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Field Trip Ideas for 5th Graders

field trip ideas for 5th graders

Field Trip Ideas for 5th Graders – we have some for you here. All set to take your students for the perfect field trip but don’t know where to start? We’ll help you out.

No, it’s not just packing your bags and leaving. There’s some planning that needs to go for a safe and enjoyable field trip.

The first is to pick a good place, then comes your preparations as a teacher. If you have experience taking students on field trips previously, you might have some ideas and tips to follow. But if it will be your first outing with your 5th graders, then here we are with a few tips and ideas you can follow to make an exciting field trip plan and execute that plan successfully.


Animals specifically interest elementary students. Thus, what place could be better than taking them to a zoo or aquarium, or planetarium on their field trip? Such a field trip will not only be educational, as kids will get to know about animals, birds, and sea creatures, and their features, but they will be fun-filled, seeing so many animals together.

A trip to any of these places is going to be full of science. Kids will get to know about living creatures, planets, and everything that surrounds us. Apart from this, it will become an exciting way to bring your students close to nature. 


I agree that a Museum might sound boring to kids, but a museum trip can be exciting and fun. What else will be better for students than getting in-depth knowledge about their history? The museum contains many artifacts, paintings, and a lot of historical consequences that might interest students. And even if not, kids can enjoy watching new stuff, which they don’t see regularly.

And don’t forget the special museum show that every museum conducts for the educational purpose of students and at the same time, build their interest in those historical consequences. Your students will enjoy this change in their environment and get vital information about their local culture and history.

Farm or Orchard

If you want to bring your students a little bit closer to nature and fresh air, then a Farm or Orchard is the best place where you can take them on a field trip. Food production or more commonly known as agriculture is one of the most crucial parts of life sciences. While on a field trip to a farm or orchard, you can teach the importance of food and farmers to your students.

You can teach them how to sow a seed, how it grows, and becomes a plant from where we got our food. Apart from this, kids can learn everything, including biology, animal husbandry, conservation of ecology, and life sciences.

Your students will get access to fresh fruits or can talk to farmers and animals there. Your kids are going to enjoy this interactive field trip close to nature.

Ropes Course

5th graders, being young, are full of energy. You can opt for a smart option to provide a better adventure and thrill experience for their field trip. Ropes Course is the latest trend, where you can take the kid to one of those centers where they will have to take part in different rope-based activities, like climbing the rope. 

Not just is it going to be a fun session, but they will learn some values like team coordination or team-building skills while crossing the obstacles together.

Apart from this, as these parks are mostly available in the middle of scenic areas, your students can enjoy nature, and learn about ecology.


There might be some bookworms in your class who will get excited by listening about the field visit to a well-known library, while some other students may find it a little boring. But trust me, this can be the perfect time to make those students realize how much fun reading could be. Reading skills are an essential part of a student’s life. 

If you want to enhance your students’ reading spirit, you can take them to the library and ask them to explore the library to find the genre that excites them the most. I am sure, at the end of this visit, almost all your students will be able to identify the domain they liked the most and will find a different point of view about books. 


Suppose you want your students to enjoy and relax for a while, in the beauty of nature. Then what else other than the park can be better for this. You can take them to some local or national parks, where you can organize some games for your students.

Try to include educational games in your list. It will become like a picnic for kids, where they can play along with their classmates and observe beautiful sights together. Wildlife sightseeing or flora exploration are the other things your students can perform in a park. 


If you plan to take your students out on a field trip and hear an educational movie released, you can take advantage of this opportunity to plan an exciting field trip for your students.

Students will get happy even after listening about a field trip to a theatre. Not just a movie, you can take them to some music show or art exhibition where your student can get encouragement and a path to explore their talent.

Botanical Garden

Field trips are one of the classic ways to take your kids out for a while, to give them a break from their regular classes and load of homework. Botanical Garden is the one place where you can take your students not just to enjoy the beauty of nature, but you can teach them science out there. 

All-in-all, it is going to be a fun session where your students can learn while enjoying it. On their trip to the botanical garden, you can organize some games or learn with fun activities for your toddler. 

Tips for Planning

Meet with Parents

The consent of parents is very crucial before taking their kids out of a field trip. Thus, after making a suitable plan for a field trip within your staff, you can organize a parent-teacher meeting to suggest your ideas for a field trip in front of your student’s parents. And they can either suggest you a better place or can help you get confirmation on your plan.

Again, as not everyone thinks the same, parents might conflict with one plan or another. Thus, follow the program on which most parents agree and try to bring all the parents on the same page. After getting confirmation from your students’ parents, you can decide on further factors like date, time, and execution of the plan.

Prepare for Everything

When you are going on a field trip with the whole class, you have all students’ responsibilities on your shoulder. In such a case, you can leave everything in the situation. There are a few things that you might need to prepare before the day of the field trip. Must keep the basic necessities like a first aid box, extra food, and attendance register with you all the time on the trip.

Try to prepare a plan before the trip and follow the same strictly so that you can do all the fun activities with your students without mixing everything up.

Do inform the park or theatre owner or any place you are visiting on the field trip to make appropriate preparation to welcome you all. 

Must remember bookings before going on the field trip. Properly instruct all the students and their parents to avoid any delay.

Field Trip Ideas for 5th Graders – Wrapping It Up

Field trips are more for learning with a fun session for your students. Every year, a field trip is the one thing that students await the most, and as a teacher, it is your responsibility to make a field trip a good experience for all the students.

As a start, you can pick a place that is not just exciting but educational as well. Then, preparing a proper plan is another crucial thing to follow, and in the end, the appropriate execution of the plan is most important.

You can choose the perfect place with the help of the ideas mentioned above. We have also added a few tips you can follow to make the field trip a huge success.

I hope you will organize an exciting and fantastic field trip where your students will learn and enjoy it a lot.

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