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12 Fabric Glues and Adhesives

Fabric Glues and Adhesives

Today we discuss 12 Fabric Glues and Adhesives. Since most consumers are unfamiliar with suitable fabric glues, they end up purchasing low-quality products. Instead of providing a lasting cure, such a glue, which is often enriched with toxic additives, often degrades fabric consistency, induces skin irritation, and causes health problems. 

We talked about it a lot and decided to go on an expedition to find the best cloth glue. 

12 Fabric Glues and Adhesives – Start Here

#1 Tear Mender Instant Adhesive 

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Bish’s tear mender is an environmentally conscious natural adhesive made entirely of non-toxic, recycled materials. Because of its non-toxic, acid-free, and UV-resistant properties have a wide range of applications in both indoor and outdoor settings. It is, however, mainly used for leather, vinyl, and cloth repair.

So, how does it establish the bond? Within minutes of being added to porous materials, they penetrate the fibers and create a permanent bond. Since it will dry up to 3 minutes after application, you must push the fabrics together rapidly. The benefit of this everlasting bond is that you will wear your garment right away after it has dried for a few minutes.

This adhesive creates a strong bond by penetrating through the cloth fibers and can be machine washed in 15 minutes without degradation. It also has little effect on the fabric’s flexibility, allowing you to stretch and shift as though there had been no repair.

Despite its high bonding strength, this adhesive is not intended for use on hard surfaces. As a result, there’s no reason to be concerned if some spills on your table. And if it remains in place for a long time, it would quickly slip off. It makes it very convenient to use.


  • High bonding strength
  • Permanent bond
  • Non-toxic
  • Acid-free


  • Bad packaging 

#2 Supplies Clear Glue Craft Fabric 

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This adhesive is a clear, very durable glue. It makes it suitable for various applications, including the bonding of wood, metal, leather, rubber, paper, and different other materials. However, because of its high speed for fast sticking, it is more common in fabric mending in the arts and crafts world.

It dries quickly, leaving a smooth, clean seam that looks completely normal. Since it is made of clean, non-toxic ingredients, you can apply it with your hands. You can imagine how safe it is to use, and it is FDA certified for food packaging.

This adhesive is packaged in an 8.5-ounce stay-fresh container with a clog-free dispenser. It ensures that the glue stays new and in liquid form on the inside at all times. 

As a result, it does not get dried out and clog the hole that leads to the applicator cap. So, you may use it repeatedly without the fear of it getting dried out and being worthless before you finish the whole bottle.

This dispenser has a proprietary adhesive management system that guarantees a regulated volume of adhesive is dispensed to the exact point where you should apply, in addition to being clog-free. It cuts down on waste and messy messes, all of which are popular when using glue.


  • Clog-free dispenser
  • Good packaging 
  • Fda certified
  • High durability 


  • Less Quantity 

#3 Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

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This permanent fabric-tac adhesive works well. You could use it to join various materials together, including glass. However, it is ideal for lace and leather and simple fixes to other fabrics when it comes to fabrics.

The most significant benefit is that it does not sink into garments and therefore leaves no stains. If you work in white fabrics, such as when mending wedding gowns, this is an excellent property to have. It’s also built to catch and dry quickly, leaving you with a clear, long-lasting, and flexible bond.

It is acid-free and washable, allowing you to wash the cloth in the manner you have been used to, whether by machine or by hand. On the other hand, dry cleaning is not advised since the fluids involved can weaken the bond.

The adhesive comes in various sizes, allowing you to purchase the exact amount you need for your project. Overall, it comes in 2, 4, and 8-ounce bottles, with a dozen pack choices for the 4-ounce and 8-ounce bottles. It allows you to place a single order for the amount you need.


  • Long-lasting
  • Flexible bond
  • Various sizes available 
  • Variety of usage 


  • The packaging could have been better. 

#4 Aleene’s Quick-Dry Permanent Adhesive 

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Since glue application is quicker and simpler than stitching and quickly dries to create a solid bond, this adhesive is built on a fast-drying solvent that makes sewing projects much more effortless. Alene’s fast-drying quality makes it perfect for tasks that need quick repairs, such as finishing touches on your prom or wedding gown.

Despite its fast-drying time and tight bonding, this adhesive creates flexible, easy to clean, machine-washable seams. They just need a light washing following drying to clear the extra adhesive, and then they’re ready to use.

This Alene’s comes in a 4-ounce container that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for easier handling. It allows for precise dispensing of the glue, resulting in less waste.

