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8 Best Book Series for 2nd Grade Girls

8 Best Book Series for 2nd Grade Girls

Looking for a series of books that your young reader can immerse themselves in and develop their reading skills? Then look no further! We have selected the 8 best book series for 2nd grade girls.

Each book series has been selected and reviewed with second-grade girls in mind. The books chosen are age-appropriate and most 2nd graders should be able to read them independently.

8 Best Book Series for 2nd Grade Girls – Our Picks

1.   Nancy Drew Clue Crew Book Series

You may have come across the stories of Nancy Drew which were originally aimed at older audiences. However, Nancy Drew Clue Crew is a book series based on the 8-year-old character Nancy Drew, a budding detective.

Full of mystery, these books are packed with issues that every 2nd-grade girl will be able to relate to. With over 40 titles in the book series, it,s a series that your 2nd grader can really get stuck into! 

2.   Magic Tree House Boxed Set

A suspense-filled, time travel book series that incorporates many 2nd grade history topics. This action-packed series will have your second grade readers clinging to the edges of their seats.

When the main characters Jack and Annie discover a magic treehouse that transports them back in time, they become entangled in dangerous missions and amazing adventures.

3.   My Little Pony Book Series

Based on the popular toys and animations, this book series is a manageable read for 2nd-grade girls who are just starting to read chapter books.

With decodable words and simple language, second-grade readers can practice reading independently.  Each book is based on a different My Little Pony, so readers can choose their favorite characters to read about.

4.   Magic School Bus

A classic series that combines fiction and science in a captivating way. Although the books themselves may be a challenging read for 2nd graders, the storylines are certainly understandable.

Adults may prefer to read aloud the stories while your children sit back and get lost in the adventures of one class’s magical field trips. Combining adventure and science, these books will certainly capture imaginations and educate 2nd grade girls. 

5.   Diary of a Wimpy Kid

A favorite amongst second grade girls and boys, and a number one bestseller series in bookshops in-store and online. The book series follows the journal of the main character Greg, a middle-school misfit.

It covers important issues such as friendships, acceptance, and emotions, in a lighthearted and comical way. Despite the main character being a boy, second-grader girls will surely relate to many of Greg’s problems and will find his stories and mishaps entertaining at the very least. 

6.   Ivy and Bean

This heart-warming and humorous series of books is about two very different girls that form a wonderful friendship.

The book series follows their adventures and mischief and it teaches readers that friendships can blossom despite great differences. With plotlines that 2nd grade girls can place themselves at the center of, this series is a guaranteed hit.

7.   The Adventures of Captain Underpants

The Adventures of Captain Underpants is a series of kids’ books that appeal to all. The hilarious storylines and easy-to-read text make it a great choice of book for 2nd grade girls.

The comic book style layout with text and illustrations, are excellent for grade 2 readers, who are transitioning from picture books to chapter books.

8.   Little Leaders

Finally, a non-fiction option that second grade girls will find educating as well as motivating. The Little Leaders book series features true stories from inspirational women and men around the world.

Each book contains stories of people that changed the world for the better. Inciting powerful messages of equality and achieving goals, this series will leave any 2nd grader awestruck.

8 Best Book Series for 2nd Grade Girls – Wrapping Up

Developing a love of reading at a young age is important. Needless to say, each reader has their own preference for the genre. Amongst these 8 Best Book Series for 2nd Grade Girls, there are bound to be some hits that your young reader will love!

So, let them explore the options, give them the choice, and enjoy watching your young reader develop.

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