This is the first one that I bought from a craft shop.
      Since this is the first one I have hung up without glass I will try your technique to protect it. Thank you!

  8. Hey there! This is Michael from Craftibly! Thanks for mentioning us 🙂 – just wanted to add that my wife and I are based out of Texas (where we also have a store front) and we guarantee everything sold. So, if for any reason you don’t like it or have an issue we are happy to exchange it, refund it, whatever. We love going to craft fairs and introducing people to diamond painting – maybe we’ll see some of you out there. And if you’re ever in Fort Worth just stop on by and say “Howdy”!

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