It also has a long, well-defined ergonomic applicator tip that reaches deep into the fabric enabling a more specific application. Moreover, it also has a cap, which keeps the adhesive from drying out fast and clogging the applicator cap.

It also has a low odor and won’t leave a lingering odor on the fabrics or fingertips after use. You just won’t have to think about damaging your fingertips because it’s non-toxic so it won’t damage your skin.


  • Fast-drying solvent
  • Ergonomic applicator tip
  • 4-ounce container
  • Non-toxic


  • Low Durability 

#5 Dritz 44153 Unique Stich Fabric Glue

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Due to its special toothpaste-like tube packaging, this fabric glue has a kind of application ease. It’s only found in a 1.25-ounce bottle of stitch fabric glue that doesn’t need to be sewn together for strengthening. As a result, it’s often used to sew embellishments onto fabrics.

You may also use it for home decor designs that call for multiple decorations to be added to walls and windows. The adhesive is non-toxic, but it creates minor skin inflammation and must be washed off as soon as the application is completed. 

It’s made with a water-soluble adhesive, but it can be removed if the fabric is washed until the glue dries. However, after the glue has dried, it creates a strong bond that can be washed and dried in a machine.

Since you must let the adhesive dry for at least 24 hours before washing, the waiting time should be a problem. You might choose to wash the fabric first, then glue it if it fits you, and thereby avoid this problem. Regardless of these precautions, any cloth containing this adhesive should not be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning solvents will wear away at the glue, undoing the bond.


  • Non-toxic
  • Toothpaste-like tube packaging
  • Water-soluble adhesive
  • High durability 


  • Less Size 

#6 Gutermann HT2 Fabric Glue

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You’ll even get tubed glue, which comes in a 30-gram pack with this item. Since it is not a stitch cloth glue, it does not require stitching for strengthening. It makes it ideal for gluing decorative objects together, such as ribbons. You may use it to adhere to jeans, linen, wool, cotton, and just about any other cloth.

It has a distinct drying mechanism. Other cloth glues, in most cases, dry on their own without the use of heat. This Gutermann glue, on the other hand, can be heat-sealed to form a tighter bond as it dries.

When the glue dries, it forms a super-strong, watertight seal that can survive vacuum washing and dry cleaning without deterioration. This seam is also heat tolerant, which means it will not be weakened by ironing or warm water.

Finally, when it comes to fabrics, warmth is crucial. Soft materials are more natural, and you can have that in mind while gluing their parts together. Fortunately for you, these adhesive forms a versatile connection that can extend and shift with the cloth without compromising its comfort.


  • 30-gram pack
  • Super-strong
  • Watertight seal
  • Low durability 


  • A bit expensive 

#7 Aleene’s 36116 Original Tacky Glue

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Aleene’s tacky glue is a clear and white glue that dries clear and doesn’t yellow with time. As a result, it’s a popular option for restoring white clothing. At the very least, you now know what to do with the beautifully colored wardrobe that needs to be repaired.

If you accidentally add it to your fabrics or pour it on them, you must wipe it off with soap and water until it dries, which is an easy and quick way to deal with your errors. It’s still non-toxic, meaning it won’t do any damage to the health. It has a minimal odor, which is ideal for on-the-go fixes.

There are three options to customize the application. To manage the glue that comes out of the applicator handle, you can slice it in one of three ways. This tip is standard, but two measures separate the top thin part from the middle medium part and this part from the dense bottom part. When you cut the top section off, you’ll get a thin applicator cap, which means each bottle press will get a tiny amount of glue. The rest of the components bear suit.

You may get a substantial amount of glue in terms of packing. It comes with an 8-ounce bottle in either a three-pack or a six-pack. It means that the smallest quantity you can purchase is 24 ounces. You’ll still have some leftover glue left over for upcoming ventures if you do this.


  • Non-toxic
  • Popular brand 
  • Good packaging 
  • A good tip of container 


  • Low durability 

#8 Aleenes Super Fabric Adhesive

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This cloth glue comes in a bottle, so it’s not like the others. It also has an applicator tip for easier and faster glue use. It’s a super adhesive that forms super tight bonds, as the name implies. It makes it ideal for securing heavy embellishments on cloth parts.

It shapes super durable seams that retain the same degree of comfort as before, despite its heavy bonding. It ensures the seams would not be difficult to work on. As a result, you’ll be able to stroll down the street without feeling something harsh or scratchy on your face.

The bond dries quickly after application and leaves a clean seam. Also, after several washing cycles, this bond retains its translucent color and does not yellow. When it comes to cleaning, this glue’s fabric bonding is machine washable. However, you will need to wait for the adhesive to dry, which usually takes 72 hours.

It comes in a single 2-ounce tube in a single pack, with only enough for a few uses. Joining bits of leather, fabric, canvas, cotton, and poly blends may be an example of this. 

It’s designed for fabrics and expects a tidy, tight bond that’s only surpassed by real stitching. These fabric glues, as you can see, have both traditional and unique characteristics. However, before purchasing either of them, keep the following in mind.


  • Applicator tip
  • Single 2-ounce tube
  • Budget-friendly 
  • High durability 


  • A bit toxic 

#9 Odif USA 505 Spray & Fix Temporary Adhesive

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The Odif USA 505 Spray is an excellent alternative for quilters and basters. Most people are looking for a long-term patch. However, there are times when a temporary one is needed.

This Odif USA glue is designed to meet your needs. It gives you the flexibility to make changes later if necessary. Furthermore, since you won’t need to buy a large can, this 12.4 ounce can save you money.

This temporary patch is also an excellent way for beginners to experiment with their hobby, so you can realign or reposition the stitch if necessary. It often doesn’t get tangled up in the needle. As a result, the sewing experience would be seamless and unrestricted. 

It has no taste or color and is manufactured from non-toxic, acid-free materials. As a result, there are no health threats. Apart from that, you can use it for almost everything. With all of these characteristics, this may be a great first option for someone to try.


  • Flexibility
  • Acid-free manufacturing 
  • No health threats
  • High durability 


  • A temporary adhesive 

#10 Amazing GOOP 150011 Plumbing Adhesive

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The Amazing GOOP 150011 Plumbing Adhesive is amazing when fixing broken fabric pieces, earning it the tag. Its compounds are so potent that you can use a small amount of them to connect every fragmented hardware component.

The adhesive, according to calculations, takes 24 hours to patch hardware bits, but don’t worry, it won’t take too long for fabrics. Fabric can take an average amount of time, about one minute or slightly longer.

Its power would not need to be explained until it has withered between broken cloth pieces. With a jaw-dropping smile, you will witness that life. Your cloth would be machine washable due to its hardness. Be sure that no wash would jeopardize the bond.

And then, after going through too much, the bond is still pliable. You’ll be surprised to discover how adaptable it is to your various movements. Furthermore, unlike most other cloth adhesives, this one is free of radioactive elements that might damage your skin.


  • Machine washable adhesive 
  • Free of radioactive elements
  • Powerful
  • Good packaging


  • Low durability 

#11 Permatex 25247 Fabric Repair Kit 

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Consider your favorite shirt, which has minor holes or burns as a result of an emergency. In this situation, the first thought that would come to mind is to replace it or just endure the pain.

This clothing fabric adhesive comes with a slew of useful features. Initially, the adhesive comes with seven cup fabric fixes in various shades, allowing you to choose the color that best complements your upholstery. As a result, this one is the perfect adhesive for upholstery fabric and trim.

A panel applicator, a spatula for fast application, bottles for mixing, and a helpful guide to help you with the color-matching map are also included. If you’re worried about the color combos and whether they’ll fit the texture and patterns, rest assured that Permatex promises to meet the most common color and texture combinations!

Furthermore, it repairs fabric and vehicle furniture (such as car seats) in various ways in under 20 minutes. To restore the same density and color contrast, and permanency, apply it according to the instructions and wait for around 20 minutes. 

There’s no need for heat, and there’s no need for dangerous adhesive! In no time, you will restore the essence of your fabric! Furthermore, after the cloth has been fixed, the defect will be almost invisible. This fabric glue is also inexpensive. This one is the top pick in today’s analysis because it meets all of the requirements.


  • Inexpensive
  • Fast application
  • Panel applicator
  • High quality 


  • Not waterproof

#12 E6000 Fabri-Fuse Adhesive 

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The E6000 Fabri Fuse Adhesive Glue, which is the strongest cloth glue for felting, comes next. It also dries quickly and is transparent. You can also use this glue on concrete, glass, rubber, wood, and other materials. 

This Fabri-Fuse glue, on the other hand, is suitable for gluing home decor pieces and various fabrics. Aside from that, the stickiness of this cloth glue will not fade until cleaning. And since this glue is lightweight, you can use it to decorate a variety of materials. 

Furthermore, this glue is flexible, and you can use it to repair any kind of fabric. In addition, you may use the Fabri-Fuse glue to repair wood, glass, and rubber. 

Also, this glue has a durable consistency. Best of all, the Fabri-Fuse adhesive is acid-free and can be used to repair small objects. You’ll also be unable to determine when you fixed the cloth with glue.

Additionally, the Fabri-Fuse adhesive is odorless, and you may wash the fabric after it has dried. This glue is very flexible and of high quality. Simply apply a small amount of this adhesive to the cloth and wait a few minutes for it to work. So many designers use this glue to mend or decorate their dresses. Fabric glue, on the other hand, can repair heavy-duty jobs such as wood and metal.


  • Lightweight 
  • Long-lasting consistency 
  • Odorless 
  • Very flexible


  • Low-quality packaging 

12 Fabric Glues and Adhesives – Consider These Before Buying

Type of Glue 

You may assume that only fabric glue works well on fabric, but you may use tacky glue in some cases. Fabric glue is designed specifically for fabrics and provides a strong bond that can withstand daily washing and ironing.

Tacky glue, on the other hand, is an all-purpose glue that isn’t just for clothes. Some, on the other hand, can leave you with an inflexible bond, so be cautious. As a result, if you just need glue for your garments, buy fabric glue. Buy lightweight tacky glue if you intend to use it for other fixes as well.

Drying Speed 

The amount of time it takes for the adhesive to dry and solidify into a tight bond. It differs from glue to glue and substantially impacts how long the fabric takes to wash. 

Whether you’re the hurried kind or if you’re in a rush, a quick-drying glue is a way to go. A slow-drying glue will work if you have patience, and it is the safest because the longer it lasts, the stronger the bond will be.

Drying Quantity 

Some glues have a milky appearance when dry, while others have a transparent appearance. Since you don’t want white marks left behind, after all, is over, clear is the safest solution. 

Another aspect of drying consistency to remember is glue discoloration over time. Some bonds turn yellow with time, indicating that the glue is of poor quality. The dry, smooth, non-yellowing adhesive is the highest-performing glue.

Adhesive Strength 

Fabric glues come with a variety of stickiness varieties. Some are available as “mega” glues, which have greater strength and, as a result, tighter bonds with your designs. The decision between this super adhesive and other, less powerful adhesives is solely dependent on the requirements of your project.

Super glues are designed for materials that can be washed often and subjected to a lot of wear and tear. On the other hand, wall decorations do not need such glues because they are often untouched and have no wear and tear.

Health & Eco-Friendly

Glues can appear to be sticky liquids, but their additives can be dangerous. As a result, it’s critical to look for non-toxic and acid-free stickers on their packaging to ensure that they’re protected.

The majority of fabric glues are made from natural materials and are therefore relatively eco-friendly. On the other hand, these brands will reassure you that purchasing is of high quality. When discarded, it will not damage your skin or the environment.


Fabric glues are sold in either bottles or tubes. The decision here between the two is essentially a matter of personal taste. The only thing you can think of is the applicator. 

Applicators are made for ease of use, and if you don’t have one, you’ll have a hard time applying the adhesive, mainly if it’s poisonous. As a result, check to see if anything is included in the box before purchasing the adhesive.


Few tubes of glue come in bags, while most are sold individually. Although using more glue is easier and cheaper, it can dry out if you just use a minimal quantity and save the remainder for later. It will result in a lack of the cost savings you had made.

Thus, buy a quantity that matches your desires, maybe for two weeks or so, and then reorder when it is over, based on your use. This way, you’ll always have fresh glue that forms tight ties, and you won’t have to worry about losing money.

What are the types of Glue? 

  • Permanent Glue 

It is the category in which we have concentrated our efforts. This glue is used to hold things together for a long time. It takes the place of a stitch and should be both water-resistant and reliable. Some are water-soluble until they dry, but they can wash away if they aren’t done correctly.

  • Temporary Glue 

These adhesives are used on fabrics to form temporary bonds. For example, when making the bottom hem of a dress, you attempt to make a long stitch. Instead of spending time and resources on sticks, use a temporary cloth to keep the fold in place.

  • Heat-Set Glue

To get the heat-set glue to adhere, you must iron the garment or press it in a heat printing unit. The most straightforward approach is to avoid using this glue. Since it requires an extra stage, and if you don’t have an iron or a heat transfer unit, it would be inconvenient.

  • Cool- Set Glue

On the other hand, Cool- set glue seems to be more convenient to use in application speed and ease. It is not necessary to use heat. Simply add the glue, and it will dry and adhere the surfaces together. Depending on the brand you’re using, it could take anything from a few minutes to several hours.

  • Spray Adhesive

An aerosol spray may contain these cloth glues. They’re simple to use, but they need to be done in a well-ventilated area. Additionally, wear a respirator to protect yourself from the mist.

  • Non-Spray Adhesive

Non-spray adhesive, which is the most popular, is also available. In a soft plastic container, the adhesives are held. Simply click the bottle to squeeze out the glue.

Best Fabric Glue Brands

It is easier to pick brands because you have a particular brand from which you purchase items to be confident in its consistency and customer service.

Here are a few of the best fabric glue brands in the market – 


This producer and retailer are one of the finest, founded in 1909 as a massive enterprise specializing in fabric glue and various other items. Sealants, lubricants, hand cleaners, gasket builders, and, of course, different adhesive types are accessible. They are an industry leader in terms of creativity and a well-known company.

Tear Mender

The Tear Mender, created by Val Cismoski (also known as The Bish) in the 1930s, is another well-known adhesive brand. It started as a farm-related commodity and evolved into the standard adhesive for canvas drive belt repair.

Their glue is now more diverse, and it is used for everything from handcrafts to fabric treatment. However, in 2015, the Lighthouse for the Blind, a non-profit organization, purchased the corporation as part of their mission to employ the poor.


The Beacon is a firm that has been in business for over a century and has the expertise to create excellent products. It is based in New York and produces adhesive for use in construction.

You will enjoy them whether you are a hobbyist or an expert. Their commodity is used in a variety of industries, including architecture, crafting, and aerospace technology. Their goods are synonymous with high quality due to their ingenuity.

Odif USA

Now we’ll look at a business headquartered in France called ODIF SA, which produces adhesives under the Odif line. They are advertised in Odif USA, the company’s US division. The company has been in business for 35 years and has earned a reputation as a trustworthy provider.

Their most vital points are their fast shipping and outstanding customer service. Their offerings include spray glitter, spray varnish, and, of course, Odif adhesives, and they cover areas such as embroidery, fine art materials, dressmaking, quilting, and appliqués.


Aleene Jackson, an artistic innovator, is second on the list, creating adhesive for art craft practitioners and hobbyists. Since she was a child, she has been in the flower industry and wished to make a name for herself by demonstrating her talents as a florist.

She created the Original Tacky Glue when doing so. And with that, Aleene’s adhesive line began its journey. The original glue has been improved and expanded with 60 different versions, many of which continue to provide excellent value to crafters.


The Dritz is another reputable brand. This firm has been in business for over a century and specializes in handbags. Eventually, branching out into sewing tools and inventing practical items such as zippers, scissors, and seam zippers.

Even though the business has changed hands many times over the century, the output has remained relatively consistent. If you want to do it on your own, Dritz’s is an excellent place to go.

12 Fabric Glues and Adhesives – FAQs

Can I use fabric glue instead of sewing? 

Yes, and as previously said, we advise you to do so. However, depending on the glue and your needs, sewing could be an option. Fabric glue is helpful for quick fixes and difficult-to-sew pieces. 

However, it is best not to use them for items that take a lot of stitching or are designed to last. If the object isn’t going to be cleaned, the glue will last longer.

Can I use gorilla glue on the fabric? 

This glue is used to tie fabric and difficult-to-hold embellishments together. As a result, gorilla glue would be the quickest way to create a lasting attachment that is still flexible after cleaning. 

The glue has a high-strength adhesive that dries transparent and can be used on various materials, making it ideal for traditional stitching.

12 Fabric Glues and Adhesives – Conclusion 

Finally, we have arrived at the end of our trip. We think you now know if fabric glue will be a solution to your sewing lifestyle based on how long you’ve been with us. 

However, the most delicate fabric adhesive will ultimately do more than just stitch two cloth bits together or some other material you can think of, like upholstery, leather, and paperwork careers.

Any of our preferred best fabric glues would work well to repair the ripped fabric while maintaining its original appearance. But, our favorite is the Tear Mender Instant Adhesive which protects your clothing and your well-being because it does not contain any toxic elements. So, instead of going for the cheapest option, opt for quality to reap several benefits.

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